There is one group into which you should be trying hard to gain membership; As membership in that group will grant you eternal life. They have a long history, and it members are so numerous as to be referred to as a cloud. (Hebrews 12:1) You must be very cautious in identifying members of the group, however, and in how you seek membership. You must realize: No man or group can grant you membership, nor assure you have it. How then, are true Christians organized?

As we consider the failure and corruption of most organized religion, it can be terrifying for some persons. In trying to accept that reality, one person asked: "What is wrong with being organized? Do true Christians just wing it or what?" True Christians are not, or course, "just winging it." True Christians are comprised of individuals who recognize the judgment of their own Bible trained conscience as the only approval that can grant them faith for the preservation of life. (Romans 2:15-16 ; John 12:48 ; Matthew 17:20 ; Matthew 8:13) Christ's followers are organized into a group of the persons being gathered from among the worthless religious liars comprising much of our world of these last days. (John 11:52 ; Matthew 13:29-30) Such liars and hypocrites use religion only to control and manipulate "their sheep." They are not teaching what Jesus taught. True Christians wisely refuse to submit themselves under judgment by other imperfect men [and women]. (Proverbs 12:6 ; Acts 15:23-24 ; 1 Corinthians 4:3) They recognize the Bible as their only source of spiritual direction. Christians are also, then, the individuals who recognize the villainy of most organized religion, and await deliverance at God's hand through their faith in Christ. (Hosea 6:6-11 ; John 16:1-4 ; John 17:3) True Christians are thus united in sharing a loving relationship with all persons who love righteousness through knowledge of Christ; and manifest who they are simply by trying to show love for their neighbor. (Luke 10:25-28) True Christians love to talk (not argue - Proverbs 17:14) about the Bible. They do not imagine God has given them authority to judge who is wicked [nor do they presume to judge who is righteous].

You must realize: Being a mature Christian lies, in part, in your being able to recognize who the Man Of Lawlessness is? (2 Thessalonians 2:3) As we become aware of the danger posed by this apostate form of worship, and realize the importance of Jesus's scriptural warning about not developing the spirit of that wicked "man of lawlessness"; (1 Corinthians 2:12) we naturally start to wonder about how true Christians can be organized. Sadly, we must realize, most groups who band together [ostensibly to learn and worship] are subsequently overcome by their desire to create a celebrated name for themselves. (Genesis 11:4 ; James 1:14) It is then logical to wonder: Where can the faithful turn? Where can sincere persons look for help in seeking truth; as there is so much danger from organizations of even well meaning [but imperfect] men? There is even more danger from those who are deliberately deceitful and only pretend to teach the Bible. We must recognize: The hatred developed among members of such apostate groups seems always to be based on their desire for power and control over others? That is what you must avoid, then: A longing for power and prominence among men. (Matthew 6:1-2) Even those who seem sincere [and may start out being sincere] in their attempt to promote what the Bible teaches, often get turned aside toward protecting the organization they have formed. Their next step is to leave off studying the Bible, and expressing love for their fellow-man, and set themselves forth as judges of who is worthy of life. That is where they get lost. All such groups then start to imagine being pleasing to our heavenly Father, is the same as having the approval of their group. In light of such prolific danger, then, how can true Christians think about how they are organized, or what organization they are part of?

There is no reason to be alarmed! First of all, remember always: The Bible is inspired by God and is completely trustworthy. (2 Timothy 3:16-17) Knowing what your Bible actually teaches, then, is your protection and is the solution to this problem! You must be skeptical of every man (Acts 17:11 ; 2 Peter 3:16) but you can always depend upon the Bible! (2 Timothy 3:16 ; 2 Peter 1:21) Learn what the Bible teaches! If someone teaches something about God, make them back their teaching up with the Bible. (Acts 17:11) The Jewish nation existed [in large measure] to produce the promised Messiah. (Matthew 1:1 ; Genesis 22:18) The Law Code was given to keep them clean so they could do so. The Bible Books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, then, present the teachings of that promised Messiah. (Luke 4:16-21) The books following the four gospel accounts show us how early Christians tried to implement Jesus's teachings, after he died and was resurrected. Much of their effort was spent trying to correct Jewish converts who wanted to turn back to the Law Code and to Judaism. That leaves us primarily with the need to know intimately what Jesus taught as recorded by Matthew, Mark, Luke, and the Apostle John. Most of the balance of the Bible exists to support and substantiate those teachings by Jesus. It doesn't seem near as hard to think about learning those four short gospel accounts, does it?

