Are you afraid because of the Terrible Conditions engulfing mankind today? Terrorists rise up and are willing to sacrifice anyone, [innocent children, women, or men,] for the sake of their political or religious cause. One forth of the worlds population is starving or malnourished. Un-treatable diseases and what they term "natural disasters" ravage mankind. We live among people who are so vile they will abuse little children. The list goes on... It seems the news brings knowledge almost daily, of just one more catastrophe after another. Does it surprise you that such conditions were foretold by Bible prophecy, and by Christ Jesus himself? Why is it happening? Can and should we reasonably have hope in spite of it all?

Since it is reasonable these problems would be a main concern of people today, this site considers the Bible solution to our critical times at some length. (2 Timothy 3:1-5)

As to why things are so bad: That is relatively easy to understand by those who have faith in the Bible. Simply stated, it is because of the sin of our first parents, which action put us (all unborn at their sin) outside the will and protection of our Creator. Sin brought sorrow and death to us all. We have been living in sin, outside our Creator's will, and headed toward the grave ever since. (Please note Romans 5:12)

Thankfully, Jehovah did not leave us without hope: God has provided a means for us individually to be reconciled to him as friends, through our faith in the shed blood of his son Christ Jesus. (Romans 5:10-11 ; James 2:23 ; John 15:14-15 ; Romans 4:23-5:5 ; Galatians 3:7-9)

It is easy enough then, to recognize the simple Bible teaching of a hope of salvation through faith in Christ. But how is that protection to be brought about? Is there something we need to do to draw close to God in seeking his protection? (James 4:8) Some will assert there is nothing for us to do. "Just have faith in Jesus," they say. That may well be true, if that is all a person has had opportunity to learn. If one has not had opportunity to gain knowledge beyond the basic teachings about faith in Jesus, (Hebrews 6:1) that may likely be enough. [It is not our place, nor do we presume, to judge who is faithful and who is not.] We do believe however, if God has given us the gift of the opportunity to gain more knowledge through his word the Bible, we should take advantage. If we choose not to show interest enough to learn what he is teaching us in the Bible, will he really find favor in us? (Matthew 7:23 ; Matthew 22:29) We are all answering that same question, as we stand before the judgment seat. It is the choice we all are making. Have we sincerely tried to learn to know our Creator? Have we tried to draw close to him? (James 4:8) Our actions are providing the answer! Anyway... Back to the point under consideration: How does the Bible indicate salvation will come to the righteous? Understanding what God has provided us by means of the Bible, may help us put ourselves in line for salvation at his hand. It is so simple: Learn what your Bible says!

As to the problems on the earth today: Jesus indicated a great tribulation would come upon the earth in what he called "the last days." Jesus said it would be worse than anything mankind had ever seen. He actually went on to say it would be so bad that if those days were not cut short, no flesh would be saved. (Matthew 24:21-22) Jesus said all mankind would expire as a result of that tribulation, unless God cut those days short. Since this tribulation is not mentioned as being brought by God, but rather is cut short by him, it would seem the troubles [tribulation] are of mankind's own making. We have, since our rebellion in the Garden of Eden, abused our fellow man and the earth. We pollute it's air and water. We detonate explosives, which are powerful beyond the comprehension of most, inside the earth or out in it's atmosphere. We clear cut huge sections of it's surface, allowing erosion and flooding. We pump out millions of millions of gallons of oil, leaving huge voids down in the earth and/or swallowing up vast amounts of the earth's water to replace the oil. Some live in opulent luxury, while allowing others to starve; thus fueling the hatred fomenting war. We do all those things and more, and then we ring our hands and wonder what went wrong. The great tribulation is likely a result of these [and other] abuses of the earth by mankind. God did not cause it, He is offering protection through faith in his provision of life. What he asks of us is the same thing he asked from Adam: Obedience. The evidence is in and it is clear: We need to We must obey our Creator! God doesn't want anyone to die but for all to gain life. He has given us warning after warning. Still, many refuse to listen. There is only one possible conclusion: People who refuse to obey God must be destroyed, for the peace and protection of the righteous, and to allow for God's will to be accomplished throughout creation. (Matthew 6:10) His will that we not kill for example, can never be fulfilled until those determined to kill are gone.

Much of mankind believe in and/or fear the tribulation, thinking it to be a destruction by God wherein he will destroy much or all of mankind. The Bible does speak of Armageddon, wherein Jehovah will destroy the wicked. Those ones to be destroyed by God's appointed king Christ Jesus are individuals who are clearly wicked: They are defined to be wicked because they know what truth is, and choose to defy our Creator in spite of all the evidence they should obey. [Individuals who don't know the truth because they refuse to learn may be wicked as well.] The Bible teaches that all Jehovah's ways are perfect. (Deuteronomy 32:4) Creation provides witness about our Creator as well. (Romans 1:20-21) Realizing God is perfect in all his ways; dictates that we realize any deviation from his way of doing things is a choice toward imperfection and badness. Logic defines it will cause harm! The evidence piled up over the period of mankind's existence clearly supports that Bible understanding. The suffering of humanity is a direct result of their chosen independence from God. Those who gain the knowledge and understanding that God is perfect in all he does, and are still determined to be disobedient, judge themselves as wicked. If they refuse to be corrected, they will have to be put out of their misery. [Jesus said there was more happiness in giving than in receiving (simply because that is the way our Creator made us). Those who choose to disobey become takers, and are thus made miserable by their own choice. It will likely be a loving kindness of Jehovah to put those who are wicked out of their misery. (Romans 6:7) (Ecclesiastes 9:5)] The great tribulation of these last days is not the same as the day[s] of destruction at Armageddon. All are affected during the tribulation, as mankind is being sorted and marked for life. (Ezekiel 9:4) Armageddon's destruction is only against the wicked. The righteous will be completely protected. (Daniel 3:17-27 ; Revelation 16:14)

