How does salvation stand up for the meek and humble persons of the earth? What will provide relief for those who want to do what is right? Could it happen soon? Could it be happening even now? Could it be that we just have to ask God for help and protection? You should have (or you should be developing) faith in an answer to each of those questions! Understanding how God is helping us must include some understanding of our problems.

Meek persons are the very ones who have been trampled under foot by the wealthy and powerful of this old world system. The meek are trampled down by individuals who gain religious power, or the power of wealth; And who are then anxious to use that power to assert themselves as judges [and leaders, and lords and ladies,] over others. If you have turned to some religious organization for help, only to find the leaders over the group are just self serving and self righteous persons, this site is for you. Maybe you have tried several such self proclaimed "religious" groups to find none of them display real love for others. If so, this site is for you!

For many years it has been satan's world [according to Bible standards]. (1 John 5:19) It is defined so by mankind's submission to satan in their desires; And thus to him for their guidance. (Matthew 7:13-14 ; 2 Thessalonians 2:6-8 ;) It should then come as no surprise that many, or even most, of those lording it over others as religious teachers are abusive or even wicked. (2 Corinthians 11:13-15) Such pious leaders over others will profess it is only the well being of the meek that is near and dear to their heart of course. What they usually demonstrate, however, is they only wish to control, manipulate, and make use of others. Acquiring wealth, and the power of wealth, seems the common goal of all such persons.
     Those who have no love for others see nothing wrong with making one hundred times what an average worker makes. They often believe they are entitled because of their education or heritage (or what ever other glorious thing about themselves they might imagine). Many of them see nothing wrong with stealing out of a nation's economy, one thousand, or even one million TIMES what the average worker makes. [Not dollars more than average mind you, but millions of times more!] Banks add nothing to a national economy, for example. They are a necessary burden that only lend the money of productive working people to other working people. Yet the leaders of the banking community apportion huge salaries to themselves, and even add millions in bonuses. Logically, no banker should ever make more than a man who works in a production plant, actually building the nations economy by his efforts. It is a real effort and contribution for a man or woman to dedicate their life to doing the same manufacturing job day after day, for their whole lives. That, is what builds a national economy. Many of the wealthy no longer appreciate the "working" class. While bankers make huge salaries, our dairy farmers operating small family farms [and others who feed us and do the work that supports our economy] struggle to survive. Many farmers who are still surviving have done so only by becoming big businessmen, by swallowing up their neighbors. They usually hire slave laborers (illegal aliens) to do the work their neighbors used to do. By allowing such abuses, the nation is actually moved back toward slavery. That is one reason the U.S. abolished slavery: So the nation's economy could function. Slave labor destroys an economy, whether the slaves are kept locally in chains, or restrained in another nation under poverty and trade agreements. No person who wants to run a business paying his neighbors a livable wage to work for him, can compete with slave labor. [We do, of course, hope the primary reason the nation abolished slavery was to free those enslaved people.] We should note the use of slavery is not just a failing of one, or of some few nations; but a world economic failure. Drug companies are given the power to gain proprietary rights to drugs which have been manufactured for decades, and then they raise the price a hundredfold. Afterward, they try to sooth and turn back the hatred caused by their bad business practices by putting forth a pretext of giving some of their "new" medicine to the poor. Some persons are so wealthy, they are able to park a private jet, or even a huge commercial aircraft next to their home on their own private runway. It was reported one individual has his own personal ship (not yacht) manned by ex-navy seals. The law makers who support, or even allow such extravagances, receive huge payments from those hording the nations wealth. All during such unchecked abuses, little children go hungry. In the 1960's or 70's, there was a woman [Amelda Marcos] who gained world fame [it seemed largely as a laughing stock]: She became infamous because she had a closet full of shoes. Such extravagance was silly [and seemed abusive] to most of the world of that time. Now, the world thinks it is acceptable [or even glorious] for movie stars to park jetliners next to their home, or to give new cars and lavish vacations to hundreds of people. [We do not assert these individuals are bad. They are simply living by the standards we have all created. We are the ones who made them what they are, at least in part, by allowing and even encouraging unchecked wealth.] It is today looking more like the period of history known as the dark ages, as the lords and ladies among us give millions to their favorite charities, imagining their wealth entitles them to judge who should be helped and how. Others believe the wealthy have no such entitlement; and believe deciding who should be helped and how is one purpose of the governments which free people establish and support. [Deciding who and how people are to be helped is ultimately, of course, the role of God; As realized by those who appreciate the truth of the Bible. Helping people realize God's purpose to help mankind is the undertaking of this website.] Even as high-minded individuals gather obscene wealth to themselves, they will strive to hire people to work for them at slave wages: Often allowing their "servants" to live in abject poverty. All such individuals imagine it is some entitlement to them, to lord themselves over others. They will assert how "really" bad off those whom they use as servants would be, if they didn't "help" them by paying them those slave wages. On and on goes the list of the abuses of the meek ones of the earth. If you are one of those abused ones, hold on, (Matthew 12:20) Christ and his Father are watching. Their day is upon us to deliver the meek. (Matthew 25:31-46)