Please note what the Bible teaches about how Jehovah deals with us. It teaches God's eyes are roving about in the earth, to show himself powerful in behalf of those with a heart complete toward him [those who are sincerely seeking him]. (2 Chronicles 16:9 ; Acts 17:27) Jesus taught us the means by which his Father helps us, [after He takes note we have a complete heart,] as all who come to Christ must first be drawn by his Father. (John 6:44) So then, we know Jehovah looks through the earth to show his power in behalf of those who are looking for him; and then, he reveals himself to such individuals by directing them to faith in the teachings of his son Christ Jesus, recorded in those four gospel accounts. All persons with a heart complete toward our Creator, are in one way or another directed to Bible knowledge as the means of salvation. (John 6:35 ; John 6:28-29) There were days in mankind's past when people could actually sit at the feet of Jesus to learn what he had to teach. The way we today, learn what Jesus teaches, is through the inspired Bible record of those teachings. (John 8:12) There will, of course, be people to preach: People who will direct individuals to those teachings of Jesus. (Romans 10:13-15) That is one way we can show we love our Father, and appreciate his provision of life: By sharing with others what we learn from the Bible. (John 6:28-29) We must always remember though, none of us are needed to accomplish that preaching. Jesus said the stones could cry out if necessary. (Luke 19:40) It is a most precious and wonderful gift from our Father: That he allows us to represent him with our lips. (Psalms 51:15 ; Hebrews 13:15) It is not something he needs from us, it is what we can choose to offer him.

Always remember too, it is Jehovah God who is drawing righteously inclined people to unity with his son. (John 6:44-47 ; John 17:11b) Those who are fortunate to be able to help others learn Bible truth, are simply allowing themselves to be used as tools by our Father. No one should imagine they are special above others, or start to imagine themselves lords and judges over the faith of others. None should imagine they need a special title or name, such as Elder, Monk, Priest, Deacon, or "most reverend" or "most holy" so and so... (Luke 14:7-11) Any person thinking he is special in the preaching work would be akin to a blade of grass thinking it was special because it was used to feed a sheep. The sheep of Jehovah will be fed, and there are lots of blades of grass to do it. We can only choose if we are helpful or useless.

It is a grave danger to choose to elevate men over you, [or to allow them to elevate themselves,] and then to look to them for their approval. It is at your peril you feel the need to have the interpretation of the Bible by such arrogant ones. Remember: Interpreting the Bible for you is not the same as teaching it to you. You can listen to what people say about the Bible of course, as you strive to learn what it says. (Acts 8:26-40) The records of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, amount to the interpretation of the Bible by Jesus himself. Those who are faithful to Christ will always support what they say with the Bible. As soon as it becomes evident some person or group is not supporting what they say using the Bible, they should be viewed as a waste of time at best, and possibly as apostate: Useless for learning what the Bible teaches. The man of lawlessness will dribble on and on about one scripture [or a few] they pull out of context. The lawless ones will try to divert you toward their own writings as your source of truth, often asserting those writings are the teachings of God [spiritual food] just as the Bible actually is. You will find yourself spending all your time in their midst involved in studying their so called "study aids," rather than studying the Bible. If you are trying to learn the truth, you will learn to recognize the difference between persons teaching Bible truth, and those trying to misuse the Bible to elevate themselves (so as to manipulate people). (John 7:16-17 ; John 5:44) Bible knowledge sets aside the fear of such religious hypocrites. (John 7:47-48 ; John 9:22 ; Luke 13:10-17) We all want some large group who will wrap their arms around us and (all of them) tell us we are saved, righteous, and pleasing to God. Ask yourself however: Did they treat Jesus that way? (John 15:20)

