If you are a person who is sincerely seeking the true God, but who remains caught up in the loveless religious organizations of this world, (Isaiah 50:10) where does knowledge of Bible truth leave you? Where does knowledge of the teachings of Jesus [including Jesus's warning to anticipate the revealing of the man of lawlessness] leave you? Where does having knowledge we are living through the end of a system of things leave you? What will you do with your life, in the face of such knowledge? How can it benefit you to know and have faith in the truth?

Those are perplexing and serious questions, but the answer is not far off; (Acts 17:27) and it is easy to understand in the light of the Bible. Bible knowledge leaves you with hope: Knowledge of truth gives you several very distinct advantages: Let us consider in more detail what the Bible says about these things:

God is just and upright, and is perfect in all his ways. (Psalms 18:30) Any deviation from his way of doing things thus becomes an action away from, or against, perfection; And will cause harm to all exposed to that bad action. As God tries [tries, because some refuse his help] to help mankind, he must be very careful not to become unclean himself. (Numbers 19:22a) If God were to help someone who is causing harm for example, might God thereby become bad himself by becoming responsible for that one's bad actions? Jehovah can not touch any unclean thing. To receive God's help and protection, we must do our utmost to remain upright before him. To that end, Jehovah God sent his son Christ Jesus to act as a mediator between ourselves and God. (Hebrews 9:13-14) If men listen to, and put faith in the son of God, they can learn from Jesus what to ask God for in harmony with God's will, and thus be acceptable before him. (John 16:23-24) There is an illustration sometimes used for this arrangement: A man is going in before a powerful ruler who prides himself on cleanliness. On the way to the meeting, a bird made a mess on the shoulder of the man's suit. The ruler's dearly loved son understood the man had tried to get clean, and went in with the man to the meeting. The son stood with his hand on the man's shoulder, covering over the spot. The ruler could view the man as clean, because he loved his son. If the man had purposely rolled around in manure on the way to the meeting, then the son could not cover it. The sacrifice of the Christ is not like a tarp, that is thrown over us to hide whatever bad we choose to do. Christ provides a covering sacrifice for our sins of imperfection. Jehovah is still seeing our face and coming to know us intimately. We must put forth effort be become upright people and rely on our faith in Jesus when we fall short. It is our sincere faith in God's son that makes us acceptable to him. It is our knowledge of the teachings of Christ, that in turn teach us who the Father is; and how we can be pleasing to him. We imitate Jesus in doing what his father taught him, as Jesus in turn teaches us. (John 8:28-29 ; John 12:44-46 ; 1 Corinthians 3:23 ; 1 Corinthians 15:24-28 ; John 14:23-24 ; John 15:8-10 ; Matthew 24:36) It is a beautiful and perfect solution to all our problems. It will produce an earth full of people who love our Creator, and each other, and who will not harm others. (Isaiah 11:9) It is simple as can be, if you strip away all the lies men try to tag onto what Jesus teaches in the Bible. Men try to make the Bible's message about money, and about membership in their club, and on, and on, and on... Such men who add to the Bible (Revelation 22:18-19) are a danger to us all, and together comprise the Man Of Lawlessness Jesus warned about. The Bible is simply about learning what Jesus taught, and sharing what we learn with others as we try to imitate Jesus in showing love for Jehovah God and for our fellow man. (1 John 5:3 ; Matthew 22:37-40 ; Ecclesiastes 12:13-14)