There have been forms of government (the United States of America for one) which recognized these problems, and established safeguards against the gathering of obscene wealth to the few: Win-fall profits taxes, and high taxes on huge inheritances, were among such protections. The nation established those taxes to keep the nations wealth from pooling in the hands of some few; A few who would then exert control by means of their wealth. After seeing the nation nearly destroyed in the early mid 1900's, when it's wealth was gathered to the railroad and steel barons, as well as a few other wealthy individuals and religious groups; that nation chose to make changes. In the 1950's and 1960's, the U.S. had a 90% tax bracket for those who made more than six or ten times the average worker's wage. That allowed for plenty of incentive, as any individual had incentive in the form of ten times the average salary before accruing terrible tax burdens. They believed an income of ten times the average worker is as much as any individual is entitled to take out of an economy of free men. Those win-fall profits taxes protected the national economy, as it kept a few individuals from sucking off all the nation's wealth as obscene income taken for themselves. It seems many of the wealthy supported those win-fall profits taxes in those days. They wanted to protect the nation. Likely they recognized, if they allowed the nation to fall, they might go the way of the aristocrats of France. It appears the wealthy were willing to help protect the nation at the expense of their ability to gather even more, in hope they might be able keep most of what they already had. If the nation fell there would be nothing for anyone. Some believe the problem has reasserted itself, stating the wealthy have banded together to gain nearly absolute control of one party of government in the US. Some believe that is the reason for the unyielding bottle neck paralyzing congress: As one party protects the wealth of the wealthy to the point of absolutely refusing to raise taxes on the wealthy. They take that stand while the other party believes the inequality of wealth created and being fed by current policies needs to be addressed through taxation of the rich. Some assert the wealthy may even control the vote of those poor who work for them, by persuading them their job relies on the wealthy being able to continue to amass yet more. Without protection against obscene income, when well meaning politicians try and infuse money into an economy, some thief simply funnels the money off into his or her own pocket, claiming it as profit. The economy then sees no benefit of the cash infusion. Those tax protections of the 1940's and 50's, against the gathering of extraordinary wealth to any individual, openly exposed those who were thieves to the rule of law. [The very wealthy, even extremely wicked ones, can always buy people to follow them (serve them). It is said that Al Capone, who was a murderer among other crimes, had to be put in jail for tax evasion. Mr. Capone bought people to help him hide his crimes, but he couldn't hide his debauched income.] Protections against obscene wealth also helps keep politicians from making "deals" which gain them huge profits on projects they sponsor; such deals resulting in disastrous results to the nation. The US established those protections of years ago, because most believed unchecked wealth allowed the wealthy to buy law. When those protective tax laws were in effect, doctors and lawyers had nicer homes than a person who worked in a steel mill. Many of them had a swimming pool. They were not God's however. Most mowed their own lawn, and cared for their own pool. None of them openly had slaves [illegal alien servants]. When people hired the services of doctors and lawyers in those days, they could afford to pay them. Opposers of this philosophy will assert the poor are just poor because they are lazy, and deserve only slave provisions. They assert a welfare state can't function because of laziness. Supporters assert if the obscenely rich are exposed as the leeches they are, it will "encourage" the disadvantaged to take a productive role in society.

