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If the material on this website is a little difficult to understand, remember: It is not milk but strong spiritual food. (1 Corinthians 3:1-2 ; 1 Corinthians 1:22-25) Meditate on (Luke 2:19) all the cited and linked scriptures here provided. If you continue to pour over and become familiar with Bible teachings, it can not but help you. The Bible [God's word] gives knowledge and thinking ability. (Proverbs 1:4) If your desire is to join with Jesus in bearing witness to truth, you must first define and know what truth is. We exercise ourselves to avoid being led to a false hope: (Matthew 15:9) As we strive to understand and share "truth" as defined by the Bible. (Matthew 22:29) Stated very simply: If the Bible teaches it we want to learn and promote it; If the Bible does not teach it, it's just opinion and we don't really care about it. We strive to visualize the Bible as one consecutive story revealing God's purpose for mankind; And then to understand where we fit into that six thousand year recorded history. While we herein give thumbnail sketch consideration to the entire Bible for the sake of understanding and faith; Our primary focus is on the Bible teachings of Jesus which relate to these last days and to the second appearance of the Christ. (Matthew 24:3) It is apparent most religious organizations have lost their way. They have deviated to become interested in money and power, rather than teaching Bible truth. We want to help sincere men and women understand why the dismal failure of organized religion should not undermine faith in the Bible, but should actually strengthen our faith. To be clear: The Bible itself teaches the horrible abuses of lawless persons who choose to elevate their own teachings above Bible truth is something we should expect. Recognizing them should actually strengthen the faith of those who love God's word. The exposing of the "man of lawlessness" [the exposing of hypocritical religion] was something Jesus taught us to expect to have to deal with in this time of the end. (2 Thessalonians 2:3)

In addition to Jesus mentioning his true followers would be people "born" "of the truth," (John 3:3 ; John 18:37-38) God tells us his eyes are roving about through the earth to show his power in behalf of those whose "heart is complete" toward him. (2 Chronicles 16:9) That is our effort here: To learn from the Bible to be people "of truth," as well as persons who have a "complete heart" toward our Creator. We want his eye upon us! Most importantly then, we want to do our utmost to become friends of the God responsible for all the beauty and wonder of creation. (James 2:23) We wish to expend as much of life's energy as possible to magnify God's goodness! (Luke 1:46-47) Learning Bible truth is actually a change to a new language! We want to be fluent in that language. Learning Bible truth opens to us the purpose and meaning of life!
We believe the Bible to be an instruction book from our Creator, and therefore within the grasp of all who seek truth. Knowing and understanding God is a gift to us from God himself; (1 John 5:20) and given us through the Bible. (2 Peter 1:21) Bible understanding is revealed to us just as we patiently put forth effort to learn; and then to be obedient to our God out of our love for his goodness. (1 John 5:3) This site endeavors to present scriptural evidence to help all realize God's actions to bring an end to wickedness is not something to be feared, as is portrayed by so many; but rather is an act of loving kindness toward all. You see, as we gain a clear understanding of the Bible, we all either recognize and appreciate the perfect truth given us in the Bible; or we reject truth in favor of the lies of men [and satan]. (Matthew 5:37 ; John 8:44) With the help of Bible knowledge, we can choose to become obedient to truth out of love for our heavenly Father who gave us life; and out of appreciation that his directives are always a benefit to us. (Isaiah 48:17)

