What is our future? Do you have control over your destiny?

On Friday, November 8, 2013, news caster Brian Williams stated the most powerful storm known to man hit the Philippines. He said the storm had 235 mile per hour winds and that nothing stands above ground level in such wind. This is just one of many examples indicating the world as we have known it is collapsing under our abuse. ◊ In the first part of 2014, the US government faces yet another financial deadline, and there is a group of zealots who are ready to tear it all down to further their agenda based on what they are convinced is “right.” We saw what such unyielding thinking did to Greece (and to other countries). ◊ The wealthiest of the wealthy have joined to hold meetings about how they can give to the poor. The first thing they did was ban the poor, and even the press, from those meetings. Many fear their meetings are just another example of the growing power of the wealthy to have control, and maybe their effort to be above law. ◊ In February of 2013, a meteor struck a glancing blow against the atmosphere over Russia, injuring thousands. It hit (fortunately) in a rural area but with much greater force than any nuclear blast created by men. Many wonder if most of the world even know what damage was done. ◊ We have had several nuclear disasters in a world community with 500 aging and expensive to maintain nuclear power stations scattered about the earth. ◊ Perhaps the most terrifying thing we face, is that mankind has learned to redesign life. We have learned to manipulate the genetic blueprint of life-forms, so as to alter them into self replicating creatures that should never have existed. You surely know the best and brightest are being used to try and develop super-weapons from that technology. Some fear that (or other) science will release some new life or technology that will destroy us all. ◊ We face one disaster after another with economic and social collapse a constant threat. What if we encourage you to lift your heads up in the shadow of all these and so many other problems. These cataclysmic times should remind us all of what Jesus said when speaking about a then future day: (Matthew 24:21-22 ALT) "For then [there] will be great tribulation [or, affliction], such as has not been from [the] beginning of the world until now, nor never at all shall be. (22) "And if those days were not cut short, no flesh would be saved; but because of the chosen ones [or, the ones being selected], those days will be cut short. He went on to say: (Luke 21:26 & 28 GW) People will faint as they fearfully wait for what will happen to the world. Indeed, the powers of the universe will be shaken. . (28) "When these things begin to happen, stand with confidence! The time when you will be set free is near." (or “your deliverance is near.” - ISV) If, as Jesus said, these bad conditions are an indication we should "stand with confidence" or should "lift our heads up," because our "deliverance is near," then fear of them is rendered moot.   *Scripture referenced from picture: (Mat 8:13)

Some people believe conditions are no worse than they have ever been, and we just have better news coverage of the terrible things happening in the earth. While no single thing being done today is likely worse than things done for thousands of years (often done in the name of religion), it is obvious their frequency and permeation of mankind is greater than in past days. The world of our day seems akin to the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. (Luke 17:26-30) It is, of course, for you to decide what your own faith is. That is part of what this is all about (why all this badness has been allowed to run its course). (John_15:22) The "last days" or the "time of the end" Jesus spoke about is coming. (2 Tim 3:1-5 ; Luke 21:25-32 ; Eze 21:28-22:16) And, we are individually building faith as to whether we believe "our day" is (or might be) "the time of the end." Even if "the time of the end" is off in the future, our need remains the same: to build personal faith in the teachings of God's son. How much better it is to live in hope we are living during those last days. Evidence suggests that is not an unreasonable hope. It seems unwise to develop a faith that our day is not "the time of the end." (Mark 13:32-33) Can having faith that we are not living in "the time of the end" preserve you alive if it turns out we actually are living in the "last days"? (Heb 10:35-39 ; Mat 9:22 ; Mark 10:52 ; Luke 17:19)

We don't mention all the problems to frighten people, but to encourage everyone to understand where we live in the 6000 year revelation of God's purpose since Adam. That is the most wonderful gift we can have, to possess a living hope in the teachings of Jesus, and to help others share that hope. An understanding of what Jesus taught helps us realize why "the end" of this wicked system is a good thing, rather than something to fear. One man mentioned thunderstorms containing spectacular lightening which blow in off the ocean in the Florida evenings. He likes to be right on the ocean (on a covered balcony) to sit protected while watching the lightening storm out over the water. What is fear inspiring can also be awe inspiring, if you can know you are protected. (Please see Psalms 91 below.)

