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This website is not a new creation: it is a gathering of the (scripturally supported) understanding of thousands of men and women who have come before us in studying the Bible. As such, it represents the focus of hundreds of thousands (or millions) of man hours of research, going back hundreds of years. You can know if that is true simply by making your own comparison between what we say and what the Bible teaches. (Acts 17:11) The fact is, if you are making a serious examination of this website, you are likely doing so out of a sincere interest in God's word. Except for the scriptures referenced, the website is dry and terse. It is commendable you invest your energies to make such an examination. If you do have (or are working to develop) faith the Bible is truth, the reward of pursuing and being obedient to truth will be greater than you can imagine. (1 Corinthians 2:9) Having faith in the Bible helps you understand mankind has faced cataclysmic events in the past: About 3500 years ago, for example, the Egyptian world power of their day was devastated as their Pharaoh and his army were destroyed in the Red Sea. [That after God's nation was protected to walk through that sea bed on dry ground. (Psalms 136:10-15)] About 4400 years ago, the wicked and violent earth (Genesis 6:9-14) of Noah's day was killed off with only Noah and his family preserved alive. (Again, those who survived did so by God's protection.) Mankind is now involved in (or facing) another cataclysmic event: a tribulation that will be brought to it's conclusion in Armageddon. Yet again, the wicked will be destroyed while the righteous will be preserved alive. We can say that simply because it is what the Bible teaches.

Looking back at mankind's history, it is unmentionable and inconceivable the horrible things that have been done to poor and lowly people in the name of God, and/or, the cause of religion. In stark contrast to such false religion, the truth and hope Jesus brought us is for the very purpose of protecting the innocent. The truth is not just for the rich and influential, it is equally for everyone. (Matthew 11:5) If you have arrived at a point in your life to entertain faith in Bible teachings, it is in spite of the abuses of false Christianity (and other false religious organizations), rather than because of them. This website serves as an expose on false religion. Our desire is to teach what Jesus taught: That includes helping everyone understand Christ actually warned such religious hypocrisy would appear after he went away. Satan, the great liar, started a spiritual war. We are all caught in that war, as we must decide which side we are on. (Ecclesiastes 8:8) Many who are ignorant actually fight on the liar's side, all the while imagining they are righteous. (Luke 23:32-34) All such ignorant people must to be made to see the truth. Bible knowledge can set us free of those who are enslaving such individuals, doing so by keeping them ignorant. (John 8:31-47) The Bible unquestionably teaches the end of this old system [and the ushering in the new earth paradise (2 Peter 3:11-13)] will not come until the "man of lawlessness" gets revealed. (2 Thessalonians 2:3) We expose who this composite man of wickedness is; So as to protect sincere hearted individuals from being overcome by the judgmental, hateful, proud, and arrogant attitude all lawless organizations foster. While these false religious groups (which all together comprise the man of lawlessness) pretend to promote peace and love, they are actually spreading hate. The Bible teaches they will all be exposed! (Mark 4:22) It is our effort to assist our Creator in exposing them. Many supporting scriptures are not referenced on this page, as there are simply too many of them. This page moves along briskly from this point; the information considered being based on the assumption the reader has knowledge of the basic Bible theme as covered in the links above.

If you believe in a God who is good, and who will make things better, this site is for you! These are singular times for mankind, having arrived at our day based on the outworking of God's purpose since the creation of Adam: Some six thousand years ago, Adam and Eve sinned and God promised he would raise up a seed to repair the damage their rebellion caused. Another noteworthy event came about two thousand years later, when it was announced Abraham would be the source of a nation (made of Abraham's descendants) which would produce the seed (promised in the Garden). Two thousand years after that, Jesus was born as a descendant of Abraham, and identified himself as the promised seed and ransom sacrifice. Another two thousand years brings us to our day, and to an understanding of Bible prophecy which points to our day for the second coming of Christ: Jesus appearing this time as the mighty king of God's kingdom. (Matthew 6:10) (Please consider the basic Bible Theme.)

