This is a true life example provided by Edgar, a member of the organization representing themselves as Jehovah's Witnesses (hereinafter JW's). The personal story Edgar volunteered demonstrates something deceitful and dangerous about his group (about those men who lead his group, and) which most of their members don't know. Even if you have no interest in JW's, this is a danger presented by most organized religious groups. You should consider!!! At the time Edgar volunteered this story, he was an elderly man who was a prominent appointed "Elder" among JW's. We begin by repeating Edgar's stated credentials to speak in behalf of his organization. In qualifying himself, Edgar wrote: "I am a professional writer. I deal with words and their meanings. I have had over 40 articles published in magazines so far this year" (July, 2013). "I learned my writing skills at Bethel and I know the meaning of words." [Edgar worked for a number of years (ostensibly as a writer) at Bethel, which is the world headquarters of JW's.] We quote Edgar to recognize and demonstrate his authority to speak for his organization during a communication he had with Joe. (The conversation that led to Edgar's letter is considered below.) Though Edgar won't admit it, (and seemingly doesn't even realize it,) the example he gave by means of his story demonstrates the grave error his group makes in asserting all the literature they produce is spiritual food. With a view the opposite of Edgar's, we wish to warn everyone: (Spiritual food is not the Watchtower or other uninspired religious materials). Spiritual food is the Bible. Please consider what Edgar said as a demonstration of why that distinction is so very important!

Joe is a man disfellowshipped by JW's in early 2009. The "crime" Joe committed was refusing to join in teaching all the literature produced by JW's is spiritual food, and thus equal with the Bible. Joe was understandably shocked and surprised by their action against him. Four years after Joe was disfellowshipped, Edgar knocked on his door in July of 2013. Edgar was working from "house to house" trying to teach people. We now repeat the story Edgar volunteered in his effort to "help" Joe: It seems in his youth Edgar had a disagreement with another man about a scriptural matter. Let's call this man Sam. (Their discussion had to do with understanding who the "superior authorities" represent in the book of Romans. The point of their dispute is irrelevant to our consideration. What we are considering is who or what we can depend on as our source of truth.) Edgar stated he had believed, from his personal study of the scriptures, Sam had the correct Bible understanding. Because, however, JW's literature said something different, Edgar disregarded the Bible and told Sam he was wrong; Even though Edgar actually believed Sam's understanding was scriptural. Thus Edgar, by his own description of events, supported JW's literature above the Bible. His telling Joe about it shows Edgar remains proud that he did so! Edgar's desire, you see, is to instill his same organizational pride in Joe. (Matthew 15:1-9 ; Luke 3:7-9)

We do realize considering the truth about JW's will appear a questionable task to most; Why put forth the effort? This website ( exists to consider and learn what the Bible teaches, and as an aid in sharing Bible knowledge with others. We do not wish to waste a lot of time talking about JW's or other modern religious groups. That said: there is sound reason to consider this sect! If you or someone you care about is considering membership, it is certainly better to know the truth hidden about them before you join. Exerting some effort to learn about them before, is not near the task you will face if you are a dedicated Bible student (a sincere Christian - Acts 11:26) who becomes trapped into membership. That is because all sincere Bible students will be first welcomed but later disfellowshipped from their group. When they publicly announce you are an enemy of God and do their best to separate you from your friends and even your own family, now that's a task. Even if you are not considering membership, understanding their failings can help you recognize similar deceptive practices in other false religious groups. When any group of men raise themselves up as the chosen ones of the earth, and seat themselves as judges of who is wicked or good, the results are always disastrous. (Ecc_8:9) The sad truth is, most religious groups are arrogant and judgmental, claiming love while spreading sectarianism and dogmatic hatred. JW's are just better than most at hiding it. Understanding how JW's (and other Religionists) deceive people will help you recognize and understand the "Man Of Lawlessness" Jesus warned us about. (2_Thessalonians_2:1-5) It will also help you recognize and identify true Christians. It helps you understand how what Jesus started is wholly different from anything men strive to do, no matter how well meaning they might be. (Matthew 7:21-23 ; Matthew 15:3-9) There is a measure of faith required to really and truly believe there is a Creator who is good. (Heb_11:6) Some faith is also required to believe the Bible is God's form of communication with us. (John_17:17) (A sincere examination of the Bible pretty much guarantees faith in it. The sum of it is nearly beyond the grasp of men; let alone being created by them.) If you do have faith in God and the Bible, however, little additional faith is required. The Bible clearly teaches everything else we need to know. Every "religious" (as opposed to Christian) group will share one common failing: At some point in your association, they will judge you wicked unless you place blind faith in some organizational dogma they can not support scripturally.