As we do recognize we are living through [or certainly nearing] the tribulation of these last days though; How can Bible knowledge help us? Jesus said: "Just as the days of Noah, so will the coming of man be." (Matthew 24:37-39) There were eight souls [people] spared alive through the destruction of the earth in Noah's day. (1 Peter 3:20) Noah and his family were kept alive because they knew what they should do; And they did it! Jesus taught us what to do in our day, and we must do it just the same. Jesus taught us to pray: "Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name. Your kingdom come, your will be done, as in heaven also on earth. Give us each day our daily bread, and forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us. Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil [for yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever]." (Matthew 6:9-13)
     Thus we need to take special note of that model prayer Jesus gave us; and then we need to act in harmony with that prayer. We need to sanctify Jehovah's name, and elevate it as holy before others. As we pray for God's will to be done on earth, we need to do our best to act in harmony with his will; That so the doing of God's will on the earth won't mean we have to be destroyed. We need to be forgiving and loving toward others, as that is how Jesus prayed for it to be when he prayed for God's will to be done on earth. We need to do our best to turn away from evil, so we won't undermine what God is doing as he brings the changes of his will upon the earth. As we strive to do these things based on our faith in Christ, we gain freedom to approach Jehovah in prayer and to ask him for things we need, and even for the things we want. Our happiness is part of God's purpose in having his will done on the earth. (John 15:10 and John 15:11) Our ability to call upon God's spirit in the name of Jesus will no doubt be connected to our being among those Jesus mentioned who will never die at all. (John 11:26) If we know what the Bible says, we can ask for the things Jehovah prophesied would be part of the paradise earth, and can thus know that what we are asking for is in harmony with his will. Job for example; prophetically prayed for the day when his flesh would become fresher than in his youth. (Job 14:14-15 ; Job 33:24-25) That scriptural knowledge provides us all something we can pray for in harmony with God's will: A renewal of our youthful vigor. Job's realization of his hope will require he be resurrected from the dead. [God will call and Job will answer - from Job 14:15 above.] Those favored to live at the end of this system however, the day Jesus mentioned when some would have opportunity to never die at all, those ones will not need a resurrection, but will simply start to grow younger. A return to our youthful vigor is thus in harmony with God's will, and something we can ask for. Maybe we will receive it some tomorrow, or maybe we will start to receive it today, but we will receive it; If we ask through faith in Christ. As we ask for things which we have learned from the Bible to be in harmony with God's will, we can have faith he hears us and will answer us. (1 John 3:21-23 ; 1 John 5:13-15) We must forever realize our hope lies in our heavenly Father, and that through our faith in his son. It is up to him to manifest our hope for us. If we must die, as Job did, and later be resurrected to realize our hope; or if we live on and simply start to grow to our youthful vigor [physically younger and stronger than even in our youth]: In either case, that gift of life will come from Jehovah through our faith in Christ. It will require God's spirit active upon us through our faith in his son. (Hebrews 10:39)

What then are some other things we might ask for in harmony with God's will? We might pray that our heart will grow strong in the land of the living ones. (Psalms 27:13-14) Facing terrible conditions, [and especially if we have young ones,] we can pray and strive to be righteous and upright people, remembering the writings of the psalmist who said that even in old age he had never seen anyone righteous left entirely, nor his offspring begging for bread. (Psalms 37:25) There is nearly no end of the promises from the Bible we can put faith in, and then feel free to ask Jehovah for. (Psalm 37) You should learn from your own personal study of God's word what those things are. This study site can help, but above all: Read your Bible!

We must have faith to receive the things God promised. (Hebrews 10:36-39) Bible knowledge can help you have that faith. (Ephesians 4:13-15) Read your Bible every day. (Joshua 1:8-9 ; Psalms 1:1-6) Bible study is exciting and wonderful. Living your life in harmony with what the Bible teaches is the only thing having real and lasting value. It should be viewed as far more valuable than anything else in your life. (Matthew 13:44-46) Being immersed in the truth of the Bible is an escape from this system that nothing else can provide. It can provide hope no matter what is happening to you. Contained in the Bible are the sayings of life! (John 6:68-69)

We wish we could tell you just to listen to us, and to this web site, and then you won't have to worry. [We do believe the web site can be helpful as an aid in studying your Bible.] The point is though, you need to learn and know for yourself what the Bible says, and thus become free of dependence on any man or group. (John 8:31-32) All Bible students are in a process of learning; and that takes time. How much "truth" of the Bible do you need to know to be safe? That is of course, between you and our Creator. It seems clear you need to know enough of the Bible to have a real faith in it. (1 Timothy 4:16 ; Matthew 9:22) What you should never do is put your trust in any man, or in any group of men: "Just trust us and don't worry," is what all the churches and divergent forms of religion of this world are telling you. Sensible students of the Bible are forced to recognize that at least most of those groups are part of the Man of Lawlessness Jesus warned us about. You should fear any assertion by any group that your hope depends upon them; and you should suspect them as liars or as deeply misguided. You [and we all] must judge the teachings of any, and all, who claim to teach truth: You must judge their teachings in the light of what you personally know the Bible teaches. Make them prove every single doctrine they assert; by providing you with clear Bible support. The reason is because the Bible itself teaches we are all sinners. We are thus inclined to do what is wrong, and we all make mistakes. "Aw shucks, just trust me," doesn't measure up when it is your life that is at stake. They might be mistaken; They might be evil! (Matthew 7:15) Any assertion of truth must be clearly backed up with the Bible to be taken seriously. (Acts 17:11)