Jesus stated his return would be connected with the "Man Of Lawlessness" being revealed. (2 Thessalonians 2:3) The Bible teaches this man of lawlessness to be a composite group formed of those who distort the teachings of Jesus so as to hinder sincere persons who are learning "Bible truth." Adding to the danger, they may be deceived so as to be quite sincere themselves. (Matthew 7:21-22) Their teachings are twisted, however, because they try to use the Bible to control or manipulate people. Instead, they should be learning what Jesus taught and then helping others to learn. Individuals or groups who are part of the "man of lawlessness" present in range from those who openly say Jesus is not the Christ, to those who manifestly claim Jesus is the Christ, but then fool themselves by imagining they can substitute their own writings for what Jesus taught. The "man of lawlessness" includes all those who elevate members of their group to be above question, and thus make them equal with the Bible. Such groups or individuals will allege you need to listen to and be blessed by those elevated members of their group, in order to gain life. Such self assuming lords among men will often assert you need them to interpret the Bible for you. They will, in this way, substitute themselves for the Christ; insisting you need them to explain Christ to you. Who then, is the master over such individuals? (1 Timothy 2:5) There is a problem faced by all who strive to misuse the Bible: They are forced to teach portions of the Bible so as to use it's power in manipulating "their sheep." (Mark 3:26) Armed with even a partial knowledge of what the Bible teaches, many of their intended flock will turn to faith in Christ's Bible teachings, rather than allowing themselves to be misled to faith in (and submission to) those organizations. Knowledge of truth thus foils the efforts of those who are Doegs. Some Doegs actually imagine faith in the Bible, and faith in their organization's teachings, is one and the same thing. That is one purpose of this website: to expose those who are false Christians and/or to expose those making up "the man of lawlessness." We desire to provide hope and light so as many as possible may escape the wicked influence of the "man of lawlessness." Our desire is to see behind the curtain, doing so by means of Bible knowledge. Righteous persons are drawn to truth like a moth to a bright light. (Proverbs 4:18 ; Isaiah 2:2-3) It is important for everyone to realize the Bible as the one and only source of truth and light (safe and protective light).

Many sincere persons recognize the failure of their own purported "Christian" organization, and are looking for an explanation as to why the badness and corruption exists. They realize that many among those groups seem nice people, and many seem sincere as well. This site is intended to help everyone understand why even well intentioned people often wind up practicing what is bad, until they can be taught by God to know better. (Acts 8:1-3 ; Php 3:4-9 ; 1 Tim 1:12-16) More importantly, we wish to give those who are righteously inclined somewhere to turn: to give everyone enough Bible knowledge so they might attach themselves to the group of true Christians existing all throughout the earth. We wish to help sincere people know they can be part of the group who are united by their common knowledge of the teachings of Jesus. Those humble and sincere followers of Christ comprise a group who often don't even know each other. They are, though, each one of them, known by our heavenly Father. (1 Cor 8:3) They are all those individuals united by their love of our Father and his truth, and who in turn do their best to express love toward their fellow-man. (John 14:15-17) They have no interest in treading others down to gain something for themselves, nor do they imagine themselves lords and judges over the faith of others. They are not ready to pronounce wicked all who do not agree with every utterance they put forth. They recognize what each person must be building is personal faith!

The commercially organized religious group(s) you have been associated with will probably not like your being involved with this Bible study effort. Many of them will throw you out of their group over any such involvement. If you love truth, however, you should share knowledge of this website with everyone you can think to share it with. If you are fortunate to be part of a group which was formed which still exists to gain knowledge of the Bible, please make us aware of who they are. (support@justbibletruth.com) As you form (or join) any such group, however, you must be very careful. Many of the groups making up the man of lawlessness started as sincere Bible students. After they isolated themselves, and started trying to fund and protect the organization they created, their new organization became more important to them than continuing to seek truth from the Bible. They lost their way and became just another part of the seething mass comprising the man of lawlessness. Be very cautious! If the interest of any organization you have associated with is divided in their love of truth, over such loves as money and power and even concern for organizational unity (based on their doctrine), teaching the truth probably takes a back seat to those other concerns. Don't be misled by such Doegs. Join yourself to the nation of free men being prepared to enter the promised land*, to those being prepared in our day. (Isaiah 11:6-9) Learning what is here presented should not tie you as a slave to this website. As you learn the basic Bible theme here presented, you will have no dependence on the site. Simply immerse yourself in the Bible to build and defend your faith and hope in your own mind, (Romans 2:15) and in so doing, be able to have an answer for any who ask a reason for the hope that is in you. (1 Peter 3:15) Once you know the Bible's basic theme, and recognize where we are in it's revealed stream of time, everything else you learn about the Bible will shed more and more light on that understanding. Additional Bible knowledge will further strengthen your hope. You will, of course, always have the association with others who sincerely love truth. I pray all who support and promote this site will be among them.