Armed with this scriptural knowledge, it becomes easy to understand how true Christians are organized: It is not the way other organizations of men are ordered. Normally among men, there is some boss or leader at the top, with a number two, and three, and so forth, down their hierarchy to the bottom. The one at the top often does not even know those at the bottom [or care about them]. What number one says is distorted through the imperfect men who pass it along down to the bottom, such that their leader's intent may be nearly unrecognizable. The same process occurs with any message going from the bottom of such organizations up to top. It is not that way with true Christians. They are organized from the top down of course. Our Father Jehovah first gave us laws which were a tutor leading to the Christ; (Galatians 3:24) and those laws became tied up or fulfilled in the teachings of Jesus. (Matthew 5:17 ; 2 Corinthians 3:14 ; Colossians 2:13-14) Those teachings help us recognize Christ as our appointed head. We have the complete [as far as our needs go] teachings of Jesus recorded for us in the Bible. The perfect son of God taught us exactly what he learned from his Father. (John 7:16-17 ; John 5:19-21) We can thus come to know our Heavenly Father personally, through the perfect teachings of his son. (Matthew 11:25-30) We can come to know what God loves and what He hates. (Amos 5:14-15) All sincere Christians are thus united and organized directly under Jehovah through their faith in Christ; with no need for any imperfect men in the middle of that relationship. [If some can help others to learn what the Bible teaches, that is a good thing of course. There is nothing about any of them however, to illicit our worship or loyalty beyond hearing what they teach: And accepting only what comes simply and clearly from the Bible. (Acts 17:11)] We worship and obey God as ruler through faith in, and obedience to, Christ Jesus. (Acts 5:29) Christians are also organized from the bottom up in a sense. The lowliest one among the faithful worship our Father, and talk with him directly, in prayer through faith in Christ. That, is how Christians are organized: We address Jehovah personally in prayer through Christ's name, and God's eye is personally upon each of us. (John 15:16 ; 2 Chronicles 16:9) It is a truly sobering consideration. You answer directly and personally to our Father Jehovah; based upon your faith in and reaction to the teachings of his son Christ Jesus. (John 17:3) By our faith in Christ, we become united with others who are also made "Christian" by that same bond of individual personal faith. If we reject Christ, we make ourselves wicked by refusing God's gift of life. (Luke 11:23) We either learn the teachings of Jesus, and thereby gather to him; Or we become his enemy. That, is our simple choice; and the purpose of our life!

We sometimes hear well meaning individuals ask others if they are saved? There purpose is no doubt to help that person be clear in their decision to express faith in (the teachings of) Christ. There is no account in the Bible, however, of any person ever asking another if they were saved. They encouraged them to gain salvation through Christ, (Acts 4:12) but they never asked them if they were saved. (2 Corinthians 2:14-17) Each humbly remained concerned with their own salvation. (1 Corinthians 10:12 ; Philippians 2:12) The scriptures indicate it might be presumptuous of someone to assert they were saved, and then to go asking others if they were. (2 Corinthians 3:4-6) The Bible teaches the one who endures to then end will be saved. (Matthew 24:13 ; Mark 13:13) It might be brazen to assume we have already endured to the end! The intent of Jesus followers was not to judge others, nor was it to be concerned with what others thought about them; beyond listening to what the scriptures say. (1 Corinthians 4:3) Even when Jesus identified his betrayer, the others did not get concerned to judge or expel Judas from their midst. Jesus did at one point tell Judas to get on with is business, (John 13:27) but Jesus had known for some time Judas was the one who would betray him. (John 6:64) Jesus followers knew God would deal with those who were unfaithful. (Acts 5:1-10) Jesus told them to look out for themselves. (Luke 9:49-50) Rendering judgment over others, or even trying to impress others to declare their faith, might result in stumbling them. (Mark 9:38-42) Each person is, and must remain, free to choose to obey our Heavenly Father solely because they realize God is good; and because they love him. (Isaiah 48:17 ; Hebrews 11:6)

