When Jehovah's Witnesses visit your door, no matter how you respond, they will leave believing they have done all in their power to cause you to know God's Bible truth. To understand or help Jehovah's Witnesses, you should start by realizing many of them are sincere and devout. The intent of the sincere members of their group is to help you! They have been led to believe the teachings of their group (and their personal effort in coming to your door) are your only hope! Even with that attitude, they imagine themselves humble in their work, as they have likened their effort to mules bringing bags of gold to your door. (Watchtower, 1981, 5/15, P14, p3 - Luke 18:9-14) Along with their sincerity, there is something else you should know about them. It is something most of their members won't even consider. The Doeg men (1 Samuel 21:7-22:19) who have gained control of their group have deceived them, and they are deliberately and maliciously trying to deceive you as well. While they have it well hidden (from most of even their own members) behind a facade of pretending to be Bible students, (Matthew 7:15-16) it is easy to reveal for yourself who they truly are. The message they bring to your door is Watchtower truth, not Bible truth. Those who visit you have been led to imagine the Watchtower is above (or equal to) the Bible. Again, it is an easy thing to evaluate whether there is truth to our assertion. Simply consider:

The men in authority over JW's keep secret books the lower class members have no access to. They don't even know what they are members of. If any assert that is not true, ask them to obtain a copy of an "elder book." (Titled "Shepherding the Flock of God in Your Care" or something like that.) They want you to accept their publications, but they won't share that book. Male members who have not been elevated to the title of elder are not able even to examine it. No woman can ever examine their "elder books." If they had nothing to hide, they wouldn't keep secret publications!!! Ask them if their group keeps other secret writings, intended for those with stations or titles above the Elders (Circuit Overseers, District Overseers, Governing Body members - or if they even know what secret books exsit). Ask them if you can obtain copies of those books. Why would they hide such things? Perhaps even more importantly, ask them if they believe all their publications are "spiritual food." Only the Bible provides us true spiritual food.(2 Tim 3:16 ; Gal 1:8-9) When members can be deceived to imagine the group's writings are spiritual food, what is their faith really build on? Is that faith in the Bible, or in their organizations teachings (their own internally produced and self proclaimed spiritual food)? Similar to the Mormons with their book of Mormon, or the Catholics with their faith in the infallibility of the Pope (in all spiritual matters), all JW's are required to express faith the publications written by their group (and decisions rendered by their leaders) are "spiritual food." When they assert the writings they produce are spiritual food, they place those teachings above question. (We offer as an example information volunteered by an appointed and approved Elder of the group. He demonstrated that he takes great pride in placing the group's literature above the Bible.) What is different about this group (from groups like the Mormons and Catholics and others), however, is JW's try to hide the unqualified faith their members are required to express in their magazines and books. They hide what they truly worship by pretending (or even imagining) they are Bible students. If you are a student of God's word, no reasonable person should expect you to join (or even associate with) any group that keeps secret publications forming the basis of their faith. (Acts 17:11 ; 1 Corinthians 4:6) As leaders of the group police their doctrine of infallibility, zealous Elders feel the need to absolutely crush any individual person's feelings of righteousness based in their personal Bible study. They no doubt imagine this activity supports organizational unity. It probably does! (Proverbs 1:14 ; Isaiah 59:14-21) Organizational unity is only a good thing, however, when they are actually followers of Jesus. Some of their leaders seem simply to want lower members to cower before them, thus showing "proper respect." (Matthew 23:5-15) Their problem is this: It is individual personal righteousness before our Father, built on personal faith in the Bible teachings of Christ, which distinguishes between true Christians and Doegs. (Acts 17:11) God is not looking for those who cower before other men. (Joh_5:44 ; 1_Cor_4:2-3 ; Acts_4:19-20) No matter how well intentioned they might be, by encouraging study of organizational doctrine, they are keeping their members from putting on the mind of Christ (which only Bible study can provide). (1 Corinthians 2:14-16 ; Matthew 23:15 ; Mark 7:3 & 7:7-8) You will likely be surprised to learn: If you ask Jehovah's Witnesses to explain or even consider what is presented here, most will refuse. You will see their terror of being brain-washed, instilled in them by their sectarian leaders, (John 7:47-49 ; John 7:13) prevents them from even considering the truth. There is no reason for them to live in fear. (1 John 4:18) Reliance on the Bible, as their only source of spiritual food, will protect them from being deceived by anyone (including this website). (John 8:31-32) It will also free them from slavery to those who have already deceived them. (Galatians 5:1 & 4) (Some of the lords among JW's have derided this website, saying the material is overly simple. Jesus thanked his Father because the message of truth was simple and clear. (Mat 11:25-30) We agree and we solicit their help in teaching the Bible.)