Where does this knowledge leave you? One person asked: "What is wrong with being organized? Do Christians just wing it or what?" True Christians are organized and they are certainly not just "winging" it. They have a helper! Christians are not organized in the way most of us tend to think about organizations. They are organized from heaven. (Matthew 10:32-33 ; Mark 11:25 ; Luke 10:20) If you continue (or if you turn to) seeking God with a complete heart, if you turn to seeking truth with a complete heart, nothing can stop you. (Romans 8:35-39) Just realize the organization supporting you is in the heavens. (2 Kings 6:17) You must learn not to feel alone because you do not have a group of men patting you on the head and whispering their judgment you upright. (Luke 6:26 ; Mat_26:36-45) They have no authority to grant you life! We should take every opportunity to associate with others of like faith, (Hebrews 10:24-25) doing so by talking with others who love the Bible and the truth it contains. Be careful, though, as you do so: Do not to group together in judgment against the faith of others. Such judgmental persons steal dignity and hope from those they sit in judgment over. All who are like that want you to join them in their abuse. (Proverbs 1:14) Since most commercially organized religions set judgment as part of their mission, they make it hard to be a member of a large group (except, of course, the large group of true Christians organized from heaven). True Christians are marked by their faith in the teachings of Jesus, which teachings and judgment come down from heaven. (John 6:33) You should realize being part of that group, and having God's protection, does not mean nothing bad will happen to you. Many righteous men, including Christ Jesus himself, died while sincerely loving our heavenly Father. If you seek truth, however, nothing can stop you from becoming God's friend (which includes having the hope of a resurrection if you should die). Also, when the time arrives (hopefully happening in this very day) for Jehovah to carry righteous ones into the promised land, (Job 33:24-25 ; Job 33:28-30) nothing can stop you from receiving that reward. (John 11:26) As that hoped for day of salvation overtakes us (1 Thessalonians 5:1-5 ; Isaiah 49:8), your faith is (or will become) a physical protection from any who would wish you harm, and your hope through faith will become reality. (Matthew 8:13 ; Mark 9:22-23)

Does Jehovah sometimes speed things up or slow them down based on what people do? Put more simply: Does God sometimes change his plans? The Bible indicates he does. The ancient Jewish nation being delivered into the promised land from slavery in Egypt prefigures our deliverance out of this old world system - by Christ at his second coming. That deliverance is what we see happening in our day (or await if it is yet for a future day). (Matthew 6:10) When the ancient Jews came out of Egypt, it was time for them to enter the promised land (the land of plenty promised their forefathers). After being witness to the miracles which set them free from Egypt, however, they demonstrated a lack of faith in the God who freed them. Because of their lack of faith, God altered his plan and slowed down their deliverance. Because of their sin, they were forced to wander in the wilderness for forty years, while the generation demonstrating a lack of faith died off. The individuals who had remained faithful were preserved alive during that forty years, and entered the promised land along with a new generation. Holding off their entry into the promised land for those forty years illustrates how Jehovah sometimes changes his plans, plans which are always intended to accomplish his purpose. Those plans can change based on what people do. He always moves forward with his purpose, of course, because what he purposes is perfect and can never change. He allows his plans to change as need changes, based on the freedom of choice He has given mankind. We can choose to become his friend, and he will, if necessary, change his plans to help us. Bible prophecy indicates Jesus received kingdom power in heaven in 1914. The "Christian" organizational groups in and just prior to 1914 had the Bible so as to be able to recognize his presence as reigning king. Many of them actually did. Those organizations should also have been using their Bible knowledge to exposed the man of lawlessness, so all could have opportunity to place faith in the true teachings of Jesus Christ. Instead, they faithlessly worried about protecting and furthering the interests of their respective groups. We may well have been wandering in the wilderness, figuratively speaking, since 1914. Only now is the man of lawlessness being fully revealed, because those organizations failed to do so. Our day is a most wonderful time to be alive! What ever the exact details of our deliverance into the kingdom rule of Christ (the modern day promised land) will prove to be, it is Bible knowledge that will provide us faith for salvation. No teaching, or approval, or elevated status given you by any man or group can do that!