True Christians are united, then, in and through their own personal faith in Christ Jesus [as the ransom sacrifice lovingly provided by our Father]. The identifying mark of Christians will be the love they show for others. (John 13:35) Their unity [or the only sign of their organization] exists in the love they show for God and for others. The most pronounced display of that love will be in their sharing Bible truth with their brothers in Adam. Sharing Bible truth is not to be confused with evangelizing. Every religious organization preaches [or evangelizes] in their own way. Not all evangelizers are acceptable to the true God however. (Matthew 7:23) Those who truly love others show it by teaching what the Bible teaches, and that means teaching only what the Bible teaches! They recognize the Bible as the only source of spiritual food coming down from our Father. Realizing some might appear to be teachers of the Bible, while actually being hypocrites (Matthew 15:7-9) and therefore part of the man of lawlessness, helps us recognize why it is dangerous to throw in our lot (Proverbs 1:14) with any (large) group of people: Joining with them as they profess they are all Christians. Jesus taught us not to be judging others; and that would include judging them either righteous, or wicked. (Luke 10:5-6) If you join an organization which renders judgment over others, do you not make yourself responsible for the judgment they render? Think about that seriously: If you join individuals who assert as governors and judges over an organization, and they render wicked judgment against or abuse others, will you be jointly accountable before Jehovah for their wickedness? (Leviticus 4:3a) If they assert their members are righteous, and those members use that influence given them to cause harm, are you responsible? It seems a very dangerous situation to be in. The record of who is righteous is kept in heaven. (Luke 10:20) Jesus taught us who his Father is, and how to be pleasing to him. (Matthew 11:27) Which persons are among those sincerely following Jesus can not be judged by imperfect men. Only Jehovah, his son [and the spirit creatures helping them], and the individual Christian know if they personally are Christian. True followers of Christ judge only themselves, using only the words of Jesus to do so. (John 12:48) That is likely what being marked in our forehead means. (Ezekiel 9:4 ; Revelation 22:3-4) Even those who sincerely attempt to be Christians can be fooled, if they do not strictly adhere to the Bible teachings of Jesus. (Galatians 6:3 ; Mark 12:24) If you are a member of a group of persons asserting they are judges over who is righteous, you have most certainly become part of the man of lawlessness. Be very careful about throwing in your lot in support of their judgment. (Proverbs 1:14) YOU will most certainly be held accountable. (Acts 17:29-31 ; Isaiah 11:1-5 ; Psalms 9:8) If some group has claimed writings other than the Bible are spiritual food, they are trying to take away your key of knowledge. (Luke 11:52-54 & 42) Stand firm, stand apart from all such hypocritical organizations of imperfect men, by having your feet planted on the teachings of Christ Jesus. True Christians are organized by gazing into the light of truth shining directly upon their face from God's word the Bible. (2 Corinthians 1:11 ; 1 Corinthians 16:13-14 ; Ephesians 6:10-13 ; Ephesians 6:13-24) Be united with those demonstrating such faith, united with them in your loving obedience to Jehovah through personal knowledge of his word the Bible. (Luke 10:25-28) Such obedience provides true happiness; and is life eternal! (Psalms 41:1-2 ; 1 Corinthians 15:22-28 ; Philippians 2:16) If you have come to believe you will find happiness in anything other than our Father's blessings, you have been deceived to believe a lie. (Matthew 5:3 ; Psalms 33:12 ; Psalms 34:7-9) If some are teaching you it is membership in their little sect that can judge you as righteous, you are being led to believe a lie. This danger applies for those researching and maintaining this website, as well as to everyone else. Growing closer to our Father, through a better understanding of what his word teaches, is the purpose in maintaining the site. If justification of the site becomes the goal, those who maintain it may be lost. It is building personal faith based in truth that is important. Know the truth of the Bible, and the truth will set you free. (John 8:31-32) Read your Bible daily! (Deuteronomy 6:6-9) Read individual books beginning to end, so as to get the intent of it's writer. The books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John record the teachings of Christ Jesus himself!

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