In their case, as with all religious organizations, their being sincere is not enough! (Matthew 7:22) If you seek only group fellowship, and are willing to bow before the teachings of imperfect men in order to gain and keep their approval, (Matthew 15:3-11 ; Mark 7:3-4) their group will be as good as most (except becoming a true Christian, of course). If you are compelled to elevate imperfect men to judge whether you are righteous or wicked, (1 Corinthians 4:3 ; Colossians 2:16-19) they are anxious to provide that service. Be careful... Don't follow them in imagining it is sincerity and cult membership that can provide life. (Luke 6:26 ; John 12:43) Members are deceived to imagine none of them can learn anything about the Bible apart from the approved teachings of their organization. Learn for yourself what Jesus taught, by studying your Bible with emphasis on the teachings of Jesus Christ (John 8:31-32), day in and day out. It is easy! (Mat 11:25-30) See and understand the glaring disparity between actual Bible study and choosing to immerse yourself in so called Bible study aids. (Matthew 7:22 ; Ecclesiastes 12:11-12 ; Mark 12:24)

By declaring all their literature to be spiritual food, they attempt to place their words in the mouth of God Almighty. (Deuteronomy 18:20-22) Even if they can quote more scriptures than some of the other religious sects who promote their own teachings, being close isn't good enough. (Gal 1:8-9) You Every single person must rely on the Bible as the lone source of spiritual food. There is an old illustration that no sensible person would drink 99% pure water knowing the other 1% was (or might be) poison. If an organization is producing it's own teachings, (a portion of those teachings actually being kept secret from lower cast members,) does it really matter if they have mixed in more Bible truth than other apostate groups. It is the part of their teachings which are not from the Bible that will shipwreck your faith. (1 Timothy 1:19) You should certainly understand this about Jehovah's Witnesses: if you join their group as a sincere student of the Bible, you will be at first welcomed to membership precisely because of your love for the Bible. Then later, however, you will be disfellowshipped for refusing to make the change to express abject faith all their written materials are also spiritual food. You must actually put their literature above the Bible, as you must accept their explanation of every scripture. The men who govern their group will hear and fully comprehend your expressions that your absolute faith is in the Bible (during the period of your indoctrination). They actually believe, however, your expression is just ignorance or immaturity on your part. They believe you will become just like them, by joining them to fall down in doing an act of worship before their organization (in expressing faith the men who lead them are the source of your spiritual food). (Matthew 4:9) As they disfellowship you, they will publicly announce you are an enemy of God, without giving any reason for their judgment. They will then proceed to do all in their power to destroy your relationship with your family and friends, including your own mate. At their meetings, those who claimed to be your loving friends will look right through you without speaking or even acknowledging your existence. They blindly follow in this group abuse and abasement, even though only you and your tormentors (the three men of the elder body who joined to disfellowship you) will know the secret reason for their hateful action: that you refused to worship them. (Ester 3:5 ; Ester 5:9) Your friends will be led to believe you have committed some vile sin, or that you are an apostate enemy of our Creator. Any attempt by a disfellowshipped person to defend himself will be considered proof of guilt. Please realize: This hidden process by the organization amounts to a deliberate and malicious long-term trap for sincere Bible students! For a more in depth consideration of Jehovah's Witnesses, please visit: justbibletruth.com/JehovahsWitnesses2.html    Before considering membership, you should fully understand their practice of disfellowshipping: justbibletruth.com/Disfellowship.html    Many of the elder men of their group will state what is expressed here is not true. They assert [and even believe] disagreeing with the organization is not a sin. They will say it is, therefore, not punishable; "as long," the honest members will continue, "as the person doesn't advocate their beliefs." They actually believe that is reasonable thinking! In other words: If the person will become a liar, and hide their true faith, they won't be disfellowshipped. Well duh!!! They don't seem to grasp: Jehovah hates hypocrites. (Mark 7:1-9 ; Revelation 3:14-18 ; Psalms 26:2-10) Others among their group justify this abuse by viewing disfellowshipping as a sort of test. They know there are good for nothing men in their midst who disfellowship others without scriptural reason, but they give quiet support anyway. (Matthew 12:7 ; Judges 2:10) Their thinking seems to be: anyone truly righteous will submit to any abuse heaped upon them, for the sake of organizational unity. They expect those abused persons to quietly wait on Jehovah to stop their tormentors. Doesn't that seem similar to telling someone starving to go and "be warm and well fed," without lifting a finger to help them? (James 2:15-16) Jehovah certainly will fix the damage they cause, but, any who willingly support their abuse likely become complicit. (1 Cor 4:5) Even those innocent victims who cower before them (without revealing helping them hide what they truly are) may share responsibility. (Isaiah 59:14-21)