About 2500 years ago, Bible prophecy caused the Jews to look forward to being released from captivity in Babylon in 537 BCE. They thought God would establish a King on the throne of David forever at that time. They were right in understanding prophecy about being repatriated to their homeland in 537, but not in their assumptions about the establishment of the kingdom of Christ at that time. ~ Later, Bible prophecy enabled students of God's word to know when to look for the birth of the Christ in 1 CE, and his appearance as Messiah in 29 CE. Many again thought Jesus would establish his kingdom at that time. (Acts 1:6) They were right in understanding prophecy about the birth of Jesus, but wrong yet again about the establishment of the kingdom. ~ Many Bible students recognized as early as 1870 that Bible prophecy pointed to 1914 as the second coming of Christ. Again, most thought he would immediately begin ruling as King and bring peace to the earth, or would take them to heaven, at that time. They were right about him coming to kingdom power in heaven in 1914, but were wrong again about the details of what would be accomplished at that time. They did not understand the need for the revelation of the man of lawlessness, and the gradual establishment of the authority of Christ's kingdom over the earth. We today are witness to the revelation of Christ as King. It is not what any man expected it to be.

Especially since 1914, Christ has been revealing the man of lawlessness, while at the same time giving faithful individuals opportunity to develop and express faith in the Bible. [Christ has thus been ruling in the midst of his enemies. (Ps 110:2)] We are living in the judgment period, as individuals are being selected to enter the promised land of our day. Some will assert this is just another false alarm about the establishment of the kingdom. (Matthew 24:23-24) The truth is, we might misunderstand! The Bible is truth, but our understanding is just that: our understanding. The kingdom will, however, bring what the Bible promises some day: because God cannot lie! (Tit 1:2) World conditions, and our understanding of Bible prophecy, make it appear our day is the day of the establishment of the kingdom. Actually, hoping in the kingdom was the best way of life for all those who had that hope in days gone by. Their hope will still be realized, though it will be through a resurrection. Hoping in the kingdom is the best way of life for our day. If we don't keep in expectation of the Christ, (Habakkuk 2:3 ; Philippians 1:18-20) can we really be said to be carrying our cross or torture stake? (Matthew 10:38) With all the pain and suffering of even little children, can there be real happiness in anything else? We may not have to die as Jesus did (Job_33:24-30 ; John 11:26), but our faith and our absolute obedience must be worth more to us than even our very lives. (Mat_16:25) That is the only way God can be certain we will not destroy our new paradise, the same way we have destroyed the one given us in the garden. Bible prophecy and world events make the kingdom of Christ seem a realistic hope for our very day. Become familiar with the Bible, and make it's hope your hope!

Don't let any group of imperfect men delude you to believe it is their teachings that will gain your life. Any such claims should make you afraid of them! (John 7:45-49) In the day of Jesus birth (and his first coming), the Jewish nation had responsibility before God as keepers of his word (the Law Code or Bible). That Jewish nation, especially their religious leaders, failed refused to recognize those very writings identified Jesus as the Messiah. The Christian groups present in 1914, for Jesus second coming, seem to have had a similar failure. They had God's word, but didn't recognize the presence of Christ in kingdom power. Those who did recognize, failed to give their energy to helping Christ expose the man of lawlessness.

