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Mark 1:40-45 BBE
(40) And a leper came to him and, going down on his knees before him, made a request, saying, If it is your pleasure, you have the power to make me clean. (41) And being moved with pity, he put out his hand, and touching him said to him, It is my pleasure; be made clean. (42) And straight away the disease went from him, and he was made clean. (43) And he sent him away, saying to him very sharply, (44) See that you say nothing to any man: but go and let the priest see you, and make yourself clean by an offering of the things ordered by Moses, for a witness to them. (45) But he went out, and made it public, giving an account of it everywhere, so that Jesus was no longer able to go openly into a town, but was outside in the waste land; and they came to him from every part.

Mark 1:40-45 CEV
(40) A man with leprosy came to Jesus and knelt down. He begged, "You have the power to make me well, if only you wanted to." (41) Jesus felt sorry for the man. So he put his hand on him and said, "I want to! Now you are well." (42) At once the man's leprosy disappeared, and he was well. (43) After Jesus strictly warned the man, he sent him on his way. (44) He said, "Don't tell anyone about this. Just go and show the priest that you are well. Then take a gift to the temple as Moses commanded, and everyone will know that you have been healed." (45) The man talked about it so much and told so many people, that Jesus could no longer go openly into a town. He had to stay away from the towns, but people still came to him from everywhere.

Mark 1:40-45 NWT
40 There also came to him a leper, entreating him even on bended knee, saying to him: "If you just want to, you can make me clean." 41 At that he was moved with pity, and he stretched out his hand and touched him, and said to him: "I want to. Be made clean." 42 And immediately the leprosy vanished from him, and he became clean. 43 Furthermore, he gave him strict orders and at once sent him away, 44 and said to him: "See that you tell nobody a thing, but go show yourself to the priest and offer in behalf of your cleansing the things Moses directed, for a witness to them." 45 But after going away the man started to proclaim it a great deal and to spread the account abroad, so that [Jesus] was no longer able to enter openly into a city, but he continued outside in lonely places. Yet they kept coming to him from all sides.

Mark 1:40-45 LITV
(40) And a leper came to Him, begging Him, and falling on his knees to Him, and saying to Him, If You desire, You are able to make me clean. (41) And being moved with pity, reaching out the hand, Jesus touched him, and said to him, I am willing. Be made clean! (42) And He having spoken, instantly the leprosy departed from him, and he was made clean. (43) And strictly warning him, He at once put him out, (44) and said to him, See, tell no one a thing, but go show yourself to the priest, and offer what Moses directed concerning your cleansing, for a testimony to them. (45) But going out he began to proclaim much, and to spread about the matter, so that He no longer could openly enter into a city. But He was outside in deserted places. And they came to Him from every quarter.

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You will note the reference windows often include more than one translation of the Bible. The reason is to strive to gain the best possible understanding of the original Hebrew and Greek. Since we don't speak those languages, we rely on those who have come before and made the effort to translate those texts into English for us. Considering several translations gives the benefit of the understanding of several translation committees or individuals.
The Translations we quote are:

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ASV - American Standard Version (by the American revision committee in 1897).

BBE - 1965 Bible in Basic English

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Murdock - 1851 James Murdock New Testament

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Webster - 1833 Webster Bible

WTNT - 1525-26 William Tyndale New Testament

Wycliffe - 1394 Wycliffe Bible

YLT - Young's Literal Translation 1889

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