We believe this site to be a sincere effort at a revelation of Bible truth. I pray I will always be one who supports truth. No arrangements have been made to support this site through financial gifts. [If you wish to give; give to someone you personally know who has need. Additionally, invest your effort to spread knowledge of this site and to teach people the truth of the Bible as you know it.] By not taking contributions, we strive to avoid being overcome by the love of money. (1 Timothy 6:10) We therefore encourage you to build your hope and faith on the Bible. If we tell you today to base your hope on this site, and tomorrow we turn toward (or already have without knowing) a love for things other than for God and neighbor, you could be lost if you allow yourself to follow us along in our error. Following our error might bring loss no matter how sincere we might be. If we were to allow ourselves to be directed by other loves than that of pleasing our Creator; then we would likely start trying manipulate you to help us attain the goals born of those loves. We would by such error be making ourselves part of the man of lawlessness. That is how most individuals or groups become a part of the man of lawlessness, simply by allowing selfish desires to divert their love away from God. (James 1:14-15) It is a very real danger for all. In Revelation, it mentions a group of spirit creatures who are bowing before Jehovah: 'And they have no rest day and night as they say: "Holy, holy, holy is Jehovah God, the Almighty, who was and who is and who is coming." (Revelation 4:8) Did you note the Bible says those spirit creatures have no rest day or night from their offering praise? It is unlikely such perpetual worship is demanded of them; It is rather something they have chosen to give their Father out of love. With all the damage satan has caused in Jehovah's creation, we might imagine their attitude is to simply keep themselves focused on their effort of praise, thus being certain they do not some how fall into any snare of the devil. (1 Timothy 3:7) May we all strive to be as single minded as those angels in our devotion to our Father; through our exercise of faith in his son. (John 12:44-50) You can't have that kind of love for Jehovah if you don't know him intimately. It is the Bible, and specifically the teachings of Christ Jesus, that give that love.

Doctors speak of people who have split personalities and are two people in one. The Bible teaches we are, all of us, divided within ourselves to some degree. There is the natural (or carnal) man (or woman) who desires simply to react to physical and emotional needs and desires. (Romans 7:21-25) That natural man has little or no concern for others, but simply wants to move toward attaining what feels good. Those who recognize an intelligence behind creation, and that our Creator constructed us such that there "is more happiness in giving," also start to develop a desire to "do what is right." They must then look for motivation of life from a higher source than fleshly desires; They start to attempt to rise above the lusts of that carnal man. The spiritual man or woman is thus born within them. That is the battle which we all face, and one which can not be won apart from faith based on Bible knowledge. (Hebrews 4:12) Look for friends and associates among people who openly and sincerely study, believe in, and promote the Bible. Fear all who look to any other source than the Bible for truth and spiritual food. Such persons or groups are likely only trying to get you to join with them to accomplish their own desires; Rather than to learn and teach Bible truth. There is a very simple question we all should ask ourselves with regard to organizations: Do I spend more time studying the Bible, or more time studying the publications of my organization? They will of course assert those publications are Bible study aids. If they are actually Bible study aids, every single point made in them will be supported with the Bible. That applies to this site as well. Prove it comes from the Bible. Most of all: Read your own Bible!

Those are some of the problems related to our putting faith in men then: (Psalms 146:3-4) All imperfect men make mistakes. We are all imperfect, and so we all make mistakes. (Romans 3:23) If I am making mistakes in understanding the Bible, even if I am sincere in making those mistakes; and if you then build your faith on my misunderstanding, you could be lost. (Of course, while we are in the process of learning, God makes provision for our errors. Once we come to know what the Bible teaches though, and we still choose to follow men instead of the teachings of Christ, we become responsible for our error.) The Bible is a protection against making the mistake of following the wrong teachings of others. Simply become noble minded by verifying what you learn comes from the Bible. When you stand before the judgment seat of Christ, [as we might well be doing this very day,] I doubt our stating: "this man or that man, said this thing or that thing," is the faith that is going to gain us life. (Matthew 7:21-23) It is faith in the teachings of the Bible, and only the Bible, that can and will gain you life. Jesus himself tied knowledge of his words to having holy spirit, and then to our gaining life when he said: "The sayings that I have spoken to you are spirit and are life." (John 6:63) I am not arrogant enough to imagine I, or this web site along with all who support it, can give you life. I do hope we can help protect you from those who are arrogant enough to actually make such assertions for themselves. We can provide you some protection by simply helping you, and us all, understand what the Bible teaches. The effort to learn and understand the teachings of the Bible will have to be put forth by you. If you learn Bible truth, you will also recognize the Man of Lawlessness. We hope we can help you understand: The Bible teaches it is your very own personal Bible knowledge that will mean your life. (John 17:3 ; John 12:50) We encourage always: Learn what the Bible teaches! Please be terrified of any person or group who asserts you should allow them to "interpret scripture" for you, or who wish to present materials other than the Bible as spiritual food; they are likely part of the man of lawlessness. Simply learn for yourself what the Bible teaches by studying it, and by considering and discussing it with other sincere Bible students. Or, as the Bible says at 1 Peter 3:15: share your faith with those who wish a reason for the hope in you. Bible study is the effort and purpose of this site. It should be of your life as well. Studying the Bible does not mean reading it once. Read in it every day. (Psalms 1:2-3 ; Psalms 19:7-11) Jesus doesn't care for lordly, scholarly, Bible manipulators; he reaches out through the Bible to sincere lovers of truth. (Acts 4:13)

