People can choose scriptures (out of context) and make the Bible say anything they want to believe. Thus, one group will quote "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth," (Lev_24:17-20) while another will quote "if a man slaps you on one cheek, turn the other to him." (Mat_5:38-39) Many on both sides are sincere, and most believe those who don't share their view are not God's true followers. (Luke_9:49-50) Often, the two groups will be made enemies by their differing viewpoints. Some will even judge others unworthy of life because their personal views are different. (1 Corinthians 8:1-3) Most of us want to be able to believe the Bible without question. Can everyone see that both these groups actually have tried to believed the Bible; As far as their ignorance of the theme of the Bible permits them. All who will come to have eternal life must understand: A balanced and non judgmental view of the scriptures is necessary for Christian maturity. Understanding just a little more about the Bible can help both of the groups mentioned above. Paul said: (Romans 12:18) 18 If possible, as far as it depends upon YOU, be peaceable with all men. Paul saying "As far as it depends upon you" suggests it might not always be your choice. Jesus was not a pacifist. He wrecked the arrangement of those making his Father's temple a place of business, and threw them out. (Mark_11:15-18) In exercising his kingly power, he will destroy his enemies. (Rev_19:11-18 ; Mat_25:31-34 ; John_12:12-15) Clearly, these scriptures (and others) should temper the viewpoint of persons who learn them. