Here we present for consideration a brief history of the Bible. The idea is to get in mind where a few things fit chronologically in the stream of the Bible's recorded history. This is very important in understanding the Bible. Knowing a little about the person speaking (or writing the book) and who they were talking to is most important. Understanding that Jesus was a Jew and that he was speaking mostly to other Jews can help us. When Jesus said "it is written," we can know he was talking about it being written in the law code given the Jewish nation through Moses, or by the prophets. When Paul said, "When those without law do by nature the things of the law, they demonstrate the matter of the law to be written on their hearts..." for example, we can know he was talking about that same Jewish law code Jesus quoted from. (Romans 2:14-16) A little history thus helps us understand many things from the Bible.

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We offer for your consideration a more detailed stream of time chart with some noteworthy Bible events and characters. This chart is somewhat cryptic, and was put together as a personal study aid. It is presented only to instill the idea that we should put the things we learn from the Bible into our own mental time-line. That helps form the Bible's teachings into one mental picture from beginning to end.