Basic Bible Principles (and Common Terms):

A principle, as defined for our consideration, is an understanding from the Bible of how God feels about different subjects, and why he feels the way He does. Principles are an understanding of what God loves and what he hates, and why. As we come to recognize ever more clearly that God is good, and has our best interest at heart, we will then strive to be guided by those principles. Bible principles help us understand: It is always in our best interest to be obedient to the one who gave us life. (Exodus 23:22 ; Exodus 19:5 ; Romans 6:16)

Bible principles can greatly increase our love for our Creator, through our appreciation that everything he does is good, (Deuteronomy 32:3-4) and that he always holds our well being (as well as everyone else's) as very important to him. (Isaiah 48:17 ; Zechariah 10:8) Many Bible principles are associated with word pictures: Little stories or illustrations that stick in our mind and come up at the mention of that principle or Bible term. An example is the woman who was brought before Jesus as an adulteress as they asked him to judge her worthy of death. (John 8:1-11) Jesus told the one without sin to cast the first stone, and they all retreated. That principle should come to mind whenever we consider being judgmental of others. (1_Cor_4:3-5; Romans_14:1-4; Mat_7:1-5)

Two very important Bible terms to understand are being noble minded, and being a Doeg. Those two terms illustrate principles which might be considered opposites. Understanding them, along with recognizing the great apostasy of the dark ages, can help us put the Bible in perspective as it relates to the day in which we live. It is important to recognize: Being guided by Bible principles is very different from being under laws and rules. Love given freely through our faith in Bible principles means our very life. Trying to obey laws can never help us. If we learn the principles that help us understand what God loves and why, we will come to love those same things; because it is good and right. Our doing so will also benefit us beyond what we can imagine!

Remember always, God never forces us to serve him. He could not force us to love him without taking away our freedom as sons and daughters - Matthew 5:9 ; Romans 8:21. Rather than forcing us, God draws us to him with Cords of love.

Being Noble Minded.

Being a Doeg ; or rather, not being one.

Being a good Neighbor.

What is Faith? Is it important and how is it connected to Hope?

What is Holy Spirit? What is it doing in our day?

Should we be judgmental? The Judgment of mankind: When and by whom?

What do we learn from the wife of Lot?

The process of using the Bible to define and understand principles, also helps us understand how to answer all or at least most of life's questions; through the application of God's principles. Jesus came to teach us that as recorded in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.
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