During the first century, while the Bible was being completed, Jesus and those to whom he gave power of holy spirit taught it would be our faith that would preserve us alive. (Hebrews 10:39) We join with Paul as recorded at Romans 1 and 2a, where he prays peace among those who love God and truth. Paul goes on to warn against those who would hinder truth, and of God's judgment upon all such persons. They are storing up judgment to themselves: as they will be used to reveal the righteous judgment of God. Please note it says at Romans 1:18, and 2:5-11, that Jehovah is not partial and that all who work righteousness will receive life during the revealing of God's righteous judgment. That is what is now happening, by the man of lawlessness being revealed to all who have any interest in seeing him. The revealing and destruction of the man of lawlessness demonstrates the righteous judgment of Jehovah. Those who have no interest in spiritual things will not be forced to be righteous, nor will they receive the reward associated with faith in Christ. The wicked will die in place of the righteous, and the righteous will keep living by means of their faith. (John 11:26) Those who see no reason to try and protect the weak and downtrodden are judged unworthy of life by that lack of love. (Ezekiel 9:4) The words which Jesus spoke sit in judgment of them. (John 12:48) What is left to say? "The conclusion of the matter, everything having been heard, is: Fear the [true] God and keep his commandments. For this is the whole [obligation] of man. For the [true] God himself will bring every sort of work into the judgment in relation to every hidden thing, as to whether it is good or bad." (Ecclesiastes 12:13-14)

This web site has grown to become far more than it was envisioned to be. It started as a Bible study effort that has nearly developed a life of it's own. (Hebrews 4:12-13) As scriptural ideas were put forth and considered, their discussion revealed new ideas until it stands as an expose on the man of lawlessness. Those who support the site will assert it is the work of holy spirit. Those who oppose it will assert it is demon influence. You must decide for yourself: Is this a presentation of Bible teaching, or a misapplication of scripture? Compare it with the Bible and see! We believe it is the culmination of Bible knowledge gained and recorded by faithful men and women over six thousand years. It is a revelation based on Bible facts, as considered alongside the Bible's timeline and the secularly recorded timeline since Adam. We do not assert there is anything superior about those supporting this site. (Acts 4:13) When Jehovah places enough information in front of him, even the simplest man can see what is happening. We do believe, every single individual who loves our Father is special, made so by their love for God. (1 Cor 8:3) We also realize being special in that way is available equally to all. It is our Perfect Father who is truly special; (Mark 10:18) What makes us special is his love for us. What makes us unique is our love for him, because He first loved us. (1 John 4:16-19) Do you appreciate that He cares about you? (John 3:16) Whether we appreciate and return God's love judges us as upright or wicked. This website is an attempt at revealing the outworking of Jehovah's purpose for the earth, as the Bible message applies to our day; And to aid all (who will) to recognize the truth. If this truly is the day of judgment, no man (besides Christ Jesus) or group can give you the answer as to what is truth. Many are anxious to try of course, and many will assert they can do so. Some even imagine you have no chance for life apart from their approval. Only faith based on the truth of the Bible can deliver you. That has not changed. In Jesus' day, some said he was the Christ, while others said he had a demon. (John 10:19-21 ; Matthew 16:13-16) Those listening had to decide for themselves and have faith. (John 3:16-21) The scriptures, along with the works Jesus did, revealed who he was. The thing different about our day is where we are in time. We must still rely on the words and deeds of Jesus, recorded for us in the Bible. If the judgment day is unfolding before our eyes, it is your faith based on Bible truth that can preserve you alive. (Hebrews 10:38-39) The Bible teaches Satan's "man of lawlessness" has no new tricks. (1 Corinthians 10:13) Invariably, no matter which sect he is using, he and his group will always strive to direct you away from building a personal relationship with God through faith in Christ's teachings (based on accurate Bible knowledge). In learning the truth, you can become a better person, and thereby accept the gift of life. (Those being carried into the promised land must be people demonstrating they are absolutely obedient to our Creator, and by that obedience, demonstrate they will not cause the same problems we suffer today. It is a sobering contemplation: Knowing what the Bible teaches, and understanding what we ought to do, is very different from doing it. Help us Lord Jesus!!!) The varied sects which make up the man of lawlessness will always assert you need to join them in some work they do (as they strive to work out their salvation). By their works they attempt to justify their neglect and abuse of those needing help: those needing help to learn Bible truth and to be up-built by it. (Mark 7:9-13) Members of the "man of lawlessness" imagine salvation rests with membership in their respective sect. Hope and deliverance rest in knowledge of, faith in, and obedience to, God's word. (John 17:3 ; John 12:50) Being a member of all those individuals who are true Christians, in "the secret person of their heart," is the only "membership" worth anything. (1 Peter 3:4) Jehovah and Jesus (and the spirit creatures who aid them) are witnesses of who are in that group. They are watching you judge yourself as to whether YOU are in that group. (Romans 2:15-16)