We digress: Please don't mistake our intent in referencing this secular history and economic debate. While we hope we can encourage politicians to have a balanced and reasonable view, this is not a suggestion of how to fix, or an encouragement to put your hope in, the governments of men. Soon the only government left will be God's kingdom by Christ. (Daniel 2:44) Even the governments of mankind that have worked better than any others, could not fully protect the righteous from the wicked, even on their very best day. They certainly could never restore our health [or our youth] as Jesus demonstrated, when he first visited, that he will do. (Matthew 9:2-8 ; Luke 5:17-26) We all need the kingdom of Christ. (Matthew 6:10) Our purpose in referencing these problems, then, [and in mentioning some attempted solutions of the past,] is only to point out that many governments of men have recognized their common enemy: Greed and powerful individuals. Even recognizing such problems, however, men are unable to fix them. Our purpose is to help everyone to understand: We are all equal before our Creator. Wealth and power have no lasting merit. [Wealth has no merit at all (even temporarily) in the sight of God.] (Proverbs 18:10-12 ; Matthew 19:23)] We announce the real and only solution to these and all mankind's problems: The kingdom of Christ. The method by which the kingdom will finally establish control over the earth should be clear to all. It is clearly stated in the Bible: Christ's kingdom will, at some point, simply destroy the wicked from among the now ruling kingdoms, and will stand alone. (Daniel 2:44 ; Daniel 7:13-14 ; Revelation 19:11-16 ; Matthew 6:9-10 ; 2 Peter 3:13 ; Matthew 24:37-39 ; 2 Peter 3:5-6 ; Genesis 7:23) That final revelation of the established kingdom of Christ will be plain for all to see. It will require no explanation! It will require no faith! What we here want to consider, however, is what happens during the time leading up to that open revelation of Christ's kingdom power. We want to understand how people are today being chosen and marked as citizens of the kingdom; thus avoiding destruction along with the wicked during the Kingdom's soon to come [and very public] revelation. (Ezekiel 9:3-6) Isn't it amazing to have Bible knowledge to consider, or even to be aware of, such things!!! The truth is a powerful tool. Learn what your Bible teaches!

The meek people of the earth are not manipulative and abusive toward others. Their concern is the well being of other people, just the same as they care for their own families and themselves. The meek are meek, exactly because they try to be cautious to avoid harming or taking advantage of others. They are determined not to trample others under foot in order to benefit themselves. (Proverbs 16:17-20 ; Isaiah 57:15 ; Jeremiah 9:24) Hence, it is largely [but not always] the vainglorious and presumptuous lordly persons of this old world who seek after and gain power and wealth, often through manipulating and abusing others. The ways that is done is so obvious and prolific as to need no explanation. Those who are doing it will of course deny it is so; But all those who are being trampled down and abused are fully aware. Many in power will strive to deflect the blame, asserting those who take notice of their abuse are simply jealous of what others have. One purpose of this site is to help the meek and down trodden understand why it is happening to them, and more importantly, we want them to know Jehovah cares about them. We want them to know He is in the process of doing away with their abusers. Harmful people must learn better, or soon, they will be gone. (Psalms 37:10-11) One wonderful part of the truth is that we don't have to judge who is good or bad. The words spoken by Christ Jesus are what judge us all. (John 12:48)

These are truly troubling times we live in: With all the wars and escalating violence and crime, the famine and treatment resistant diseases, flooding and earthquakes in one place after another, and the other "natural" disasters befalling mankind throughout the earth. (Luke 21:9-11) Then, in addition to all that, is the threat of an earth wide failing economy. It seems the economic problems terrify people even more than everything else. Every class of people seem terrified: 1. The poor, the infirm, and the old, are afraid because they remember Hitler's Germany. The wealthy [and powerful] in Germany blamed those they considered less productive for their nations economic problems: The poor and destitute, the old, the weak or sick, and those who were different. Hitler, acting as a ignorant puppet for the ruling class, swept the nations middle class up in a furor of hatred. The nation then did their best to kill everyone they considered "undesirable." 2. The middle class is also terrified today, because they see their jobs disappearing and their "class" melding into poverty. They are afraid they will soon be among those who are destitute, and considered by many as undesirable. 3. The rich are just as terrified, because they remember that in France a few years ago, a failing economy brought about what we now refer to as the French revolution. At that time, it was the wealthy ruling class who were blamed. As people became aware how the wealthy and powerful had abused their privilege and authority so as to manipulate rule and law, and thus to drain the nations wealth into their own pockets; The lower classes blamed the ruling [Aristocratic] class for their economic failure. In an attempt to establish a new and better government for France, to establish a government "of the people," the middle class did their best to round up and kill all the wealthy aristocratic ruling class. They were no doubt afraid those individuals would infect their "new government" with aristocratic thinking. Every class thus has sound reason to be concerned about the future. Regardless of class however, Jesus said there is no reason for those who have faith in him to live in fear. (Luke 21:28) If Jehovah did not cut these last days short, none of us would survive. (Matthew 24:21-22) So do not be in fear, He is cutting them short.