On Saturday after that huge storm struck the Philippines, someone expressed his belief those islands are infamous for supporting a wicked sex trade. He said those with money can go there and buy anything they might want, without fear of repercussion (from man's law). Even little children are being abused in our world today. Doesn't that seem exactly like Sodom and Gomorrah? This man's implication was that God struck the Islands because of the wickedness being practiced there. Even though we don't facts to join in that assertion, we note his observation so as to question whether we can know which actions are those being taken by God, one way or the other. While we do look for God to act against wickedness, we want to be careful about asserting (trying to judge) what those actions of God are, or will be. Please allow us to provide some scriptures in explanation:

The Bible tells us that for some period of time, God's angels hold back the (four winds of) destruction, and then they don't: (Revelation 7:1-3 CEV) After this I saw four angels. Each one was standing on one of the earth's four corners. The angels held back the four winds, so that no wind would blow on the earth or on the sea or on any tree. These angels had also been given the power to harm the earth and the sea. Then I saw another angel come up from where the sun rises in the east, and he was ready to put the mark of the living God on people. He shouted to the four angels, (2) (SEE 7:1) (3) "Don't harm the earth or the sea or any tree! Wait until I have marked the foreheads of the servants of our God." (Revelation 7:9-10 GW) After these things I saw a large crowd from every nation, tribe, people, and language. No one was able to count how many people there were. They were standing in front of the throne and the lamb. They were wearing white robes, holding palm branches in their hands, (10) and crying out in a loud voice, "Salvation belongs to our God, who sits on the throne, and to the lamb!" . . . (Revelation 7:14 GW) (14) Then he told me, "These are the people who are coming out of the terrible suffering. They have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the lamb. (Revelation 8:5-6 CEV) After this, the angel filled the incense container with fire from the altar and threw it on the earth. Thunder roared, lightning flashed, and the earth shook. (6) The seven angels now got ready to blow their trumpets.

According to those scriptures, God protects the earth for a period of time while a marking of God's servants occurs. Then, (maybe in our day,) the angels release the four winds. The angels holding back that destruction implies those problems (producing the destruction the angels are holding back) have not been brought by God, but by mankind's determined course against the will of God. God has been protecting humanity from destroying themselves, so as to give life to as many as possible. When humanity reaches a tipping point, so as to become so violent there is no protection for even little children, the earth can no longer produce righteous individuals. (Gen 6:9-12) When there is no value left to produce righteous persons, God can no longer protect those who have chosen to make themselves wicked. (1 Corinthians 15:33-34) Mankind has thus brought a destruction (a tribulation) of our own making upon ourselves. We have polluted and ravaged the earth in too many ways to count, causing weather changes and seismic events. We have abused our fellowman, fostering hatred and resentment. All that abuse and pollution by mankind is no doubt the cause of the calamity we face, and is the destruction the angels had been holding back. (Galatians 6:7-10 ; 2 Peter 2:9-13) As the angels release the force of our own destructive course, that tribulation will become a danger to everyone alive. In that chaos which results from society's breakdown, wicked men will become an even greater danger for the meek. (Ezekiel 38:10-23) The only protection  will be  is our faith. Remember how Jesus used to say: “Go. Just as it has been your faith, so let it come to pass for you.” (Mat. 8:13) or your faith has made you well.” (Mat. 9:22) He also said: “And in that day YOU will ask me no question at all. Most truly I say to YOU, If YOU ask the Father for anything he will give it to YOU in my name.” (John 16:3)

It thus appears there is a period of time between the angel's release of the destruction man has brought upon himself, (the great tribulation – Matthew 24:21-22) and the time when the angels themselves strike the earth (at Armageddon – Psalms 2:2 ; Acts 4:26 ; Rev. 16:16 ; Rev. 19:11-21) to destroy the wicked; while they preserve alive all who are marked as righteous. It seems we are living in the period of tribulation, but before Armageddon. The tribulation is a judgment period: As the righteous are being marked for life by their reaction to Jesus teachings. (Eze_9:4 ; John_12:48) This judgment process has been going on since Christ started his preaching in 29 CE, of course, but our specific period is very different: It is different because those alive during our day have the chance of being preserved alive without ever dying. [(John 11:26) 26 and everyone that is living and exercises faith in me will never die at all. . .] Those who died before our day are different. They all require a resurrection to realize their hope. (Acts 24:15) 15 and I have hope toward God, which hope these [men] themselves also entertain, that there is going to be a resurrection of both the righteous and the unrighteous.