Mankind seems to fall into three basic categories: 1. There are ones who have been judged to be wicked by our Creator. 2. There are some who have been judged by our Creator to be righteous, and are thus judged by him to be his friends. (James 2:23) 3. Most of us likely fall into the third category. We are, to one degree or another ignorant, and are learning what God teaches and are in the process of making our decision to become faithful and righteous, or disobedient and wicked. [Being ignorant is not necessarily a bad thing, it may only indicate we lack certain knowledge. Maybe we have never even heard about Christ and the provision for life through faith in his sacrifice. When we do know about something beneficial however, and refuse to act on our knowledge, we change from being ignorant to being stupid. Unlike ignorance, being stupid or foolish is a bad thing. (Psalms 92:6))] The destruction of the wicked by God, known as Armageddon, will likely come only against the first group of wicked ones. (Revelation 16:14 & 16) The tribulation Jesus spoke about however, (Matthew 24:21-22) the tribulation that would be held back for some period by the angels, (Revelation 7:1-3), the tribulation that would finally be cut short by God, that tribulation will likely affect everyone. The only protection available during either period will be by God's spirit through faith in Jesus. If the tribulation were only against the wicked, there would be no need to cut the days short. That simple Bible knowledge should bring us to the realization that we need the protection of God's spirit, to be preserved alive through the tribulation of mankind's own making. That Bible truth also takes away our ignorance. It brings the blessing of the hope of life, but also the responsibility to be obedient to Jehovah. Knowledge of Bible truth is switching people from group three, and into group one or group two by their choice of whether to exercise faith.

Recognizing most of us are neither good or bad, but are in the process of deciding if we are going to place full faith in God by our obedience; that knowledge should help us not to judge any others, including those killed in this tribulation, as wicked. It may be now, [and soon will certainly be,] that those who manifest sincere faith through Christ will be protected alive through the tribulation, and then Armageddon as well. We simply never know who has gained knowledge to lift them out of ignorance. Likely, at the time of the angel's release the four winds of destruction, (Revelation 7:1) God will start [or has started] to protect those manifesting faith based on their personal knowledge of Bible truth. Those who die in ignorance of truth, and thus without understanding, will probably be resurrected and given knowledge to make their choice. Those who are wicked will receive no protection, and the wicked who survive the tribulation will finally be destroyed at Armageddon. Armageddon will usher in the earth wide paradise God started back in the garden of Eden. That was and is God's purpose for our earthly home. (Isaiah 11:1-12) His purpose never changes.

That is the intent of this site then: To share Bible knowledge. Clearly, revealing the teachings of Christ Jesus is the purpose of the Bible. The Hebrew Scriptures, or Old Testament, in large measure provide the history leading to the birth of Christ. Further, Jesus used the Old Testament law to support what he taught, hence he would say: "Have you not read," and "it is written," as he quoted from the Hebrew Scriptures to support his teachings. The four gospel accounts, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, contain the meat of Jesus's teachings. The balance of the Greek scriptures, or New Testament, are mostly to further clarify the teachings of Jesus, and to explain how Jesus early followers attempted to put those teachings to use. The more we can learn about the Bible, the better it is for us. Clearly though, we should have a very good knowledge of those four small books, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Learn the basic Bible teachings affording us an understanding of the Bible theme, and then read and re-read those Gospel accounts. Get them in audio form and listen to them. Then, share what you learn with others. Simply talk about your hope with others and how the kingdom will solve their problems. It is exciting and wonderful to learn what the Bible teaches, and many others will love it as well. Direct them to this web site or copy pages from the site [with supporting scriptures] and share Bible knowledge with them. The "truth" is a beautiful thing. Jesus said Bible truth was like the best treasure you could imagine. (Matthew 13:44) What is very different about the treasure of Bible knowledge however, is that this treasure is available to all; to any who want to simply accept the gift. It is part of our drawing close to God, to strive to share our hope with others who are suffering. (1 Peter 3:15) As Jesus said, people need truth so much that it was his purpose to bring it. (John 18:37) You can help those same people he is concerned for! (Luke 11:49-50) You can help others gain Bible knowledge and faith for life. You can gain and build faith for yourself. Learn what your Bible teaches and talk with others about it, whether you know a little, or a lot.

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