Surely we all recognize, no one who would allow themselves to be swept along in the hatred and hostility the above scenarios created, could at the same time imagine they could have hope to gain God's blessing for salvation. That is part of what is being used to judge us all as we live through these last days: How do we react to all these pressures? How do we feel toward others, and how do we treat them? To have hope of life under the kingdom of Christ, as that kingdom exercises it's right to assume rulership of the earth, (Daniel 2:44 ; Ezekiel 21:25-27 ; Mark 11:7-10 ; Luke 1:30-33) we must be identified by God as persons who love Him, and love our neighbor. (Luke 10:25-28) The failure of our old world system is the unavoidable natural consequence of mankind's disobedience to our Creator. Disobedience to God is the only blame to be placed, and only God can render that judgment upon any individual [a judgment responsibility given by God to His son of course]. (2 Corinthians 5:10 & 2 Corinthians 5:18-6:2) It seems we are witness to that happening! It is happening to us - to YOU.

Back to our question though: How will God accomplish it all? What is his method for helping the righteous, in the midst of all this turmoil? If we are truly witnessing the time when God's will is being asserted over the earth, [just as his will is done in heaven,] (Matthew 6:9-10) and yet it is mostly the wicked and ignorant [of Bible truth] who are the ones making laws and exercising control; How can God accomplish his will on the earth? What can bring relief to the meek and the humble, without the unrighteous selfishly trying to gain protection for themselves as well? Put another way then; and perhaps most important for us all to understand: How will it be decided if we are among those worthy of being ushered into the coming kingdom by Christ; Or, if we rather, are among the group to be destroyed by that kingdom? Jesus said some things that shed light on how that is being done, and on how Jehovah's name is being sanctified as that salvation is administered for the righteous. The preservation of the righteous in the midst of the wicked being destroyed actually reveals God's righteous judgment before the eyes of everyone. (Romans 2:5) [We don't have to admit or recognize this truth, of course, but we are fools not to do so.] We thus see that faith in Bible truth provides life to those righteously inclined. At the same time, the witness given by faithful men and women during that action clears Jehovah's name of the reproach heaped upon it by his slanderous enemies. (Luke 11:2 ; Ezekiel 36:22-23) The faithful provide witness to the wicked they should have been faithful as well, because God gave them every chance to do so. Jehovah, in a perfect solution, gives life to those who exercise faith in his son, and protection is withheld from the wicked by their own hand; Withheld by their rejecting the teachings of the Christ as foolishness. (1 Corinthians 1:18 ; John 5:15-47) Whether we exercise faith in Christ Jesus thus forms the basis of our judgment. (John 3:16-21) Our reaction to the words Jesus spoke is our judge. (John 12:47-50)

The breakdown and failure of this old system provides proof as the final witness to all reasonable people: We are all, every one of us, dependant upon God's direction for our lives. (Matthew 4:4) People simply can not govern themselves. Any person having lived for any length of time, has likely wanted something so badly they felt they had to have it for happiness. Many likely asked God for the thing desired. Most of us have obtained something we felt that way about, only to change after a few weeks, months, or years; to feel our happiness means we need to be rid of that same thing. Maybe we even asked God to help them be rid of the thing they had previously wanted so badly; And had previously asked God for. That inability to decide wisely and then stick with it, is the nature of imperfect people [of people apart from God's direction in their lives]. It is the reason for the high divorce rate, and the reason some abuse others to gain wealth and power. People use up their life's energy seeking things they imagine will make them happy: Riches and power and glory, or other things. Most who obtain such focus of their desire, find it brings only loneliness and unhappiness. Jesus said there is more happiness in giving than in receiving. Do you believe that? The things Jesus said are law, as surely as gravity is law. You can't deny or hide from the truth, any more than you can deny gravity. We must all arrive at the point where we desire what our Heavenly Father wants us to have; Because God is good and we know God is good. (Hebrews 11:6 ; Revelation 4:8) We must recognize God knows what will make us happy; and we must know He has our best interest at heart. (Isaiah 48:17) Knowledge of those simple Bible truths can keep us from seeking after what will not make us happy; And from causing all the pain and harm such worthless endeavors create. Developing an attitude of dependence on our Father is what defines us, (Philippians 2:5-8 ; Hebrews 5:7-10) and even judges us as people suitable for life (Ezekiel 9:3-6) in paradise under the kingdom of Christ Jesus. (Mark 9:7) The love of God means we obey him. (1 John 5:3) It really is just that simple. This old system is breaking down all around us precisely because it is based on disobedience to God's will. It's destruction is actually a loving kindness to all. Our faith and our hope must be in the kingdom of Christ.

