"What is truth?"     

So scoffed a powerful Roman ruler some 2000 years ago. Pilate's sarcastic question was a response to the words of a man on trial before him. That man said: "For this I have been born and for this I have come into the world, that I should bear witness to the truth." (Joh 18:37-38)     The man who spoke those words was, of course, Jesus Christ. Jesus also said: "Those who are of the truth listen to my voice."                  
Truth is like a lion caged in the ignorance of mankind for 6000 years since the Garden of Eden. It doesn't need you to protect it. Only speak truth to set it free (Luke 2:29-30) and it can protect itself, and you! (Ps 119:105 ; 2 Pet 1:19) Jesus specifically promised the truth will set us free. (Joh 8:32) In the verse just before, Jesus explained what it means to know the truth: We need to "remain in" his "teachings." (Joh 8:31 ; Luke 11:35) Jesus highlighted the need to "remain" in his teachings because many people would claim to be teaching what he taught when really they weren't. (Mat 24:24 ; Mar 13:21-23 ; Mat 7:15-20) Men inspired to record his teachings (2_Pet_1:20-21) did so to help us understand: "truth" (or "God inspired expressions") comes only from the Bible. (1 Joh 4:1-6) There is great danger in listening to men and their doctrine. (Mat 7:21-23 ; Ps 120:1-2 & 6-7) Don't rely on any man or group, including us. Read for yourself what Jesus taught! (Matthew, Mark, Luke and ) The followers of Christ don't just give people a fish, they teach them how to fish; by encouraging them to sit figuratively at Jesus's feet. Everybody who is a Christian got there by first reading (or hearing) what Jesus taught. All who are Christian have the one and only same source of truth. (Acts 4:12) Know for yourself what Jesus taught by reading it from your own Bible. He encouraged "hope" (Mt 12:21 & 11:25-30 ; Ro 15:4-6) and taught us to share truth and hope with others. (Ac 1:8b) Our intent, then, is to gain and share hope even under the cloud of so many problems faced by mankind today: to inspire hope in spite of the terror and tribulation of our day. Bible knowledge helps us realize (Pr 1:4) these terrible times are part of the sign Jesus gave indicating those who love him should lift their heads up, because deliverance is near. (Lu 21:28) Understand this wisdom: things can not be better until Christ removes the cause of the problems afflicting mankind. "That," is what we should all look forward to with "eager expectation." (Ro 8:19) This website is very different from religion. Most religious groups assert you are dependant on their organization to learn "truth." Many teach you must learn their doctrine, and that a membership approved by their group will gain you life. With the opposite teaching, we warn you no man group of men (or their human doctrine) can grant you Jehovah God's approval. (Help 4 JW's) The favorable judgment by some sect of men is likely not good in God's sight. (Luk 6:26) Our warning and gift to you is this: YOU are responsible for your own faith. Take advantage of your personal opportunity to learn what Jesus taught. (Joh 17:3 & 12:47-48 ; Ac 17:11) That is not a suggestion to fall on your knees and make some emotional decision of the moment. Dedicating your life to God is important and our suggestion is this: begin today, a day by day journey of learning for yourself what Jesus taught. (Mat 24:13 ; Joh 10:27-29 ; Joh 12:48-50) We also demonstrate what an easy thing that is: (Pro 14:6 ; Ps 111:10) simply click the linked supporting scriptures to read what Jesus was sent by his Father to teach us all. (Mat_11:25-27 ; Heb_10:5-7 ; Joh_17:25-26) You will find the greatest joy of life in learning from Jesus! (1 Jo 1:3-4 ; Joh 16:23-24) If you believe in a Creator who is good, this website is for you. (Heb 11:6) Our attempt is to use the Bible as our one and only source. Define yourself as noble minded: prove what we say comes from the Bible! (Acts_17:10-11)
Briefly defining the message of this website: there are four simple Bible teachings we believe people need every person alive needs to be helped to understand. First, everyone needs to recognize the importance of learning the truth of the Bible. Knowledge of truth means our very life. That knowledge is readily available to us in the words of Jesus. (Jn 17:3 ; Jn 6:63 ; Jn 1:18) Learning and knowing what God has promised helps us desire God's will on earth. (Mt 6:10) Bible knowledge reveals what we can ask for in harmony with God's will, and thus have faith we will receive what we ask. (1 Jn 5:13-15) Second, Jesus taught "the end" would not come until the preaching work was complete. (Mt 24:14) That Preaching Work is accomplished as sincere Bible students speak lovingly with others about the value of truth, thereby giving friends and neighbors the opportunity to build a Bible based faith in Jesus. (Ro 1:8 ; 1 Co 15:34) There is no reason to fret or fight. (Heb 10:38-39 ; 2 Ch 20:17a) As you speak about your Bible hope, you also strengthen your own faith. (Pr 22:17) Third, Jesus also taught a "Man Of Lawlessness" had to be revealed before "the end" could come. (2 Th 2:2-3 ; Mt 13:24-25) Jesus's asserting the man of lawlessness "had to be revealed" implies he exists in secret, that he is hiding or pretending to be someone he is not. You may already know him and not realize. You might have become infected with his thinking and not be aware. (Luke 11:35) That happened with those who followed the religious leaders of Jesus's day. (Joh 8:44 ; Read the entire account at John 8:12-47). That "the end" is held back until the revelation of the "Man Of Lawlessness" highlights the importance of recognizing who he is. Altogether, it means your life depends on being careful to become "noble minded" (Ac 17:11) by building