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Job 33:24-30 GNB
(24) In mercy the angel will say, "Release them! They are not to go down to the world of the dead. Here is the ransom to set them free." (25) Their bodies will grow young and strong again; (26) when they pray, God will answer; they will worship God with joy; God will set things right for them again. (27) Each one will say in public, "I have sinned. I have not done right, but God spared me. (28) He kept me from going to the world of the dead, and I am still alive." (29) God does all this again and again; (30) each one saves a person's life, and gives him the joy of living.

Job 33:24-30 CEV
(24) The angel shows kindness, commanding death to release us, because the price was paid. (25) Our health is restored, we feel young again, (26) and we ask God to accept us. Then we joyfully worship God, and we are rewarded because we are innocent. (27) When that happens, we tell everyone, "I sinned and did wrong, but God forgave me (28) and rescued me from death! Now I will see the light." (29) God gives each of us chance after chance (30) to be saved from death and brought into the light that gives life.

Job 33:24-30 GW
(24) then he will have pity on them and say, 'Free them from going into the pit. I have found a ransom.' (25) Then their flesh will become softer than a child's. They will go back to the days of their youth. (26) They will pray to God, who will be pleased with them. They will see God's face and shout for joy as he restores their righteousness. (27) Each one sings in front of other people and says, 'I sinned and did wrong instead of what was right, and it did me no good. (28) The messenger has freed my soul from going into the pit, and my life will see the light.' (29) Truly, God does all this two or three times with people (30) to turn their souls away from the pit and to enlighten them with the light of life.

Job 33:24-30 NWT
24 Then he favors him and says, 'Let him off from going down into the pit! I have found a ransom! 25 Let his flesh become fresher than in youth; Let him return to the days of his youthful vigor.' 26 He will make entreaty to God that he may take pleasure in him, And he will see his face with joyful shouting, And He will restore His righteousness to mortal man. 27 He will sing to men and say, 'I have sinned; and what is upright I have perverted, And it certainly was not the proper thing for me. 28 He has redeemed my soul from passing into the pit, And my life itself will see the light.' 29 Look! All these things God performs, Two times, three times, in the case of an able-bodied man, 30 To turn his soul back from the pit, That he may be enlightened with the light of those living.

Job 33:24-30 LITV
(24) then let Him be gracious to him and say, Deliver him from going down to the Pit, for I have found a ransom! (25) His flesh shall be fresher than in vigor; let him return to the days of his youth. (26) He will pray to God, and He will accept him, and he will see His face with exultation; for He will restore to man his righteousness. (27) He will observe to men and say, I have sinned, and I have perverted uprightness; and it was not equally repaid to me; (28) He has redeemed my soul from passing over into the Pit, and my life shall see the light. (29) Lo, all these God does two or three times with a man, (30) to bring back his soul from the Pit, to be illuminated with the light of the living.

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