In understanding for ourselves how the meek among mankind will be helped, we note Jesus said salvation would come through our faith: Mark 11:21-25; So Peter, remembering Jesus had cursed the fig tree, said to him: "Rabbi, see! the fig tree that you cursed has withered up." 22 And in reply Jesus said to them: "Have faith in God. 23 Truly I say to you that whoever tells this mountain, 'Be lifted up and thrown into the sea,' and does not doubt in his heart but has faith that what he says is going to occur, he will have it so. 24 This is why I tell you, All the things you pray and ask for have faith that you have practically received, and you will have them. 25 And when you stand praying, forgive whatever you have against anyone; in order that your Father who is in the heavens may also forgive you your trespasses."
      Please note Jesus there said we could ask for things from our Heavenly Father, and then we could absolutely rely on receiving the things we asked for. Do you believe what Jesus said? If we do believe, it indicates we are ones who really do have faith. If we do not believe what Jesus said we do not have faith. Jesus plainly said if we do have faith, we will receive the things we ask his Father for. He said we could transplant mountains if we have faith to do so. Do you believe what Jesus said? That is synonymous with asking: Do you have real faith in Christ? It is exactly the same question and decision falling to each of us! We are, each and every one of us, either developing faith in Christ based on what the Bible teaches; or we are not. That is the simple and beautiful key to the salvation of the meek, then: Our personal Faith. You can't buy it, you can't steal it, you can't get it any way except by being a follower of Christ Jesus. Then, you can simply ask for the things you need, and draw on God's spirit to provide them! (Mark 5:25-34) Salvation will stand up for those who are righteously inclined all throughout the earth; just as we ask our Father through our faith in Christ. (John 16:22-24 ; Matthew 17:5)

There is a stipulation, or clarification however; that must connect our faith with our asking for things. All our requests must be in harmony with God's will. [Can you just imagine how it would be if that were not so? Some people would surely use God's spirit to harm others, if they could have that power apart from God's supervision. That is the very thing being decided then: Who will be obedient to God's supervision? As Jesus further said: (John 15:7) "If you remain in union with me and my sayings remain in you, ask whatever you wish and it will take place for you." Our faith, and our resultant ability to ask for things from Jehovah, is dependant on our remaining in union with Christ, and upon Jesus's sayings remaining in us. (Matthew 17:5) In other words: It is Bible knowledge of the teachings of Christ that must form the basis of our faith, which faith then enables us to approach the Father with our requests.
      Jesus's follower John clarified it further for us: (1 John 5:13-15) "I write you these things that you may know that you have life everlasting, you who put your faith in the name of the Son of God. 14 And this is the confidence that we have toward him, that, no matter what it is that we ask according to his will, he hears us. 15 Further, if we know he hears us respecting whatever we are asking, we know we are to have the things asked since we have asked them of him.
      So, the Bible makes clear we can ask Jehovah for anything, and then have faith we will receive it, up to and including moving mountains; If what we ask for is in harmony with God's will. The whole provision for life, then, is based on our own personal faith in the Bible's promises. It is sobering to consider! We should all be asking ourselves if we are prepared for the responsibility of being able to call on Jehovah's spirit. We will surely be responsible for how we use it. Moses had God's spirit for many years. When he had an angry outburst because of the badness and disrespect of the people he taught, he was held accountable for his anger and disrespect by not being able to enter the promised land. (Nu 20:1-13; De 32:50-52; Ps 106:32-33) It is sobering to consider! That our use of Jehovah's spirit is tied directly to our faith also makes everyone equal. Being rich or powerful is of no benefit. Wealth might actually make it harder for one to have true faith. (Matthew 19:23-24) Disobedience to God is opposite of faith, or it destroys faith: Disobedience gives a bad conscience, which in turn robs away faith, by bringing fear of Jehovah rather than love for him. (Genesis 3:8-10) Disobedience thus separates us from God's love, and from his protection, because it robs away our faith which is what gives ability to draw on God's spirit. (John 16:23)

