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The purpose of this web site is to share truth as we can demonstrate it to be defined by the bible. To begin or continue our effort to understand the Bible, we here provide a brief overview of the central theme of the bible. Jesus spoke often about faith; and he asserted individuals were healed or that their sins were forgiven, by means of their faith. (Matthew 9:2-7) If our protection in these last days is to come through our faith, that faith must be alive and strong in us. (Acts 14:9) Additionally, the "truth" of the Bible must form the basis of that faith. Such an understanding makes clear "truth" must be foremost in our lives. (Romans 1:18) If we are now living in the "last days," as most Bible scholars assert, and God is providing us help to survive this period by means of our faith in what Christ Jesus (Mark 13:20) taught; shouldn't we be personally concerned with understanding those teachings; and with how that salvation is being provided? The theme of the Bible, then, includes the 6000 year revelation of God's purpose for salvation. (1_Cor_2:6-7)

          The Theme of the Bible running from man's creation until our day.

The period identified in the Bible as the last days are sure to come: Because it is Jehovah's stated purpose. (Zephaniah 1:14-2:3 ; Daniel 2:44) Even if those days are yet future, living in hope of them is still the best way to live life. (Isaiah 30:18 ; Habakkuk 2:2-3) In any case, knowledge of the Bible can help us have faith, and the hope that results (Rom_15:4) from that faith. It is the Bible's theme which forms a figurative backbone for everything else we learn about the Bible. For sincere Bible students, the theme of the Bible becomes the theme of their knowledge; and finally, gives purpose to their lives.
     If we consider a fish in illustration, we note it has a relatively simple skeleton. There is the tail and the head, and the spine runs from one to the other to connect and support them. Everything else that is the fish connects to that spine or backbone. The theme of the Bible is similar to that. From Adam's creation until today, we have the theme of the Bible connecting creation to our day, and supporting all between. Everything we learn from the Bible will hang onto that theme; but only in it's proper place. As that theme becomes ever clearer in our mind, it becomes easier to spot what will not fit [or does not connect to it], and thus to discover what is false teaching. The Bible theme provides a clear picture of "truth" to build our faith upon.

Let us consider what that central Bible theme is: God created Adam and Eve, put them in the Garden of Eden, and told them to be fruitful and multiply and to fill the earth and have it in subjection. (Genesis 1:26) God wanted his earthly creation full of perfect happy people. Death was not a consideration. They were to live forever as human sons and daughters of God. They would have a happy and personal relationship with their heavenly Father as they walked and talked with God in the breezy part of the day. (Genesis 3:8) After they had sinned, they for the first time hid themselves from their heavenly Father.

At their creation, God gave his human children everything they could possibly want, and withheld only one thing from them; the tree of the knowledge of good and bad. (Genesis 2:15-18) Apparently, God was simply withholding the right to decide what was right and wrong: Reserving the right to give loving counsel to his children. Today, our world conditions clearly show what happens when people are determined to decide for themselves what is right and wrong. Able was an early casualty of mankind having stolen the choice of right and wrong for themselves: When Able was killed by his brother Cain. (Genesis 4:8)

As God had previously warned Adam, when they disobeyed his command against eating from the tree, they inherited death as a consequence of their action. By their rebellion they separated themselves from the blessing of Jehovah, and thus started to die. When they pulled away from their Creator, they were as good as already dead from God's perspective. They could not possibly sustain their own life apart from the flow of his spirit. (Job 34:14-15) [Like unplugging a motor from it's power source: It takes a bit for it to wind down, but the still spinning motor it is off when it is unplugged.] Among some who have died, God speaks of faithful Abraham as if he is alive, because Abraham is sure to be resurrected. (Matthew 22:32) He is as good as alive in God's eyes. God might in the same way speak of the living wicked as if they were already dead. Once a person has chosen to become wicked, and been judged wicked, they are sure to die.

