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Acts 3:19-23 NWT
19 "Repent, therefore, and turn around so as to get your sins blotted out, that seasons of refreshing may come from the person of Jehovah 20 and that he may send forth the Christ appointed for you, Jesus, 21 whom heaven, indeed, must hold within itself until the times of restoration of all things of which God spoke through the mouth of his holy prophets of old time. 22 In fact, Moses said, 'Jehovah God will raise up for you from among your brothers a prophet like me. You must listen to him according to all the things he speaks to you. 23 Indeed, any soul that does not listen to that Prophet will be completely destroyed from among the people.' [See Deut 18:15,18,19]

Acts 3:19-23 LITV
(19) Therefore, repent, and convert, for the blotting out of your sins, so that times of refreshing may come from the face of the LORD, (20) and that He may send forth the One before proclaimed to you, Jesus Christ, (21) whom Heaven truly needs to receive until the times of restoration of all things, of which God spoke through the mouth of all His holy prophets from the age past. (22) For Moses indeed said to the fathers, "The LORD [Jehovah] your God will raise up to you a Prophet from among your brothers, One like me; you shall hear Him according to all things," whatever He may speak to you. [See Deut. 18:15-16, 19] (23) And it shall be that of every soul, whoever should not hear that Prophet shall be utterly destroyed from among the people.

Acts 3:19-23 ALT
(19) Therefore, repent and turn back [to God] in order for your* sins to be blotted out, in order that times of refreshing shall come from [the] face [fig., presence] of the LORD (20) and [that] He shall send the One having been appointed for you*-Jesus Christ, (21) whom it is necessary [for] heaven indeed to receive until [the] times of restoration of all [things] of which God spoke by [the] mouth of all His holy prophets from [the earliest] age. (22) "For Moses indeed said to the fathers, 'The LORD [Jehovah] our God will raise up for you* a Prophet like to me from your* brothers; Him you* will hear [or, pay attention to] in all [things], as many [things] as He shall speak to you*. (23) 'And it will be [that] every soul who does not hear [or, pay attention to] that Prophet will be utterly destroyed [or, completely cut off] from the people.' [Deut 18:15,18,19]

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You will note the reference windows often include more than one translation of the Bible. The reason is to strive to gain the best possible understanding of the original Hebrew and Greek. Since we don't speak those languages, we rely on those who have come before and made the effort to translate those texts into English for us. Considering several translations gives the benefit of the understanding of several translation committees or individuals.
The Translations we quote are:

ALT - Analytical Literal Translation

ASV - American Standard Version (by the American revision committee in 1897).

Darby - 1889 Darby Bible

DRB - 1899 Douay-Rheims Bible

BBE - 1965 Bible in Basic English

LITV - Literal Translation of the Holy Bible

KJV - King James Version

MKJV - Modern King James Version

NWT - New World Translation

Webster - 1833 Webster Bible

RV - Revised Version

YLT - Young's Literal Translation