By sharing truth, we attempt by that very effort to gather and be in association with those who have faith in the Bible. We also strive to free other persons seeking "truth;" from the burden and influence of imperfect men and women who strive to elevate themselves as lords and judges over their faith. Such self appointed "judges" form an often unrecognized, but very serious danger to everyone. They comprise something everyone needs to be warned about, and to be in fear of: False Religious Organizations who are judgmental and arrogant, and who together comprise what the Bible calls the "Man Of Lawlessness" . (2 Thessalonians 2:2-3) It seems as soon as seemingly upright men and women join together and organize, ostensibly to learn what the Bible teaches, most of them start to judge outsiders as wicked. Most next try to harm, or in some way punish those they judge to be wicked. At that point they make themselves a cult: As they start to seek and teach the need for the approval by their own group of imperfect men; rather than to continue in their original goal of learning and teaching Bible truth. (Matthew 6:1-2) As they turn away from the Bible in favor of their own teachings, they start to misdirect people away from the need for Bible knowledge and understanding. They begin to try and convince others it is membership in their group, and/or approval by their organization [and adherence to it's teachings] that will grant them a favorable judgment by God. They stop making people aware our loving and living Creator cares about each one of us, and is watching all we do. (Matthew 10:29-31) They start telling members and prospects they should worry about organizational rules and laws, instead of Bible truth. They assert everyone should worry about organizational approval, rather than about love and justice. They stop warning everyone of the need to be judged upright by God! They stop warning them against becoming men pleasers! (Ephesians 6:6) All need to understand and be warned: Being judged righteous by some group of imperfect men likely has no value at all. Such groups are actually abandoning mankinds freedom from the Jewish law, which freedom Christians obtained through faith in Christ Jesus, (Romans 6:22~7:6) and are turning backward to obeisance to their organization and it's "new law" of their own writing. We strive to avoid, and help others avoid, being overreached by the judgmental "holier than thou" attitude this scenario always advances. (Luke 18:11-12) This website is a gathering place [and provides material to aid in Bible study] for those united only by their shared faith in the Bible. We seek those who, as the basis of their faith, believe simply that God exists and that he is good! (Hebrews 11:6) We advertise nothing, we sell nothing, and we solicit no contributions. Neither do we encourage that you join any membership rolls we might maintain. Of course, we do desire all become Christian. (Acts 26:29) Jesus started the only membership of any consequence, and we recommend everyone join themselves to Christ. Only YOU have the right to make the proclamation you are "Christian." (Acts 11:26) Only you can reap the benefits of your doing so; And only you are responsible if you misrepresent it to be so. (Acts 5:1-6) It is the free choice falling to each of us: To be in service to Jehovah God through faith in his son Christ Jesus, or to refuse to do so. (John 17:1-3) God knows every thought of our heart, so there is no reason to misrepresent it before men; either one way or the other. You must though, gain enough Bible knowledge to understand who you are, and to be able to defend your stand! (1 Peter 3:15 ; Mark 12:24 ; John 12:48-50) You can not be a follower of Christ if you don't know who he is. Allowing some group of men to tell you what is truth seems very dangerous at best. Join in our effort to be united with the one bringing "truth" to mankind. (John 17:11-21) You can do so, first by your sincere consideration of the scriptural material here presented, and then by sharing what you learn about the Bible with others. By making that effort, you join with Christ Jesus in bearing witness to truth. (John 18:37) Learning, being obedient to, and then sharing Bible truth is the very definition of being Christian. That is the only membership the Bible indicates you should seek. (Acts 11:26) All Christendom groups (groups who assert they are Christian) have a measure of the truth, by virtue of their claiming the Bible as the source of their knowledge. Sadly, most worry more about making members of their group, than about encouraging others learn Bible truth.

Sincere Christians share only Bible truth, perhaps with some insight as to where we are in time. The evidence suggests "our time" is the day for everyone to build faith for the continuation of life; (Romans 1:16-17) to gain faith for the preservation of life. (John 3:16 ; John 3:35-36 ; John 11:25-26 ; 1 John 5:13 ; Matthew 9:28-29 ; Matthew 17:20 ; Matthew 21:22 ; Mark 5:34 ; Mark 9:23-24 ; Luke 7:48-50) It seems the day of salvation by the lord is upon us, (Job 11:13-20) and that the preservation of our life is dependant upon our faith: It seems that [your] being preserved alive is directly dependent upon [your] personal faith. (Mark 1:15 ; Matthew 13:58 ; John 11:26) No man or group can tell you if you have that faith. Don't be fooled: No imperfect men can render God's judgment as to whether you are or are not upright!

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*1 A note of Thanks: We wish to thank all for supporting this site. Christ Jesus and his teachings set the world on edge when he was alive some 2000 years ago. (Acts 5:28 ; John 7:45-46 ; Matthew 4:17-22 ; Mark 6:30-34) His simple and clear teachings still do to this day! Just as in Jesus day, there is much hypocrisy in modern day religion. (John 8:44 ; Matthew 6:2) Many use the name of Jesus for personal gain or some ulterior motive. When ones name the name of our lord with the pure motive of sharing his message with others, that message is still exciting. The website has seen a steady increase in use, and as of May of 2011, just past 1 year, we have had over forty thousand hits from more than forty different countries. We thank all for your interest! This web site is an attempt at a non commercial method of sharing the good news of the Bible. We purposely avoid seeking financial support, so as to avoid any entanglements by being divided after the love of money. (1 Timothy 6:10) We mention this choice, not to judge any who do accept contributions, nor to assert our own righteousness, but in recognition of our own imperfections: We simply recognize the love of money to be a very real danger. Where we allow the love of our heart to settle, that will become our master. (Matthew 6:19-21 ; Matthew 22:37 ; 1 Peter 1:22) We can never slave for two masters. (Luke 16:13) For these reasons we have purposed that our only benefit from creating and maintaining this site should be our perception the information is of interest and is helpful. (Matthew 10:7) By keeping any/all financial incentive out of the effort, our joy in the perceived interest in these teachings of Jesus remains undivided. [While avoiding any monetary gain for ourselves, we do note that any who have financial need might choose to print out and offer pages of this site in exchange for contributions made directly to the individual offering the literature.] Anyone doing so takes full responsibility to themselves, and should be certain it is legal in their nation and area.