Continuing with Edgar's story and illustration, then, he told Joe he attended Gilead school sometime after his disagreement with Sam. (Gilead school is a training program by and for JW's. ~ We have heard the organization has closed Gilead school. If so, it is no doubt an effort to avoid responsibility for this and similar badness. It seems that would require far more than closing Gilead. Not they nor anyone else have authority to assert the Bible beyond what it clearly states. They need to confess these sins of having done so in order to leave them! [Pro_28:13]) Edgar was told by his Gilead school instructor that Sam [with whom Edgar had the scriptural disagreement years before] had been correct in his Bible understanding. Edgar was further instructed he would need to go back to his congregation and continue to teach the lie (mistake, they like to call it). He was instructed he should continue the lie until the proper Bible understanding came out in the Watchtower. As Edgar told his story, he seemed pleased and proud he had demonstrated his "loyalty" to the organization by returning to his congregation and continuing to teach their lie (a mistake is when someone doesn't know what they are saying is wrong - when they know something is not true, it becomes a deliberate and willful lie). Edgar said he supported the lie for months (a few years) until it was corrected in the Watchtower. By doing so, he again chose to place his organization's literature above the Bible. This time Edgar did so with absolute knowledge what he was saying was wrong.

Edgar seems to believe he was righteous in his actions (John 16:2) and his example would "help" Joe understand his need to submit to JW's organization without question. After all, if Edgar - if this superfine apostle (confirmed so by his organizational credentials) blindly submitted, Joe should too! (2 Corinthians 11:5-6) All those people who believe like Edgar pose a real danger to sincere Bible students. Once  Edgars  Doegs make the concession to put unquestioning faith in worship men, they will also be looking around to be certain everyone else is bowing down. (Ester 3:2-5) What many of JW's don't or won't realize is this: It is men like Edgar who are sought out to be appointed and protected as Elders by the men who govern JW's. They chose Edgar because he will proudly quote from JW's literature to judge and govern his "flock," with absolutely no compunction to tie his judgments to the Bible. Edgar doesn't seem to comprehend his life story provides a perfect example of what is so very wrong when his organization imagines (or at least persuades men like Edgar to believe) they are producing new spiritual food. His story illustrates precisely why Joe won't join them in such foolishness.

Please just reflect for one moment on what Edgar's story reveals about him (and his organization): God spoke to Edgar (as he does to us all) through the words of his son Jesus (as recorded in the Bible). (John 12:47-50 ; John 18:37) Edgar did hear, and he did understand, what God said to him. Even while believing Sam had God's understanding, Edgar rebuked Sam and told him he was wrong, because Edgar  was  is more concerned with pleasing the men he has chosen to worship than he  was  is in pleasing God . (Romans 6:16 ; 1 John 5:3) Even after confirmation by his organization that what they were teaching was not scriptural, Edgar again parroted what they told him to say. (Matthew 23:23-24 ; Matthew 15:14) The fact Edgar was pleased and anxious to share his story demonstrates he believes such obedience is what is expected of him; And of other "faithful" members as well. That the organization tolerates such an attitude in one of it's prominent leaders suggests they accept his worship, even demand it! (Acts 12:21-23) The organization will assert, of course, this is an isolated case. They will say it is just the individual failings of some imperfect men. If that were true, they would publicly disclose Edgar's sin (and that of the many others like him) and clear this man worship out of their midst. Previous actions indicate the organization will deny responsibility, so they can continue to practice their deceit: So they can continue to have good for nothing men (1 Samuel 2:12) among the shepherds over their flock. They seek out shepherds who are Doegs, ready to do absolutely anything they are told. They seek elders who will publicly judge as wicked any persons who refuse to join in their worship of the men who govern them. (Matthew 24:48-51) They do have the right to believe what ever they wish of course. They don't have the right to deceive people to membership by means of a program of deliberately and maliciously hiding this judgmental policy from prospects and lower members. If you are one of Jehovah's Witnesses giving support to such judgments rendered by your organization, please remember: It is you who are judging Bible students wicked, they did not judge you! (Matthew 7:1) Please understand: What you willfully choose to remain ignorant of can hurt you! (Matthew 7:23) Comparing what you are taught with what the Bible teaches sets you free of any fear of deceitful men (from our camp or theirs)! (John 8:31-32 ; Acts 17:10-11) It is those who are trying to convince you to listen only to what they have to say: Those are the men you should fear. (John 11:45-53 ; John 7:47-49) The fact the men who lead this group are demanding such obeisance should be an alarm for all reasonable people.