Many persons remain members of this group because they believe what the group tells them: that if they leave, they don't have anywhere to go away to. (Joh_6:68-69) It was the teachings of Christ Jesus himself which the apostles stated they would not abandon. Abandon this sect and return to your Bible. Christ Jesus teaches each of us what we need to know. (Mat 23:1-12) You don't need any group of men to approve you. (Joh_4:21 & 23)

The leaders of this group are dependant on one thing: the unquestioning faith of their "sheep" in what ever they print and teach. They demand it, and then, they enforce it! Such man-worship is terrible for those who offer it (Matthew 6:1-2) and probably worse for those who accept or demand it. (Acts 12:21-23 ; Revelation 19:9-10) Their members are terrified to even consider they have been misled. Most don't even realize those who control their sect, their elder men, have chosen to worship those men who lead them. They have titled those they bow down before as the "faithful and discreet slave." Those who won't join that hidden program of false worship won't be elders long. Shouldn't members just consider: Wouldn't such a program of men following men keep the men who lead them in power, no matter what kind of men they really are? Can anyone really believe such blind obedience to other men is wise?

As Jesus himself said: (John 17:3) This means everlasting life, their taking in knowledge of you, the only true God, and of the one whom you sent forth, Jesus Christ. (Please compare Psalms 83:18) Jesus also said in prayer to his Father: "Your word is truth." (John 17:17) Gaining an understanding of what is right is not complicated. (Mark 12:24) Simply know the Bible to be the only source of knowledge which you can depend on to help you build faith for life! Make certain every single thing you build faith in really is spiritual food; in that it comes directly from the Bible. (Acts 17:11) Make no exceptions to this Bible rule! (1 Corinthians 4:6) That is what protects against being misled. (Luke 21:8 ; Mark 12:24) There is certainly no valid hope in placing faith in the writings of some group of people. This webpage presents a thumbnail sketch exposing what the Doeg leaders of this organization are trying to keep hidden: Their demand that all their sheep bow before their altar of organizational teachings. Understanding the deception by these people also helps indetify others you need to be in fear of: All the arrogant and self righteous religious leaders who are producing their own law (by asserting the organizational rules they make up are spiritual food). (John 7:46-49) Presenting so called Bible study aids as spiritual food is an effective method of hiding the Bible in plain sight. Many of their elders confess openly to believing they need the organization to "interpret" scripture for them. (Not teach the Bible to them, mind you, but interpret it for them.) The group has fully convinced most of their "sheep" that every form of worship apart from theirs amounts to a bowing before men, and/or, worship of the devil. They have their members so fearful, most will not even consider they have been misled in that very same way.

As for you and your household, (Joshua 24:14-15) become familiar with Jesus's own explanation (interpretation) of the Bible as recorded by Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. (John 5:19 ; John 8:28 ; John 8:31-32 ; Mark 1:1) You are foolish if you depend upon the teachings of men. (Matthew 7:21-23) If you are one of Jehovah's Witnesses, and you realize this is true, don't try to defend your faith before them. They will simply disfellowship you. What you can do is print this webpage and express (to other members) your sincere concern about your own complicity in their sectarian abuse. For your part, make everyone aware you are a student of God's word the Bible, and that you have not thrown in your lot with men who blindly support their own teachings, right or wrong! (Proverbs 1:14 ; Mark 12:24) Declare that you are a Christian based on your faith, and that through your personal knowledge of Jesus's teachings. (Acts 11:25-26) You should not crave the association, or fear the punishment, of any group who will not accept such a sincere expression of faith. Blind guides is what they are! (Matthew 15:14 ; Matthew 23:23-24) One (over used) encouragement by the leaders of this group which you actually should follow, is this: Follow the (submissive) example of King David of old. Please take special note of how David "cried out" before everyone to expose the wicked "anointed" king who was slandering him. (1 Samuel 24:12-15 ; 1 Samuel 26:10) If you are a sincere Bible student, it is at your own peril that you are led to membership among the organization representing themselves as Jehovah's Witnesses, or any other group asserting themselves as judges over who is righteous. (Romans 2:1-2 ; Luke 6:26)

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