faith in the teachings of Jesus alone. (Ro 10:14) Following the Bible command to become "noble minded" will help you to recognize and avoid being overcome by the wicked and judgmental disposition of  "The Man Of Lawlessness"  "false religion." Every single person needs to be jolted to recognize: the composite "Man Of Lawlessness" Jesus warned about is not just those who appear wicked; he consists also of "Doegs" (1 Sa 21:7-22:19) who present as religious (Mt 7:15) and imagine themselves righteous. (Jn 16:1-4) The "man of lawlessness" (or "false religion") includes all those judgmental and vainglorious individuals and groups who present themselves as Gods (2 Th 2:3-5); those who seat themselves in God's seat by claiming your salvation depends on their approval and/or membership in their sect. Many of such persons will berate personal Bible study and certainly this website. Most pretend to support Bible study, of course, but only from their organizational literature and doctrine. Many even imagine a study of their organization's literature is the same as Bible study. Some will be so bold as to assert you can not understand the Bible apart from their group's interpretation. Remember: knowledge of truth robs authority (Joh 8:31-32) from those "seeking to misuse the Bible to manipulate others for personal gain" (from those seeking to make themselves lords over your faith). (Mt 23:5-12 & 15) READ YOUR BIBLE! Don't believe any man or woman without verifying what they say using the Bible! Even then, read surrounding scriptures to put them into Bible context so as to clarify their meaning. Your life depends on your faith in your personal knowledge and understanding of what Jesus Christ taught. (Joh 12:47-48) Remember always, it's not a matter of sincerity, (Mt 7:21-23) but a matter of faith in truth: God's truth! If you are a member of a group who claims your salvation equates with membership, you are in danger! (Lu 6:26) Why haven't they taught you these scriptures? Don't quote what we write as the basis for your faith, quote the scriptures we present! (1 Pe 3:15) Recognizing the "man of lawlessness" also helps us recognize faithful Christians and how they are organized. Christians are identified individually by the love they show for others (1 Jo 2:1-12 ; Mt 7:12 & 22:34-40) and their talking about Jesus to other people. (Mat 10:33) Fourth and perhaps most importantly, everyone needs to realize: "the end" Jesus spoke about is not a bad thing. It is "the end" of the terrible conditions brought about by mankind's disobedience to God. Those conditions make up the great tribulation. It is most important to realize God is not responsible for the tribulation of our day. God is rather in the process of bringing an end to it. (Jer 9:24) If God did not help us by bringing "the end," the tribulation created by rebellion against God's perfect guidance would kill everyone. (Mt 24:22) The escalating problems which are overwhelming mankind seem clear proof we are the generation witnessing the fulfillment of Jesus's prophecies indicating "the time of the end." While many (or even most) may scoff at truth, (1_Cor_1:18-31) you need to realize: YOU are made precious because God cares individually and personally about you. (1 Co 8:3) God has reached out to you through the Bible. He is trying to help you. (Joh 3:16) As the tribulation of our day intensifies, faith in Christ Jesus (based on personal knowledge of God's word) is the figurative ark of our day. (Mt 24:37-39) Faith in what Jesus taught is our only hope. (Ro 16:25-27 ; Ga 3:22 ; 1 Ti 1:16) Every other thing we can learn about the Bible will support the importance and interrelationship of the above four Bible principles. The question for all: "Are we making ourselves children of God by displaying love for others: by learning and then helping to make known Bible truth?" (Ga 3:26 ; Ro 8:29 ; Ro 9:26 ; Ro 10:13-14) If you are one of those who say: "O, if God would just speak to me, or give me a sign," then you should know: He has already done both - through the manifestation and teachings of his son Jesus Christ. (1 Cor 1:22-25)
justbibletruth.com - If you are reading this on paper, please copy and share it with others. [If sharing several copies, you might wish to tweak output size (60% +or-) so this webpage fits on two 8 1/2 X 11 paper sheets (or on one printed both sides).] This website page, or other web pages including .pdf booklets (mostly linked from yellow tags above), can be printed using adobe reader (available on most computers). The booklets include scriptures as footnotes rather than links so no computer is needed to consider them. Most libraries provide computer access (and print capabilities). Many lovers of peace naturally desire to live their own lives, and to some degree, wish to ignore or even hide from the problems afflicting mankind. Truth will not be hidden! God intends Bible teachings be declared throughout the earth. (Lu 19:40) Knowledge of the Bible gives each person the opportunity to exercise faith for life. The escalating tribulation of our day will drive people to hear the Bible's blessings, and warnings! You can help speed us to the end of this wicked system by talking with others about Bible teachings. When your desire to hide from or ignore "the truth" wells up in you, ask yourself where the abused and starving little children will hide from it. Once you have Bible knowledge, you are joined to those with the privilege and opportunity (and responsibility) to make it known to others. (Mt 7:12-24 ; 1 Jn 3:9-24 ; 1 Co 15:34) Joining with Christ in bearing witness to truth will bring you happiness! (Ac 20:35 ; Mt 5:3) God's peace to all who love good... (Lu 10:5-6 ; 1 Ti 6:11-12 ; 1 Jn 3:9-12)

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