This website is to help those who have an interest to learn more about the Bible. This particular webpage is dedicated to giving you information to help Jehovah's Witnesses (JW's) when they come to your door. Or, to protect you from them in a way you might not even imagine. Many of them appear to mean well and seem kind hearted. Those sincere ones believe they are Bible students, not realizing they have been deceived to follow after a group of men; men who have asserted themselves as replacements for Christ Jesus in their lives. These men, who call themselves "the anointed," claim to be appointed by Jehovah's Holy Spirit and actually imagine all the writings produced by them are spiritual food (as only the Bible actually is. The Bible is defined to be spiritual food because it is inspired by God, and thus comes down from heaven [2_Pet_1:21 ; 2_Tim_3:16 ; 1_Cor_10:1-4 ; John_4:10 ; John_4:25]). Get it... Teachings that are inspired by God to nourish and sustain us are "spiritual food." These men (who assert control over JW's) strictly demand their "sheep" not question anything they put in print, or even what they say. The Bible does not mince words about those who assert their own teachings are equal to, or are extensions of, the Bible. (Gal_1:8-9) They will, of course, claim they don't equate their writings with the Bible. If, however, they call what they write spiritual food, and assert no one can question what the say, they certainly do equate their teachings with the Bible. If a sect of men can convince others not to question anything they say, who are those individuals really following, Christ Jesus or that sect of men? If you can get them to realize what has happened to them, you might help them. It will be hard. They are loyal, and like so many other, they are convinced they are being loyal to God. Your only hope is to help them recognize what they are really being loyal to.

As mentioned, the information presented here is not only to help Jehovah's Witnesses, but to protect you as well. One usually unrecognized but very dangerous effect their group has had is to make many people uncomfortable using Jehovah God's personal name, because they fear doing so will associate them with this sect. For reasons known only to them, JW's have decided to go beyond the scriptural command for Christians to call themselves, well, "Christian." (Acts 11:26) JW's have rather chosen a different Old Testament scripture, so as to name their group after the Father of Jesus. (Isaiah_43:12) Jehovah was there speaking (as recorded by Isaiah) to the ancient nation of Israel. That nation of people were his witnesses in the earth in those days. Today, Jesus Christ is Jehovah's witness (Rev_3:14 ; Acts_4:12) and all persons who are faithful to God follow Jesus and him alone (doing so by becoming personally familiar with what Jesus taught in the Gospels). Don't let the fact JW's have chosen to use God's personal name for their group recast you into being uncomfortable using God's name. This website is to help everyone come to know Christ Jesus and his Father (John_17:3 ; Mat_11:27-28), using their own Bible to do so. Jesus said he came to make his Father's name known. (John_17:25-26) Since the Old Testament (OT) covers the four thousand years before Jesus was born, and is largely to announce the coming of the Messiah promised by God, we will consider much about Jesus's Father as he dealt with mankind for that four thousand years before Christ. Since Jesus's Father Jehovah had his personal name recorded over six thousand times in that OT Bible record, it seems good to know it. Do not let this sect make you uncomfortable using God's name. The Bible says the followers of Christ were (and still should be) called Christians. Become a Christian who knows the name of both Jesus and his Father. (Mat_16:16 ; John 17:3)

There is information below that you may choose to print out and send to, or share with Jehovah's Witnesses when they come to your door (or, you can show them the website on your tablet or smart-phone). First presented is the front and back of a 4x6 card (postcard). The card (both front and back individually) is presented as both a .png graphic and as a .pdf file as well. Following the card are some longer and more in dept materials to read or print. Most of JW's will be terrified to consider what is presented, but, you can try. If they are going to show up at your door to talk about the Bible, they should be prepared to listen as well as talk. Nothing is said in these materials that does not have scriptural support included. If they refuse to listen, well... (2_Tim_4:3 ; 1_Tim_4:1 ; Tit_1:14)

Link to .pdf version of above card.

Link to .pdf version of above card.

Link to a webpage to help you understand JW's.

Link to webpage explaining a major and harmful error in the doctrine (dogma) of JW's.

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