Still though, our question was: What will you do with your life, or what should you do with it in the face of this knowledge? The conditions of this world are terrible, and they show no sign of getting better. With knowledge of Bible truth, or in the light of such truth, what should we try to do with our life and how should we comport ourselves? Understanding the danger of the false religious organizations Jesus warned us about: How should we view governmental authorities and how should we react to their authority? What should be the focus of our lives?

Of course we help and support our families, and we marry and are given in marriage, just as in the days of Noah. We strive to validate and give meaning to our lives by such activity, and we receive a measure of joy in doing so. But do we make room for "truth" as we live our life? In view of the times we live in, it might be wise to put such activities on hold or at least to be certain our hope in the kingdom remains most important to us. (1 Corinthians 7:29-31) Can we be completely happy in our pursuit of life, knowing so much pain surrounds us? Can we be happy knowing one fourth of the world's population is going to bed hungry at the end of the day? The terrible and overwhelming problems grinding on mankind start with hunger and go on from there: They are awful enough to cause pain at the mere thought of them. No one who recognizes "truth" could be completely happy knowing such suffering exists! The fact is, whether or not we are sighing and groaning over such conditions forms the basis of our judgment. (Ezekiel 9:4-6) Love for God and neighbor (Luke 10:25-28) should dictate we not let all this pain and suffering go unnoticed. Help who you can of course, especially by sharing the good news of Jesus teachings with them. Help all realize that soon even the pain caused by loosing loved ones in death will be wiped away, during the resurrection and preservation of life. (Luke 14:12-15 ; Revelation 7:13-17) Help people know there will soon be a day when no one will say "I am hungry" or "I am sick." (Isaiah 33:24 ; Micah 4:1-4) Hope in the Kingdom of Christ. (Matthew 6:10) Help others to have that same hope, simply by telling them about yours!

The governments of this world (the ones which strive to hold themselves separate from being controlled by religious organizations) provide protection against anarchy. On Monday, January 24, 2011, a man walked into a gas station in Nashville, TN, USA, to rob it. Even though the clerk did what he said, the robber put his gun to the head of the clerk and pulled the trigger, twice. The loaded gun failed to fire. Some will assert a miracle by God, and others a faulty gun or ammunition. Some will say both. We don't know, as the Bible doesn't say. What is crystal clear is the intent of the thief! We must face the fact there are people alive in the earth who have no compassion for others, and who place no value on life. The earth abounds with such accounts, and worse; many with tragic consequences. It is largely the governments of this world and their laws that stand in the way of the anarchy caused by such individuals. (Romans 13:1) Such lawbreakers certainly accomplish enough harm, even in spite of the efforts of the governments to protect society against them. Such lawbreakers have no fear of God, so governmental law and their fear of punishment is largely what restrains them. The governments provide a safeguard, as they strive to prevent such ignorant or worthless (wicked) individuals (Judges 19:22 ; 1 Samuel 2:12) from taking the lives of us all. Such lawbreakers actually manifest the attitude of satan. When satan attacked Job, he put Job through every horrible thing he could do to him except killing him. Satan abused Job simply to prove the point he was trying to make. He had no compassion for Job or his family, nor any respect for their lives. Satan believes everyone is just like he is, and he believed Job would prove to be bad if put to the test. (We note the only reason Satan didn't kill Job with his test was because Jehovah wouldn't allow it. - Please consider the Bible book of Job.) Satan has no respect for life, and would have killed Job exactly the same as that thief tried to kill that store clerk. Satan did kill Christ Jesus, who was without sin. It is the governments and their laws that keep such good-for-nothing individuals, those who manifest that same spirit as satan, from killing us all. (God is of course watching. - Romans 13:1) Be respectful of your nation's government, and of their authority. They do make mistakes of course, but it would be incalculably worse without them. (Again, we speak only of the governments which try to separate themselves from being controlled by [false] religion.)