As JW's continue to refuse to consider what these facts make clear about them, they confirm it is not ignorance or imperfection on their part. (Luke 20:5-7) May we never be deluded to join in teaching anything as truth if we do not personally know there is scriptural support for it. (Matthew 10:16-17 ; Matthew 7:15) Edgar certainly proclaims he is not ignorant in this matter. He seems not to be! The example Edgar chose to disclose cuts right to the heart of why they should not be teaching their writings are spiritual food, thus claiming them equal to the Bible. That seems the act of throwing away their "noble mindedness." (Acts 17:11) In Edgar's assertion that he is not ignorant, he may be taking responsibility to himself for badness. He may have become a Doeg. (1 Samuel 22:16-19) As they continue to cry and moan about those who expose the truth, claiming such individuals are just bad people who want to show up personal "imperfections" among their members, it makes their act of deception deliberate! Stories like what Edgar told Joe never show up in their literature. This and many similar stories are kept secret and shared verbally among the elect; Among those who want to show they are "real Christians." What they are really demonstrating and encouraging is worship of other men. Most of their members won't deign to consider this could be true. Know who those representing themselves as Jehovah's Witnesses truly are, before you consider membership. More accurately, understand you can't know who they are at all: Because who they are is being kept secret, even from their own laity. (If you doubt that, ask them for access to their Bethel Library. Or, more simply, ask them to obtain a copy of one of their Elder books. They claim they have no clergy-laity class distinctions but by the term laity we indicate those individuals who are beneath the Elders, and thus have no access to Elder books and teachings. The Mormons have expanded the Bible with the book of Mormon but at least everyone knows it and has access.) If you are to remain a member of JW's, you will be required to place abject faith in the "man behind the curtain"; doing so by asserting everything they put in print (including what you can't even have access to) is "spiritual food" and the decisions by their elder bodies are above question. The men who manifest the attitude Edgar has chosen to expose worship a small internal group they refer to as "the anointed." They have a common teaching that anyone who questions anything published (or taught in secret) by that small group is "a wicked person who has come to imagine they know more than the anointed." (Watchtower, 1980, 8/1, Page 19, Par. 11) In their dogma, questioning "the anointed" defines a person to be apostate. They say in justification that satan used questions against Jesus: So, they infer, anyone who questions them is apostate. Our exemplar, Jesus Christ, often used questions as a powerful teaching tool. (Mat 16:13-16 ; Lu 10:26) Follow Jesus example then: Ask questions, and expect scriptural answers! (Acts 8:34) Ask them why they would allow men like Edgar to worship their "anointed" by placing the teachings of those men above the Bible? (Rev 19:9-10) The group never expresses any concern about whether a teaching is scriptural; Only whether the authority of the anointed is being challenged by any member who expresses anything from the Bible that has not previously been "brought out" in their literature. They seem to have abandoned all fear of Jehovah and any concern for remaining noble minded. In choosing to join them, you will be required to place the teachings of men above the Bible. Don't let them minimize this badness of theirs, or blame it on imperfections. Please understand this danger: If you are a sincere Bible student, JW's will warmly welcome you to membership as they pretend they too are Bible students. After joining, however, you will be required to place the writings of the organization above the Bible. If you refuse, you will be publicly disfellowshipped as an enemy of God. After rendering such public judgment against you, they will consider it proof of your wickedness if you say anything in defense of yourself.