During this opportunity for the preservation of life, it is love shown for God and other humans which marks the righteous for salvation. It is all such simple truth, and so beautiful and eloquent a solution! Ezekiel 9:2-6 GNB Then I heard God shout, "Come here, you men who are going to punish the city. Bring your weapons with you." (2) At once six men came from the outer north gate of the Temple, each one carrying a weapon. With them was a man dressed in linen clothes, carrying something to write with [a writer's ink-horn]. They all came and stood by the bronze altar. (3) Then the dazzling light of the presence of the God of Israel rose up from the winged creatures where it had been, and moved to the entrance of the Temple. The LORD called to the man dressed in linen, (4) "Go through the whole city of Jerusalem [The city of Jerusalem represented God's kingdom on earth in Ezekiel's day - it represented God's connection with mankind. Today, it is faith in Jesus that represents God's connection with mankind throughout all the earth.] and put a mark on the forehead of everyone who is distressed and troubled because of all the disgusting things being done in the city." (5) And I heard God say to the other men, "Follow him through the city and kill. Spare no one; have mercy on no one. (6) Kill the old men, young men, young women, mothers, and children. But don't touch anyone who has the mark on his forehead. Start here at my Temple." So they began with the leaders who were standing there at the Temple.

According to that prophecy by Ezekiel, those marked in their forehead are the ones "distressed and troubled" or "sighing and groaning" about the terrible pain and suffering they witness in the earth. They are people who are not overly concerned with being men pleasers. (Eph_6:6 : Gal_1:10) Rather, they are distressed about the plight of their brothers and sisters in Adam. That mark in their forehead (their concern or love for others) is their protection against being killed by the angels (at Armageddon). Even before that very selective destruction by the angels begins at Armageddon, however, Christians need to be protected against the destruction coming upon the earth during this great tribulation (the period through which [or prior to which] the four angels protect humanity from completely destroying ourselves). Love for God and our fellowman promotes obedience to and faith in God's word. (1_Joh_4:19) That faith will provide the identifying mark against destruction by the angels at the coming battle of Armageddon; and, prior to Armageddon, that same faith can help us draw God's spirit to protect us (see John 16:3 above) during the tribulation (of our day - as the angels release the destruction we have caused for ourselves). That seems to be where we exist in the 6000 year revelation of God's plan for the salvation of his creation. (1_Pet_1:10-12 ; Rom_1:1-4 ; Col_1:9-23 ; 2_Thes_1:3-10 ; Tit_1:1-4) The scriptures indicate we are living through the tribulation, soon to witness God's war: Armageddon.