The question might then arise: Do we [in the foreseeable future at any rate] have any need to move mountains? Likely not! Would it be in harmony with God's will to ask to move a mountain? Probably not; Unless the individual had some very good scriptural reason for doing so. It would need to be a reason that would in some way further God's purpose. What we each and every one clearly do have need of, however, is for God's will to be done on earth, as it is in heaven. That, then, is something we can all pray for and know it is in complete harmony with God's will. God's will on earth is something Jesus Christ taught us to pray for. (Matthew 6:9-15) The prayers of the righteous have much force. (Proverbs 15:29 ; James 5:16) Just imagine the force given all those prayers of the righteous, as the earth becomes filled with sincere people praying for God's will to be done on earth [while having a clear Bible understanding of what they are really praying for]. If we learn from the Bible what the promises of Jehovah are, we can then pray for those things and know our prayers are in harmony with God's will. That is what defines us as Christians, and is what judges whether we are members of God's organization. Learn what your Bible teaches, and you learn what you can ask our Father for. (Isaiah 11:1-10 ; Galatians 3:26 ; Psalm 37) Isn't that a beautiful and perfect solution:

Jehovah thus holds out the free gift of life to all who will accept it [through their manifest faith in his son Christ Jesus]. (John 17:1-10 - Please note verse 3 ; 1 John 3:21-23) Jesus taught we could imitate him by drawing on his Father's spirit directly. (Luke 5:17 ; John 8:28-30 ; John 15:16 ; John 16:22-28) Since the protection of life is based on our personal faith, if an individual sadly chooses to view the hope in Christ as foolishness, they are free to do so. (1 Corinthians 1:18-31) If individuals want to follow some group of self righteous men, who promote their own teachings rather than the Bible, they are free to do that as well. (Acts 5:29 ; John 7:47-49) If however, persons want to learn for themselves what Jesus taught, and build faith in the promises of God, they are free to do that; and thereby to gain life. Then, each individual's faith in the promises by God will provide that person deliverance from this old world system; Even as each person asks for deliverance according to Jehovah's will; And has faith they will receive the things asked for. The meek and humble individuals of this earth will be ushered into the approaching paradise, just as Noah and his family were preserved alive in his day; and Lot and his family were preserved alive in theirs. (Matthew 24:37-39) The wicked will continue of course, to rest their hope in their own right hand, [in their own intelligence and wit and cunning,] and will die in their sins because they refused to put faith in Jesus as God's provision of life. You can't buy, steal, coerce, or leverage faith for salvation. It is a gift free for the taking, if we simply manifest love for God and neighbor. (Matthew 22:35-40) We are thus face to face with the day of salvation for the meek and humble persons of the earth; For all those who have hope in Jehovah through faith in Christ Jesus. (Mark 9:7 ; John 5:15-47) The Bible is understood in our day more clearly than ever before in mankind's history.* Having hope in salvation by God is the best way of life, and the only hope of real life. We join with John is saying: Amen, come quickly lord Jesus. (Revelation 22:7-21)

*{Throughout history: A man (or a woman of course) learns all he can throughout his lifetime, and that knowledge in large measure defines who he is spiritually. He places faith in what he believes to be true. When he gets sick, or dies, the knowledge he has gained is lost [to be regained at his resurrection of course]. (Ecclesiastes 9:5) Through use of the written word, such a person is able to pass much of his knowledge on to his children and others, so they don't have to start where he did. They can stand on his shoulders, so to speak, and can thus reach higher in knowledge. By organizing and writing down what they learn, men can create a nation or civilization, and then continue to acquire knowledge until something happens to their group. Christians form a nation, or a civilization, acquiring knowledge of the Bible. Christianity was born out of Judaism, which existed in a sense from the time of man's sin. The Hebrews learned what they could about God, and wrote it down in their language [the old testament]. Then Christians brought forth the teachings of the Jews to add with their own knowledge; in Greek first, then Latin, and finally in English and other languages. The Bible [a written work inspired by God] then, with the many excellent translations and Bible reference materials, all stand as the culmination of the understanding of the modern Christian nation. We can understand more about Bible teachings today, than any who came before [except Christ of course]. It is similar to scientific knowledge. Einstein is credited with splitting the atom; but he stood on the shoulders of those students of creation who came before him. There were groups working on that same problem throughout the earth, and if Mr. Einstein had not found the answer, someone else would. The scientific community of mankind had established enough knowledge in Einstein's day, so splitting the atom was their next step to take. The details of the Bible's sacred secret (Romans 16:25-27) of God's method of salvation for mankind [through faith in Christ Jesus] has been steadily revealing itself throughout the Bible's history; throughout mankind's history. We can thus understand the inspired Bible's revelation as none before have been able.}