We should all be very thankful Adam and Eve did live on for some time after their sin. They had no children when they sinned, and we are all descendants of Adam and Eve. If Jehovah had immediately destroyed them and started over, for example, you and I would not be here. The newly created people would have had children, and they would be here, but you and I would not. We are all Adam's children. We owe our very lives to the fact Adam and Eve were allowed to live on long enough to have children.

There is another important point here: All Jehovah's works are perfect, including his creation of Adam and Eve. (Genesis 1:29-31 ; Deu_32:4) The fact his first children abused their gift of freedom to become disobedient did not change the fact his creative works were [and are] perfect. God knew his creation was good, and that some of Adam's offspring would take advantage of the gift of life if given the chance to do so. To allow for and provide that chance, [to allow the gift of eternal life to the imperfect children born of Adam,] God immediately set in motion his purpose to save repentant mankind. God told satan and Adam and Eve that He would raise up a seed that would bruise [crush] satan's head. (Genesis 3:15) That is the first prophecy of the Bible, and it thus becomes a first rib on the backbone of the Bible's theme.

God then went on to arrange for and provide that promised seed. He picked faithful men and women to provide the lineage running to the birth of that seed. Abraham was one of those faithful men, and Jehovah then made the promise to Abraham that by means of Abraham's seed, all nations of the earth would bless themselves. (Genesis 15:5 ; Genesis 22:18) The Bible's theme of the seed of promise became more clear: Identified as coming through Abraham. King David was a descendant of Abraham, and a faithful king over that promised nation of people born out of Abraham. As one who loved Jehovah, and who was a faithful king over the nation of Israel, Jehovah promised David He would raise up one from David's line to sit upon his throne forever. (Isaiah 9:7) More light is thus shed on that seed of promise, and more support in the backbone of the Bible's theme. Following along in that theme, Christ Jesus was born as a descendant of king David. (Matthew 1:1)

          Bible theme being filled out with knowledge of it's teachings.

Jesus came fulfilling all the many prophecies given in the Bible about the seed of promise. (Matthew 12:14-21 ; 2 Corinthians 1:19-20 ; Luke 4:17-21) As the perfect son of God, Jesus willingly sacrificed his perfect human life to pay for the sins of Adam's descendants [you and I]. Jesus thus provided hope to those who have never sinned after the likeness of Adam. [(Romans 5:14) - Adam was a perfect man when he sinned, as Jesus was perfect. Adam was not imperfect like you and I. Our sins, in our imperfection, do not equate with the sin of perfect Adam.] God thus provides the chance for life to all who would repent for their sins and express faith in Christ Jesus. Through our faith in Christ, then, God provides a chance for the life we were born with no hope of attaining. Because of satan and Adam and Eve, we were all born dying. It would be just a matter of a few years of time. Thanks be to God through Christ Jesus we have the hope of everlasting life before us; The same hope Adam and Eve had before they sinned. (Romans 5:21)

At the end of his first appearance, Jesus stated he was going away to God (John 20:17-18) to act as high priest (Hebrews 10:21) and present his sacrifice for our sins, (Hebrews 4:14 & 5:1) but that he would come again to establish his kingdom and break up the works of the devil. (Hebrews 9:24-28) That second coming is what the faithful are today waiting for. The question for each of us is: Do we really believe it; and does our life reflect that we do? Is that kingdom of Christ the most important thing in our life? (Matthew 6:10) Shouldn't it be? Does it indicate we really do have faith if the truth is not the most important thing to us? Jesus said hope in his teachings would make us happy! (Matthew 5:3) If you believe you will find happiness in any other thing, or in any person or group, you have been deceived. (John 15:18-21 ; Matthew 10:32-37)

To sum up what we've considered of the Bible's theme: Jehovah asserted that he alone must give direction about what is good and what is bad. He did that because all his ways are perfect and any deviation from his way of doing things is thus a course away from perfection: It is sin (Romans 3:23) and will cause harm. (Isaiah 48:17 ; Proverbs 13:18-21) Satan said God is a liar and mankind is better off choosing their own course. (Genesis 3:2-5) For the good of the unborn children of Adam, and for the good of all creation, Jehovah then said simply: Let us see! By not immediately executing the three transgressors, God gave them opportunity to prove their claims. Mankind has thus lived through the period of that growing witness against those who choose to disobey God.