Most desire, and we all should have, absolute faith in what the Bible teaches. While building our faith, however, we must remain ever vigilant not to build faith in our own reasoning (or that of other men), so as to be misled to reach beyond what is written in the Bible. (1_Cor_4:6) To be protected, we must act with faith in what God is doing, NOT what others have told us God is doing. (Mat 7:21) The basis of such faith must be built on our personal belief God is good. (Heb 11:6) It is the Bible which explains how and why God is good. Having a balanced view of the Bible theme, then, might prevent us from rushing to judge the destructive force to hit the Philippines was an act of God: That because Armageddon (which will be an act of God) will destroy only the wicked. God will never destroy even one righteous person! We must also recognize: None of us are judges of who is wicked. (1_Cor_4:4-5 ; Heb_10:30-31) [Please note: We are not emboldening ourselves to assert God's actions one way or the other in this matter. We wish only to urge caution about rendering a human judgment that God did strike the islands. (Human judgments are just opinions. Everybody has one and they are all different. Bible truth leads all true followers of Christ, and that same truth leads to a unity of mind. - Joh_17:11) None of us know anything (spiritually) beyond what the Bible makes clear. (1_Cor_8:1-2)] Remember, God spared (held off destroying) a whole wicked city for the sake of three; as God's angels dragged Lot and his daughters (and tried to warn others - Gen_19:12-14) out of the city. (Gen 18:22-19:17) Not to be overlooked, however, is the fact God did then destroy that wicked city. (Gen_19:23-26) He has destroyed others as well. (Gen 6:9-12 ; Mat 24:36-39) Being careful not to set ourselves as judges of the details of what God is doing, then, leaves the same task to each and every one of us: To exercise our own personal faith for salvation. (Heb 10:37-39 ALT "For yet [in] a very little while, the One coming will come and will not delay. (38) "But the [one] righteous by faith will live [or, the righteous will live by faith]; and if he draws back, My soul has no pleasure in him." [Hab 2:3,4] (39) But we are not of [the ones] shrinking back to destruction, but of [the ones having] faith to [the] preserving [alive of the] soul.) One thing seems clear for all to say: God did not protect the Philippines. (He might well have protected some of the individuals who did survive the storm. We want to understand the huge difference between God destroying something, and his not protecting it. At Armageddon, the wicked will be destroyed by God while every righteous person be protected. It is foolish to try and exist in between those being destroyed and those being protected. We might think we could do so by being found among those who are lukewarm. (Rev 3:16) Those who are lukewarm (those who have not fully made up their mind who they are spiritually) are likely not being protected, and may be in great danger right now. Our point is this: How to protect the upright while destroying the wicked is what God knows, and He is right now working it all out so as to help as many as possible. We don't want bad for anyone. Neither does our heavenly Father. (2 Pet 3:9) We are forced to recognize when little children die in such horrible events as this storm, in some cases, such a death might actually serve as a protection against who knows what abuse they were enduring, or would have soon faced. Only God can see through all these problems and solve them. [From time to time the news reports on a person has killed some other person, and then said an angel told them to do it. If you are hearing such voices, you are likely mentally ill or you are being influenced by a demon. God talks to you through the Bible, PERIOD. Jesus did not teach us to kill anyone, but to wait on the revelation of Christ! (1_Thes_1:9-10)] God can resurrect those killed by the tribulation from their sleep in death. The Bible explains God protected Moses by putting him to sleep! Moses led the Jews for some 40 years, but had grown old (120 years) and he sinned against God. For some combination of those reasons, Moses was not to be used to lead the Jews into the promised land. Rather than allow Moses to live out his last days in sadness, God put him to sleep in death. (Deu 34:4-8) God's friend Moses surely awaits a resurrection. (Mat 17:3 ; Num 12:1-3) All the potentially righteous who die, will soon be resurrected to a good life, (Luke 14:14 ; Acts 24:15) free from all abuse by wicked men. Righteously inclined little children of Sodom, and of Noah's day, will be resurrected into the coming paradise as well.)

The only thing any of us really need to worry about, then, is also the only thing any of us have authority over: Whether we are personally doing our best to take in [and share] the teachings of God's son. (John 17:3) This means everlasting life, their taking in knowledge of you, the only true God, and of the one whom you sent forth, Jesus Christ. (Proverbs 30:4) 4 Who has ascended to heaven that he may descend? Who has gathered the wind in the hollow of both hands? Who has wrapped up the waters in a mantle? Who has made all the ends of the earth to rise? What is his name and what the name of his son, in case you know? (Ecclesiastes 12:13, 14) 13 The conclusion of the matter, everything having been heard, is: Fear the [true] God and keep his commandments. For this is the whole [obligation] of man. 14 For the [true] God himself will bring every sort of work into the judgment in relation to every hidden thing, as to whether it is good or bad. Help speed us to the coming paradise (Isaiah_11:1-12) and bring an end of all the suffering: Talk with your family, and friends, and neighbors, about what you learn from the Bible! (1 Cor 15:34 CEV) Be sensible and stop sinning. You should be embarrassed that some people still don't know about God. They must know! They must be told! (John 15:22)

Following Jesus's teachings is NOT the same as trying to keep the Jewish law code (of the Old Testament). We must love God from our heart, and love to serve him because we know it is right; because it is the best way of life; and because serving God blesses everyone. Jesus explained what it means to be “keeping God's commands.” He explained what we need to be doing to gain protection during the end of this system: Matthew 22:35-40 GNB (35) and one of them, a teacher of the Law, tried to trap him with a question. (36) "Teacher," he asked, "which is the greatest commandment in the Law?" (37) Jesus answered, " 'Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.' (38) This is the greatest and the most important commandment. (39) The second most important commandment is like it: 'Love your neighbor as you love yourself.' (40) The whole Law of Moses and the teachings of the prophets depend on [or are fulfilled in] these two commandments."