Computers are great tools. They help with many and varied chores. Perhaps the most important thing they accomplish is to assist mankind in being able to study and gain an accurate understanding of the Bible. Bible truth is simple, but the facets to that jewel of truth are many. It takes effort to wrap your mind around the whole of Bible truth. With a modern Bible study computer program (such as this web site), we can have at our fingertips several different translations of the Bible, along with other dictionaries and study aids. These can be a real asset in trying to glean the message our creator recorded for us in the original Greek and Hebrew texts. Anyone who can read and write, and has access to a computer, can effectively stand upon the shoulders of thousands of Bible scholars who have come before. (A brick and mortar library provides a good second choice for such information of course.) The computer serves as a powerful tool to gather and focus the work of faithful Bible students who have come before, and thus aid in our own understanding. A computer can aid us to first pour over the scriptures so as to learn, and then to be able to return to scriptural support when we need to make a defense of our hope. (1 Peter 3:15) If we can remember what the Bible says, but can't remember chapter and verse, a computer can aid us to do a quick and simple search to find the text we remember. Please revisit and reconsider this website often. Not because the web site is special, it is just the uninspired writings of imperfect men. The Bible references contained here are very important! There are now 1400+ scripture references (many with cross references to other scriptures) here at your fingertips. Additional references are being added all the time to "flesh out" the material: by biblically defending the idea's presented. This work reflects an ongoing group supported Bible study. As imperfect people, we quickly forget the scriptures we learn unless we review them. A regular review of this site by it's writers reinforces what has been learned by them. Such review often brings refreshing tears of joy as the beauty of the Bible's truth comes ever more clearly into focus. This effort is in behalf of everyone who loves God's word. The site is very small compared with the Bible. If you gain familiarity with the comparatively few scriptures referenced here, it can provide an understanding of the theme of the Bible such that everything else you learn from the Bible will fit harmoniously into that theme. That is how you know you have "truth," when all scripture provides support for your understanding. (2_Timothy_3:16)

Do you grasp the significance of the scriptural evidence available to us today? It would appear Jehovah has released, or is releasing, the four winds of destruction he has been holding back, which destruction mankind has brought upon himself. (Revelation 7:1-3) By that choice of God to allow our own destructive course to proceed, the people comprising the earth (or world) of our day are being divided into two groups: (Matthew 25:31-33)

The first group is being selected by Jehovah through faith in Christ Jesus, and are being marked in their foreheads. That mark given them because they are sighing and groaning over the pain and suffering they see among their brothers in Adam. (Ezekiel 9:3-6) The mark being in the forehead might indicate only they and their Father know who they are; (Revelation 2:17) as they judge themselves in their own conscience based on the word spoken by Christ. (Romans 2:15 ; John 12:48) Imperfect men have no knowledge or judgment over who those righteous ones are. The individuals with the mark in their forehead make up a great crowd who will survive the end of this system, just as Noah and Lot survived the end of theirs. (Matthew 24:37 ; 1 Peter 3:20 ; Revelation 7:9-17) If you listen to and act upon the truth brought us by Christ Jesus, it will grant you faith. Your faith will then provide you a channel to holy spirit which can protect you (Mark 5:25-34) and provide you with escape from the destruction coming upon the earth of our day; Just as Noah and his family were protected in their day. The mark for salvation being in the forehead of the faithful might also mean the truth is the most important thing in their mind. That mark identifies where their allegiance lies.