To bind himself by his own laws of justice, Jehovah raised up a faithful and true witness in his son Jesus. God then gave the power of judgment into the hands of that witness, in order to verify the righteousness of God's rulership: The Bible says that in the end times, when even death has been done away with, Jesus hands over the kingdom to his Father Jehovah. (1 Corinthians 15:24-28) God's own law requiring two witnesses to establish a matter is in this way met. (Deuteronomy 19:15) Jesus is the one witness, and his Father Jehovah is the other. (John 8:17-18) Jesus would never have returned the kingdom to his Father, thereby continuing eternally his submission to God, if Jehovah were not perfect in all his ways. If there were any improvement to be made, or anything better for Jesus than submission to his Father, he would have sought that better thing. Jesus returned the kingdom to his Father. We here speak as if the kingdom has already been returned to Jehovah. In actual fact, it has not. We speak as if it has already happened because it is a certainty. Jesus has already proven himself faithful to the point of death, and he will judge his Father righteous by returning the kingdom. God said in Genesis 3:15, about four thousand years before Jesus faced his test, that Jesus (the seed of promise) would prove faithful. That prophecy allows us to understand how God has the ability to get to know his sons and daughters well enough to judge them righteous and faithful. As with everything He does, Jehovah's judgment is perfect. Those judged righteous are judged so because they are! That is the opportunity God gives! Satan is the enemy. He is a liar and the father of the lie. (John_8:44) Always trying to cause dissension, satan will likely assert Jesus will not return the kingdom to his Father. (Revelation 20:7-8) What is YOUR faith on that matter? Do you believe God is good, and that Jesus will remain faithful? You must take a side! May it be on the side of our loving Creator! To try and hide from this issue, or to pretend this is not happening, is taking a side: It is the wrong side. Jehovah's name needs to be cleared of the reproach heaped upon it, and we all must join Christ Jesus in doing that. (John 17:4) Jesus, with direction and help from his Father, (John 6:38 ; John 7:16 ; John 12:49) has done the hard part. All we need do is speak "truth" and exercise faith. (Ephesians_4:25 ; 1_Peter_1:8)

Faith that has value must be based on accurate knowledge. (Romans 10:16-17) The Bible is the only source of knowledge (from God) you can depend on to support your faith. Every single thing we learn about the Bible attaches to the back bone of the Bible's theme. Each new piece of Bible knowledge can illuminate the mental picture painted by the Bible ever more clearly in our mind. It's like adding rib bones and flesh to the backbone of a fish. Daniel for instance, gives us more of the bible's theme, saying God will set up a kingdom that will never be brought to ruin. (Daniel 2:44) Psalm 37 tells us the meek will inherit the earth and live forever upon it. (Psalm 37:11 & 19) Isaiah tells us the lion will eat straw like the bull, and a little boy will be able to touch a poison snake without danger. Isaiah also said the wolf and lamb will reside together. (Isaiah 11:6-9) All of these scriptures clarify the Bible theme for us. There are things the Bible doesn't tell us of course. Someone might ask as example: Without predators to thin them out, how will we keep from being overrun by bunny rabbits? We don't know. The Bible does not give such details; and so, we do not know. There is a Bible account of a man named Jacob who was abused by his business associate and father-in-law. Jacob was able, from his knowledge of how animals think and act, and/or from Jehovah's instructions and blessing on his efforts, to control the breeding of goats so as to produce the offspring Jacob wanted them to produce. (Genesis 30:31-43 & 31:6-12) When all among mankind are obedient, and acting in harmony with God's purposes, nothing will be beyond our grasp. (Matthew 17:20 ; Genesis 11:6) It must be a part of our faith to believe that God is good, and that he has power to solve all problems so as to help us. (Hebrews 11:6) That is the hope which is clearly supported in the Bible! May we all learn what the Bible teaches, and use that knowledge to choose life for ourselves and any who will listen to us! (Deuteronomy 30:19)

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