There is no command or law to make you righteous. Your righteousness is for you to decide and then demonstrate, based on your knowledge of (and obedience to) what Jesus taught. Your righteousness (your love) is yours to give. Being God's friend is what defines you to be righteous. (Jas_2:21-23) It is up to you to know Jehovah well enough to understand how to become and remain his friend. Jesus came to help us know his Father intimately. (John_17:6-8) The gift of life is not something you can earn. The ability to know and love our Father is a gift that defines what you become as you accept and honor that gift. Put another way: To be protected during the tribulation  your worship or your service  YOU must be a person of value: Like Jesus, you must be a person who will not ever fight against God's perfect activity. (Acts 5:39 ; Mat_26:39 ; Ps_40:8) A group of angels in heaven demonstrate their righteousness in their worship of God both day and night. (Rev_4:8) Those angels remain in God's very presence. When Jesus walked the earth, he demonstrated his righteousness by telling everyone who would listen how wonderful his Father is. (Luke_4:43 ; 1_Pet_2:21 ; John_15:13 ; John_14:12) Jesus worked tirelessly (Mark_1:45 ; Luke 6:17-19) and he was greatly rewarded for his righteousness. (Php_2:9-11 ; Acts 4:12) The form of worship of those angels, and of Christ Jesus, are both acceptable; and both demonstrate righteousness. Neither Jesus nor the angels serve God because they are forced, or for the sake of a reward. Jesus unflinchingly proved that beyond question! (Php_2:8) The righteous serve our Father because it is the right thing to do. It seems, therefore, from what Christ taught, it is those individuals who are doing their best to show loving concern for others who can have the hope of being protected alive forever. Persons who are so self centered they don't even notice the pain of other people will not. (Matthew 24:36-39) 36 “Concerning that day and hour nobody knows, neither the angels of the heavens nor the Son, but only the Father. 37 For just as the days of Noah were, so the presence of the Son of man will be. 38 For as they were in those days before the flood, eating and drinking, men marrying and women being given in marriage, until the day that Noah entered into the ark; 39 and they took no note until the flood came and swept them all away, so the presence of the Son of man will be. 1 Peter 3:20 ALT (20) . . . when the patience of God kept eagerly waiting in [the] days of Noah, while an ark was being prepared, in which a few, that is, eight souls, were saved through water” There was a recent episode from a TV program that examines people's reactions to extreme circumstances. They put a baby carrier on the roof of a mini van and started down the street when a car passed. One woman who was "tested," slowed and tried to get their attention as she passed them. Failing that, she stopped her car in the middle of the road, jumped out of her car leaving the door open, and chased frantically down the road on foot trying to stop the van. Obviously, that woman cares about people. She didn't just say how much she cared, her concern motivated her to action. She couldn't help herself. Her reaction is who she is! People who care about others are those who are acceptable to God. (1_Pet_3:10-12 ; 2_Chron_16:9) Their loving concern for others is the mark identifying them for life. (Eze_9:4) Don't be fooled by those who want to assure you it is membership in their church, or approval by their group, that means your life. The identifying and saving mark in your forehead is your love for others based in your personal Bible knowledge of Jehovah and his Christ. (1_John_4:19 ; John_17:3 ; Proverbs_30:4 ; Acts_3:18 ; Rev_11:15) [For a brief period you have an opportunity to prove faithful under test. In all the millennia Jesus spent with his Father before he came to earth (as a man), he was never tested at cost. (Heb 5:7-10) There was nothing harmful in God's creation. (Pro_8:22-31) Satan brought test - along with pain and suffering and death. After paradise is restored, no one will ever be tested under badness again. (Isa_11:1-9 ; James_1:12) After that, because of the witness of Jesus and those of us who follow him, if any do turn to badness, they will fully understand what they are doing and will be destroyed before they can corrupt others. (Acts 5:1-11) Those judged by Jehovah to be his friends will be protected eternally (Ps_61:1-4 ; Ps_57:1-3) because everything about God is perfect, including his judgment.]

Each and every single one of us is judging himself (or herself) by their reaction to the words of the Christ. (John 12:47-50) 47 But if anyone hears my sayings and does not keep them, I do not judge him; for I came, not to judge the world, but to save the world. 48 He that disregards me and does not receive my sayings has one to judge him. The word that I have spoken is what will judge him in the last day; 49 because I have not spoken out of my own impulse, but the Father himself who sent me has given me a commandment as to what to tell and what to speak. 50 Also, I know that his commandment means everlasting life. Therefore the things I speak, just as the Father has told me [them], so I speak [them].” (Heb_9:28 ; 2_Pet_3:10) Be cautious, then, that your faith is built on what YOU actually know the Bible teaches. That's only safe and reasonable, isn't it?