Remember too, since our salvation is based on our personal faith: On the day we are free to use God's spirit to heal ourselves completely, and/or regain full power of youth, (Isaiah 40:29-31) or when we do what ever things we actually will do utilizing Jehovah's spirit; We will no longer need faith. It will then be a reality. (Romans 8:24-25 ; Galatians 3:23-29) Learning to use God's spirit may prove to be a gradual process, as we start to accomplish small things based on the growth of our faith [and on our gaining knowledge of how to live in harmony with God's will]. Such spiritual growth might go unnoticed by others. Deliverance thus stands up for the meek behind the curtain of faith. That is likely so people without faith do not try to flock toward God seeking only the reward; Even as some followed Jesus for the food he provided them. (John 6:26) It seems unlikely to be some skill-set we develop giving us super power, or even the conscious manipulation of God's power, that will provide life. It seems more likely to be knowledge from the Bible of what our Father is doing that will protect us; Because we become a part of what He is doing. Since the Bible doesn't explain all the details, we all have to wait and have faith to see. If you have faith in something, and can base your faith on an accurate understanding of the Bible, it will surely come to pass for you. The truly meek seek to be meek, simply because it is the right thing to do. They thus demonstrate their love for others, and for God, and they will be rewarded for their faith. All the while, it can all remain foolishness in the eyes of those not drawn to God; because of their free will choice to remain unrighteous. (1 Corinthians 1:18-25)
      The question for each of us then: Are you learning what the Bible teaches so you can place your faith in the teachings of Christ Jesus? Are you learning what you can ask our Father for? Do you realize Bible "truth," is the only thing of any real importance. (Matthew 13:44) We today live in the world we see around us, but we must always remember this world is being dissolved into exposure by Bible "truth;" even as darkness into daylight. (Romans 8:24-25 ; 2 Peter 3:11) We are immersed in [we live in] this old world, but we must make the coming kingdom of Christ most important. It is not easy. (Romans 7:24) We all desire just to relax and "have some fun;" And we certainly must get proper rest and relaxation. We must though, always spend as much time and effort as possible drawing to our Father, first by learning the truth of his word the Bible; And then by talking with others about what we learn. Bible truth is the only thing which can give us balance and hope, even as we witness the world falling down around us. (Luke 21:22-28) Rest your hope and your faith in Jehovah, and ask him for the things He has promised in the Bible. Make your requests through his son Christ Jesus, and then have faith you will receive what you have asked for. It means life! (Hebrews 10:37-39) Many of us who claim to be sincere students of God's word and followers of Christ Jesus, have looked forward to the establishment of the Kingdom of Christ for a long time. (Matthew 6:10 ; Philippians 2:9-11 ; Acts 4:12 ; Luke 21:28) Now that the time has arrived; have we built faith, through our own personal knowledge of the teachings of Christ, for the preservation of life, (Hebrews 10:35-39 ; Hebrews 11:7 and 1 Peter 3:20-22 ; Matthew 24:37) or do we shrink back waiting for a pat on the head in the form of approval by some man or group whom we have followed? If we have allowed ourselves to become followers of men and imagine it is their approval that will gain us life, will Jehovah really find favor in us? Will He give holy spirit in answer to our prayers? (John 16:23 ; John 15:16)

We here list a few of the promises God has made in the Bible. These are, therefore, some of the things it is appropriate to pray for and expect to receive [in harmony with God's own timetable of course]:

Learn from your own Bible what the promises of God are! They are our future. Your hope should not be tied to this web site, nor any other man or group. No imperfect man has the unadulterated truth, but the Bible does. Join with those revealing truth throughout the earth: Have your feet planted on your own personal knowledge of the truth found in God's word the Bible. Join with Christ in bearing witness to that truth - in removing the veil from all people - in restoring peace to the earth. (Luke 2:8-32)

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