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Hosea 6:6-11 ESV
(6) For I desire steadfast love and not sacrifice, the knowledge of God rather than burnt offerings. (7) But like Adam they transgressed the covenant; there they dealt faithlessly with me. (8) Gilead is a city of evildoers, tracked with blood. (9) As robbers lie in wait for a man, so the priests band together; they murder on the way to Shechem; they commit villainy. (10) In the house of Israel I have seen a horrible thing; Ephraim's whoredom is there; Israel is defiled. (11) For you also, O Judah, a harvest is appointed, when I restore the fortunes of my people.

Hosea 6:6-11 GW
(6) I want your loyalty, not your sacrifices. I want you to know me, not to give me burnt offerings. (7) "Like Adam, you rejected the promise. You were unfaithful to me. (8) Gilead is a city filled with troublemakers. It is stained with bloody footprints. (9) The priests are like gangs of robbers who lie in ambush for a person. They murder on the road to Shechem. Certainly, they have committed a crime. (10) "I have seen horrible things in the nation of Israel. Ephraim is acting like a prostitute, and Israel is unclean. (11) "Yet, Judah, I have set a harvest time for you when I bring my people back from captivity.

Hosea 6:6-11 NWT
6 For in loving-kindness I have taken delight, and not in sacrifice; and in the knowledge of God rather than in whole burnt offerings. 7 But they themselves, like earthling man, have overstepped [the] covenant. There is where they have dealt treacherously with me. 8 Gilead is a town of practicers of what is harmful; their footprints are blood. 9 And as in the lying in wait for a man, the association of priests are marauding bands. By the wayside they commit murder at Shechem, because they have carried on nothing but loose conduct. 10 In the house of Israel I have seen a horrible thing. There there is fornication on the part of Ephraim. Israel has defiled itself. 11 Furthermore, O Judah, a harvest has been fixed for you, when I gather back the captive ones of my people."

Hosea 6:6-11 ASV
(6) For I desire goodness, and not sacrifice; and the knowledge of God more than burnt-offerings. (7) But they like Adam have transgressed the covenant: there have they dealt treacherously against me. (8) Gilead is a city of them that work iniquity; it is stained with blood. (9) And as troops of robbers wait for a man, so the company of priests murder in the way toward Shechem; yea, they have committed lewdness. (10) In the house of Israel I have seen a horrible thing: there whoredom is found in Ephraim, Israel is defiled. (11) Also, O Judah, there is a harvest appointed for thee, when I bring back the captivity of my people.

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