Verifying our faith is necessary because individuals can pick and choose scriptures to make the Bible say anything they want. We must know whether we have been influenced by their thinking. Whether a scripture is in harmony with the theme of the Bible is how we can accurately understand it's meaning. We believe what is herein presented to be in complete harmony with the Bible theme, as revealed in it's six thousand year record since Adam. (We do realize this site is only a Bible study aid. It can help you know the who, what, where, and when, of the Bible books. After you have some background information, you should read and study the Bible itself. [Even so, this website might continue to provide scriptural insight for some time.] If you are personally aware of scriptures which contradict what is herein presented, please tell us. We freely admit we are just Bible students and are anxious to learn. In other words, we strive to be Christians.) It is a most beautiful and exciting time to be alive, as long as you have a Bible based faith you are protected. Please share this knowledge with everyone you associate with. (1 Cor 15:34) Don't let anyone you know be tricked to imagine (as so many people work to convince us all) it is being an approved member of some group organized by men that defines our relationship with God. Don't let any man or group render judgment over your faith. The Ark of salvation for our day is our (YOUR) personal faith through knowledge of what Jesus taught. (Mat 24:37-39) Jesus teachings are recorded in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and . The balance of the Bible exists (and is important) to help us understand and have faith in those teachings of Christ. (John 17:3 ; John 12:49-50 ; Mat. 22:37-40 ; Gal. 5:14 ; Rom. 13:10 ; John 6:68-69) This letter is not overly simple to understand, (Heb 5:13-14 ; 1 Cor 3:1-2) but the solid food of the scriptures is very important. (John 17:3)

The potentially scary times of our day are a prelude to a beautiful future for those building faith in the son of God. (Isaiah 11:1-12) 11 And there must go forth a twig out of the stump of Jesse; (Jesus is a descendant of David, and of David's father Jesse) and out of his roots a sprout will be fruitful. 2 And upon him the spirit of Jehovah must settle down, the spirit of wisdom and of understanding, the spirit of counsel and of mightiness, the spirit of knowledge and of the fear of Jehovah; 3 and there will be enjoyment by him in the fear of Jehovah. And he will not judge by any mere appearance to his eyes, nor reprove simply according to the thing heard by his ears. 4 And with righteousness he must judge the lowly ones, and with uprightness he must give reproof in behalf of the meek ones of the earth. And he must strike the earth with the rod of his mouth [as we judge ourselves by our response to his teachings]; and with the spirit of his lips he will put the wicked one to death. 5 And righteousness must prove to be the belt of his hips, and faithfulness the belt of his loins. 6 And the wolf will actually reside for a while with the male lamb, and with the kid the leopard itself will lie down, and the calf and the maned young lion and the well-fed animal all together; and a mere little boy will be leader over them. 7 And the cow and the bear themselves will feed; together their young ones will lie down. And even the lion will eat straw just like the bull. 8 And the sucking child will certainly play upon the hole of the cobra; and upon the light aperture of a poisonous snake will a weaned child actually put his own hand. 9 They will not do any harm or cause any ruin in all my holy mountain; because the earth will certainly be filled with the knowledge of Jehovah as the waters are covering the very sea. 10 And it must occur in that day that there will be the root of Jesse that will be standing up as a signal for the peoples. [Prefigured by the serpent being hung on a stake to protect the Jews in the wilderness. - John 3:13-15; Numbers 21:7-9] To him even the nations will turn inquiringly, and his resting-place must become glorious. 11 And it must occur in that day that Jehovah will again offer his hand, a second time, to acquire the remnant of his people who will remain over from Assyria and from Egypt and from Pathros and from Cush and from Elam and from Shinar and from Hamath and from the islands of the sea [Philippine Islands included]. 12 And he will certainly raise up a signal for the nations and gather the dispersed ones of Israel; and the scattered ones of Judah he will collect together from the four extremities of the earth. We want to help you see, through eyes of faith, the paradise being established by the presence of the son of God (help you see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory). (Luke_21:25-28 ; 2_Kings_6:15-17) This is the day, and the Bible is God's message to gather you for the protection of life. Christians are not gathered to some physical location, but gathered to a like faith in our mind and heart. (Col_4:12)