As in all matters then, we strive to look to our lord and savior Christ Jesus, to know how we should conduct ourselves. The Jewish religious leaders tried to use governmental officials to trap Jesus about paying taxes [among other things]. In that instance Jesus taught we should pay Caesar's things to Caesar, and God's things to God. (Matthew 22:21) Jesus taught his Christian followers they should respect governmental authorities and be good citizens. (1 Peter 2:11-25) All who study God's word, and try to imitate Jesus, should try to be upright and above reproach. (1 Timothy 3:1-13) While we are to be in respectful and appreciative submission to the superior authorities, (Romans 13:1-4) there is a limit to their authority over Christians. (Acts 5:29) We note it was the religious leaders of their day whom those Christians were refusing to obey, because those religious leaders had taken a stand against the teachings of Jesus. We must always obey God, when men try to contradict God's laws. There is no reason to fight! The only time Jesus used conflict was when he ran the merchants out of the temple for making that place of worship a business enterprise. (John 2:13-17) They were selling sacrifices to those who needed them, and taking advantage of the poor in doing so. Their concern was for money, rather than teaching the truth and promoting pure worship. Jesus chased them out of the temple, but he didn't really fight with them. He quickly returned to teaching and healing people, as he had been doing. Some of those he chased out likely returned to their wicked practices soon after he went along. Jesus simply taught people how to view their actions; And then all were free to choose how they would comport themselves based on Jesus teachings. Would they love God, and show love of neighbor, (and share truth with their neighbor) or try to take advantage of others. That is the same choice which falls to all people today. There is no Bible account of Jesus fighting with or making war with anyone.

There is another benefit that may come from obeying secular authorities in our day. Along with, or in connection with, this Man of Lawlessness being Revealed, the Bible teaches at Revelation 17:9 & 10 the governmental authorities who (have ruled and) are ruling the earth will turn on false religion and destroy her in the last days. (Revelation 17:16 & 17). We may be living in those last days today. When [or as] the nations destroy false religion, they will likely do everything in their power to shut down all religious organizations. [That has actually been happening for many years. Remember: The so called "holy Roman church" of the dark ages could, and would, burn you alive if you spoke out against them. Today, in much of the earth, we can make light of the wicked behavior of false religion without fear of reprisal. The governments have already stripped away much of the power they had over those whom they marked as enemies.] It is not hard to imagine the governments would want to shut them down, with all the damage and strife false religion causes in the earth. As the governments continue destroying religion, it is a good time to be a member of the organization started by Christ: A group organized invisibly by their shared faith, and having no ties to any of those false religious entities. [It is a good day to be among those having no ties to the Man Of Lawlessness .] If the authorities ask an answer about your faith, you should be pleased to quote Romans 13:1-4 for them, or what ever applicable scripture comes to your mind. You must also be prepared to abide by Acts 5:29 of course. Since this site supports the Bible command to submit to and respect governmental authority, and since we are not owning or manipulating large sums of money and property, we hope they will simply overlook our site and it's effort. In any case, those who love and submit to Christ Jesus are not tied to this site, or any group of men. They are united in their love of God through their personal knowledge of the Bible. No one can shut that down, or take it away from those who possess it. The Bible does say Christians should not forsake the gathering of themselves together. (Hebrews 10:25) It doesn't there mention any specific number however. Jesus said that when two or more are gathered in his name, he is present. (Matthew 18:20) That kind of meeting together can continue even when typical organized religion is destroyed.

These are exciting times to be alive; Or they are terrifying times to be alive. What makes the difference for you personally, is your faith in Christ Jesus. Religious organizations abound that promote themselves as the only source of hope and truth. Only you can decide (for yourself of course) what is truth. Be careful to tie your hope and faith to the Bible, and only the Bible. Don't be fooled to believe imperfect men can give you life. Don't be fooled either, to imagine Bible prophecy is a fairy tale. (1 Corinthians 1:18-27) The Bible's teaching is the greatest story ever told; And it is "truth."

Best to all who love our Father Jehovah through faith in his son Christ Jesus! (John 7:38 ; John 12:44 ; John 5:19-30)

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