To be in association with those who love our heavenly Father is faith strengthening and encouraging, and it instills hope. That is our effort. We try to support the earth wide preaching work Jesus said would be accomplished just before the end of this old system. (Matthew 24:14) We additionally want to help everyone avoid being deceived away from that "truth" (2 Corinthians 11:3-7) by those who desire worship for themselves or for their organization. (Matthew 4:9) The danger is greater because such ones are often deceived and very sincere. (Acts 22:3-5) We don't want to be led along in their error. (Galatians 2:11-13) Blessings be upon all who truly love our Father Jehovah, and who exercise faith in his son Christ Jesus. (John 6:28-29 ; John 14:1 ; Romans 10:9-10 ; 2 Corinthians 4:13 ; 1 Peter 1:8-9 ; John 3:18 ; Mark 5:36 ; Hebrews 10:38-39) It is our hope and our desire to be among those who exercise faith during these last days, and by so doing will never die at all; (John 11:26) They will be ushered directly into life in the kingdom paradise. (Matthew 6:10 ; Psalms 37:9-11 ; Psalms 37:29) We hope you will understand and believe we don't seek anything from you. Our effort is to give you something: A better understanding of God's Word. (Acts 8:30-31 ; Acts 20:35) We believe that scripture in Acts as it says: "There is more happiness in giving than receiving!" While our simple method of sharing the teachings of Jesus gives us relief from the overhead of soliciting funds to print and distribute materials, it also limits access to that material to those persons who have computer access. While we don't seek anything of worldly value from you, we do hope you realize the importance of the material presented here. We further hope/pray our Creator will instill a need to print and share these pages (always printing supporting scriptures as well) with those you care about. (Luke 10:25-28) Doing so will make for a wonderful interchange with your friends and neighbors. Individual pages [with all supporting scriptures] can provide outline material for sincere group Bible study. (Hebrews 10:24-25) [With a computer or game console, the website may be used on a big screen high definition TV for group study so all the scriptures may be linked in.] Talk with others about the site. The material is not "preachy" and there is no incentive to get anything from those you talk with. It is a simple act of loving kindness. Even those who don't share a faith in the Bible should appreciate your effort in their behalf. It can certainly be a help to those who do have faith in the Bible, but have been disillusioned by the utter hypocrisy and failure of most organized religion (commercial religion). - [Jesus's true followers are not organized commercially, but are organized through their shared faith in God's word. True Christians are defined by their use of the Bible to write God's new "law of love" (John 13:34-35) upon their heart. (Jeremiah 31:33 ; 2 Corinthians 3:1-3)] Please note: We who produce the site claim no special gifts or insight beyond a love for our Creator, and a desire to learn and live by what the Bible teaches. If you can conjure any other mental "picture of truth," that remains in harmony with all the Bible, you should feel free to stand upon your faith. [It is the same thing we are all doing: Preparing to or standing before the judgment seat of Christ based upon our own personal faith.] Join us, in joining the Christ, in bearing witness to truth! God's word is truth! (John 17:17) Our very lives depend upon our knowledge of truth! (John 17:3)

This site is for the lowly and contrite persons of this old world system: For those "sighing and groaning" over the detestable things being done; Often being done in God's own name. (Ezekiel 9:4) Jesus listed right in among the other miracles he performed, that the poor were having the good news preached to them. (Matthew 11:5; Galatians 2:10) The wealthy and/or the lords over the self glorious religious organizations of this world will try to hide and/or tarnish this web site. They want to protect their own "place and station" in life, and they don't want what they really are to be exposed. (John 11:48) How appropriate God is using those who are weak and beggarly, in the sight of vainglorious [ignorant or wicked] ones, to expose the truth. (1 Corinthians 1:28) God often uses those who are even considered wicked [accursed] in the sight of such Doegs. (John 7:48-49) Do your utmost to keep those who are magnifying their own spiritual food [promoting their own teachings] from hiding Bible truth. Help everyone who will listen to know: God's word (the Bible) is truth. Nothing else can be depended upon as spiritual food coming from God! (John 17:17) No other material is alive with spirit to help you understand and know what truth is. (Hebrews 4:12-13 ; John 10:27) An understanding of the beautiful and perfect solution to all mankind's problems is tied up in the Bible. You need to develop faith that is really true! Read your Bible!

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