As mentioned, the purpose of this website is to instill hope and faith in the Bible. Only 6 or 8 of 1800+ pages of the website even mention JW's. There are two reasons we consider them at all: First, so people might avoid being caught up in their deceit, being trapped by their claim they are Bible students. (Proverbs 1:17-18 ; Exodus 19:4) The truth about their group is more difficult to recognize than some others, because the deceivers in their midst are not the lower class (non-elder) Witnesses who come to your door. Most who visit you are dear sweet people who are loving and kind. It is, however, that very love for you which tends to obscure the truth about those men who govern their sect. Most of those who come to your door won't understand and won't even consider what is herein presented. They don't realize they have been deceived so, (Matthew 7:15) and are too terrified to even consider it. (1_John_4:18) Another reason their group is mentioned, is they have chosen to use God's personal name in the title of their organization. [The first century followers of Jesus were inspired to refer to themselves as Christians. (Acts 11:26)] Our study effort considers the Bible in it's entirety, including the 4000 year recorded history of mankind before the birth of Christ. As such, we use the English translation of the name God gave himself in that Old Testament record: The name Jehovah. (Psalm 83:18 ; Exodus 6:3 ; Isaiah 12:2 ; Isaiah 26:4) We mention JW's, then, to protect everyone against imagining our use (or their choice to make use) of God's personal name connects us with that sect. We do see the perceived expedience of being able to direct you to some group of men with authority to pat you on your head and grant you favorable judgment by God. God's way, however, is far superior! There is a group for you to join, but not in the way you might think. We are most happy to be able to help you see (through eyes of faith) the group who are the true followers of Christ: organized only by their efforts to demonstrate love for God and their fellow man. (Matthew 22:36-40 ; Luke 10:25-28) [You join yourself to Jesus's followers by studying to build faith in his Bible teachings. (2 Kings 6:15-17) You should join those people! Recognize other Christians will not assert themselves as judges of your righteousness - or your wickedness. You are identified as a Christians by doing your best to show loving concern for others your-own-self. It is that same faithful effort which defines every person who is a Christian, as a Christian.] To be or become a follower of Christ, YOU must build faith for life based on YOUR own personal Bible knowledge of his teachings. Religionists want to make learning the Bible seem hard so you will feel the need for them to interpret the Bible for you. It's not hard and you don't need the approval of men. (1 Corinthians 4:1-3) Their approval might be a bad thing! (Luke 6:26) Just read your Bible. The explanation of the whole of the Bible, in Jesus's own words, is contained in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Everything written before those four Gospels exist mostly to announce, and to demonstrate the need for, the coming of the Christ. Everything written after them is mostly the record of individuals trying to implement Christ's teachings. This website can help: We want to help you build faith in Jehovah's perfect arrangement, an arrangement to gather all persons who love righteousness: All righteous persons are being gathered to faith in God's son, while those who have no love do not comprehend and are not interested in being a part of it. (Matthew 13:47-50 ; Matthew 13:36-44) Those without faith want no part of it because it seems foolishness to them. (1 Corinthians 1:18-21 ; Romans 1:20-23 ; Genesis 19:14) It is a perfect solution: It is the bible theme.

Attempting some humility, and to avoid being judgmental ourselves, (Romans 2:1) we should acknowledge Edgar may not be wicked at all. He might be a nice man who has been duped by his leaders. (He will, of course, at some point become responsible if he refuses to change.) We also note: Edgar may be neither wicked nor ignorant! The personal story he volunteered provides a perfect example of what is so very wrong with the governors of his organization imagining (or at least teaching) they are producing new spiritual food. Men such as Edgar (most of their appointed elders) will quote their books and magazines as the basis for their faith, feeling no need to support and prove their faith from the Bible. (Acts 17:11 ; 1 Peter 3:15) Offering up his story shows Edgar realizes that to be a problem / or at least to be the case. Exposing the grave error he made earlier in life may be Edgar's way of trying to deal with what he knows to be wrong. It may be his way of trying to bring the truth about them out into the light. If so, kudos to Edgar! It might be better if he were a little bolder in exposing them. That said, we can understand his desire to avoid having his family and friends told in public announcement he is an enemy of God; And then being shunned by them all. JW's whole hidden agenda and hurtful program is nearly too awful to imagine! False religion is, without doubt, the most divisive and hurtful influence afflicting humanity. Join yourself to those of loving kindness, to those identified only by the love they show, a love born of their faith in the teachings of the Christ: The son of the Blessed One. (Mark 14:61-62 ; Matthew 16:13-17)