Matthew 24:31 ALT (31) "And He will send out His angels with [the] 'sound of a loud trumpet-blast,' and 'they will gather together' His chosen ones [or, elect] from the four winds, from [the] farthest limits of [the] heavens to [the other] farthest limits of them. [Exod 19:16 ; Deut 30:4]

Psalms 91:1-16 MKJV (1) He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall rest under the shadow of the Almighty. (2) I will say of Jehovah, my refuge and my fortress; my God; in Him I will trust. (3) Surely He will deliver you from the fowler's trap and from the destroying plague. (4) He shall cover you with His feathers, and under His wings you shall trust. His truth shall be your shield, and buckler. (5) You shall not fear the terror by night; nor because of the arrow that flies by day; (6) nor for the plague that walks in darkness, of the destruction laying waste at noonday. (7) A thousand shall fall at your side, and ten thousand at your right hand; it shall not come near you. (8) Only with your eyes you shall look and see the reward of the wicked. (9) Because You, O Jehovah, are My refuge; if You have made the Most High Your dwelling-place, (10) no evil shall befall You, nor shall any plague come near Your dwelling. (11) For He shall give His angels charge over You, to keep You in all Your ways. (12) They shall bear You up in their hands, lest You dash your foot against a stone. (13) You shall tread on the lion and adder; the young lion and the jackal You shall trample underfoot. (14) Because He has set His love on Me, therefore I will deliver Him; I will set Him on high, because He has known My name. (15) He shall call on Me, and I will answer Him; I will be with Him in trouble; I will deliver Him, and honor Him. (16) With long life I will satisfy him, and show him My salvation.

Our desire is for you to share in the prophetic hope mentioned above and in the book of Job: GNB (24) In mercy the angel will say, "Release them! They are not to go down to the world of the dead. Here is the ransom to set them free." (25) Their bodies will grow young and strong again; (26) when they pray, God will answer; they will worship God with joy; God will set things right for them again. (27) Each one will say in public, "I have sinned. I have not done right, but God spared me. (28) He kept me from going to the world of the dead, and I am still alive." (29) God does all this again and again; (30) each one saves a person's life, and gives him the joy of living. (Job 33:24-30)

[You will note many promises for a future paradise are tied to Abraham and to his seed. Abraham was used as of forefather of Christ. All who express faith in Christ are adopted as sons and daughters of Abraham. If you are a Christian and you read a promise to Abraham and his seed, it is a promise to you. (Gal_3:26-29)]

As to your hope for a bright future, then: Don't let any group of men trick you into imagining your future rests in their approval. It is not any membership approved by men that can help you! If you rest your hope in men, and they are wrong, you will pay the price along with them. (Mat 7:23) Read your Bible, and it will set you free of the danger of being misled by anyone! (John 8:31-32) None of us were born righteous. (1 Tim 1:12-18) There is no better time to seek God than now. (Acts 17:26-28) Recognize this simple truth: Any future hope any of us have rests in our personal relationship with our Father Jehovah through our faith in the teachings of his son Christ Jesus. (John 6:44 ; Luke 10:22 ; John 17:3 ; Proverbs 30:4) It is just so simple and so beautiful! (Mat 18:1-6) Don't let men confuse it for you. Your hope rests in the kingdom of Christ. Jesus has been made king of all creation, so as to undo the works of the devil. (1 Jn 3:8b ; Php 2:5-11 ; Gen_3:15) When Jesus protects alive all those who are willing to learn, then resurrects such individuals who died in the past, and then after that; freely returns the kingdom to his Father; he will forever prove his Father's goodness. (1 Cor 15:20-28) By that act of freely submitting to his Father, even after he is given rulership and eternal life in himself, (John_5:26) Jesus will perfectly establish his Father Jehovah's right to rule: Establish it for all eternity. (Rev_4:11 ; Isa_45:17 ; Rev_15:3-4) Our Father's rule will maintain eternal peace over the earth, and among all creation. (Isa 11:1-12) The action taken by Jesus in clearing the reproach from his our Father's name (Mat 6:9) is far greater than even his sacrifice to buy us back the right to life! (Gal 2:15-16 ; 1 Tim 1:12-16 ; Acts 4:8-12) Never again will there be any disturbance by anyone challenging our Father's goodness (Gen 3:1-5) or his right to rule. (Rev_4:11 ; Isa 65:25)

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