The second group refuse to be marked in their forehead, and so comprise the Man Of Lawlessness. This composite lawless one is made up of all individuals who hold back truth in an unrighteous way. (Romans 1:18) Their only spiritual goal is to control and manipulate people so as to use them in some way. In their own mind they elevate themselves to the judgment seat of Moses, asserting it is membership in (and obedience to) their group or nation that will grant salvation to their members. (Matthew 23:1-15) These unrighteous ones will, of course, assert they are the righteous. (Matthew 7:15) They may even believe they are. (Matthew 7:22) Their choosing to believe in a lie is not an excuse for them, (2 Thessalonians 2:11-12) nor will it be for you if you allow yourself to be misled by them. You must judge what every person says and does in the light of Bible truth. Do they promote love of neighbor, or do they promote judgment of all who do not adhere to their organizational doctrine? All who seek their own selfish longing, by following organizational teachings over of the Bible, judge themselves unworthy of life and constitute themselves a part of the man of lawlessness. They will likely receive no protection from the destruction of this system. You must separate yourself from such organizations, and promote only the Bible as truth. There is no excuse for worshiping membership in some group of men. Please use this site to aid in seeing and exposing false Christianity.

Remember always: This site is no substitute for reading your Bible. You can use the site with referenced scriptures to become familiar with the basic Bible theme, and thus aid in understanding what you read from the Bible. (Acts 8:35) The basic Bible theme is what is presented here. The theme of the Bible doesn't change, so there is no need for a constant stream of new material. Such an unending production of material might suggest the writers of those materials are going beyond the things written in the Bible, or are trying to mislead you from the simple teachings of Jesus. If we find we have sinned, by going beyond the Bible and saying what it does not say, we pray we will repent for our sin and openly admit our mistake. (1 Cor 4:6) We pray we will never refer to our "exposing such sin" on our part as "our getting brighter spiritual light." Become familiar with the Bible theme presented, while being certain to recognize the website is only a Bible study aid. Reject anything we say which is contrary to the scriptures, and be skeptical of anything that does not have direct scriptural support, just as you should do with everything you hear or are taught by anyone. Only the Bible itself is alive and can exert power to help you truly love God and neighbor. Above all else then; READ YOUR BIBLE! (John 12:50)

If you have prayerfully considered the scriptures presented so as to arrive at this point, you likely appreciate the importance of knowing God's name. You also realize knowing Jehovah's name implies much more than simply knowing God has a personal name, and knowing what that name is. Knowing God's name implies having some understanding of what is signified by that name. It means knowing Jehovah well enough to have a real and living faith in him. It means understanding his gift of salvation, and how it is tied directly to our expression of faith in his son Christ Jesus. (Romans 4:24 ; John 17:3) It means understanding how God's righteous judgment is being revealed in the destruction of this old system: (Romans 1:16-17) The destruction of all those who refuse to be corrected. It also means recognizing that righteous judgment is immanent. Knowing God's name means having the innermost person of our heart leap for joy and cry out "amen" as we read Psalm 91. Such knowledge of what God's name signifies will likely mean being able to draw upon his spirit to be protected (Luke 8:44) during the retribution upon the wicked; just as the prophecy of Psalm 91 speaks about.

Having knowledge of Bible truth also leaves some questions you are asking must surely be asking yourself: Do you have real faith what the Bible teaches is true? Are you doing all you can to make this knowledge available to others, or are you ashamed of the truth? (Mark 8:38) If you are doing your best to make the truth known to others, it likely indicates you are upright in heart. The upright always have been the target of the wicked. Being such a target, what will the upright do as the foundations of this old system crumble and are finally destroyed? (Psalm 11) If your Bible trained conscience bears witness you are doing your best to be righteous, (Romans 2:15) you can hope in salvation by Jehovah through faith in Christ. (Psalm 27 ; Philippians 1:18-20 ; Philippians 1:27-28) Finally, some of us must ask ourselves: Do I recognize this is truth, but have more fear of the group I am a member of than I have love for making Bible truth known? (John 7:13 ; John 9:22 ; John 5:41 ; John 12:42-43) Having Bible knowledge can make it hard to be part of a group of men who have gotten mired down in trying to please some world council, or some other form of their own self esteem.

Salvation to all who love Jehovah God and his word (his son), - Revelation 19:13) now and forevermore!!! (Romans 8:37-39)

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