If Edgar was not troubled in his conscience as the reason for volunteering his story, it seems his attempt was to make clear those members who remain acceptable need to go along with JW's teachings what ever they decide to teach: "Get on board with whatever we say and do, or be thrown out." He would thus be making clear: Using the Bible as a proof for what they are told is not an option for their members. (Acts 17:11 ; Acts 8:34-35) If that is what Edgar and his cult believe, they should have made that known to Joe when they lured him to membership (by pretending they were Bible students). They should admit it to everyone else as well! Placing group teachings above the Bible demonstrates the "Jones syndrome." We hope Edgar and his co-followers co-lords are not drinking the poison spiritual Kool-Aid. [Jim Jones was a man who was able to convince a group of people he was "producing spiritual food." They (along with their little children) blindly followed him to Jonestown, Guyana, where they were to be together in paradise. Because Jones was going beyond what is taught by the Bible (1 Corinthians 4:6), his self-made spiritual food failed to prove true and his plans fell apart. Rather than show humility and repentance, by wisely choosing to confess (Proverbs 28:13 ; 1 John 1:8-10) his sin (1 Corinthians 4:6), Jones chose another course. Jones proudly resculpted his "spiritual food," no doubt calling it brighter light. (1 Corinthians 4:6) Then, in 1978, 912 of them (men, women and children) died as they blindly followed Jones in drinking poison Kool-Aid. Some of them refused and had to be shot, no doubt by Jones' zealots - his elders, or governors, or what ever he told them they were. (Matthew 23:1-12) There is an important error (sin) here not to be missed: Teaching something the Bible does not teach, and then needing to correct that sin, is not "getting brighter spiritual light." (Deuteronomy 18:20-22 ; Galatians 1:8-9) That is simply exposing the sin of having gone beyond what is written in scripture. (1 Corinthians 4:6) The Bible does say the light will get brighter in the last days. (Proverbs 4:18 ; 2 Peter 1:19) That refers, however, to gaining an ever clearer understanding of the Bible, building on what has previously been learned. It is not an excuse for the sin of rushing ahead to go beyond what the Bible teaches, and then hiding that error by claiming the exposing of the sin is "getting brighter light." (Proverbs 30:1-6) Humble and sincere people would confess and repent for such sin! They certainly wouldn't pat themselves on the back for it.] Even if Edgar was right in his assertion he has been part of Jehovah's chosen people, [as the Jews were before Christ, (Exodus_19:5 ; Acts 13:16-39)] they would still need to support every single thing they teach, and to verify everything they build faith in, using the Bible. (Acts 17:11 ; Acts 8:34-35 ; Mat_12:5 ; Mat_4:4) We quote the Bible in saying: The second they promote anything beyond the Bible, "let them be accursed." (Galatians 1:8-9 ; 1 Corinthians 4:6) Edgar stated (in his letter) the literature his organization produces is "true spiritual food," while what the other churches produce is "corrupted spiritual food." That seems a little like telling someone they can have a hot cup of coffee, or they can have a cold hot cup of coffee. Something is either hot or it is not! Spiritual food comes down from our Father in heaven. Something is spiritual food; or it is not. (Deu 18:20-22) The Bible is the only reliable source of spiritual food: [(John 17:1) 17 Jesus spoke these things, and, raising his eyes to heaven, he said: “Father, the hour has come; glorify your son, that your son may glorify you,... (John 17:3) 3 This means everlasting life, their taking in knowledge of you, the only true God, and of the one whom you sent forth, Jesus Christ... (John 17:11) 11 “Also, I am no longer in the world, but they are in the world and I am coming to you. Holy Father, watch over them on account of your own name which you have given me, in order that they may be one just as we are... (John 17:17) 17 Sanctify them by means of the truth; your word is truth. (Psalm 119:157-160) 157 My persecutors and my adversaries are many. From your reminders I have not deviated. 158 I have seen those who are treacherous in dealing, And I do feel a loathing, because they have not kept your own saying. 159 O see that I have loved your own orders. O Jehovah, according to your loving-kindness preserve me alive. 160 The substance of your word is truth, And every righteous judicial decision of yours is to time indefinite.]

In closing, then: If Edgar's choice to lie to Sam seems right in your eyes, you might fit in with this group. If not, you will find no peace in their midst. Any effort to expose such lies by Edgar (and by many other men like him) makes you an enemy of those who govern JW's. Such men are then so grandiose as to imagine (and to teach everyone who will listen) their judgment against you is Jehovah's judgment, and defines you to be an enemy of God. Act quickly Lord Jesus! (Revelation 22:20 ; Psalms 31:14-18) If you would like to print this page, in an effort to help by sending it to the Jehovah's Witnesses you know, we have prepared an envelope to help. Like most people buried in false religious dogma, it will be hard for them to hear unless they have become sick of the bad things they witness being done to others. (2_Thes_2:9-12 ; Eze_9:2-6)

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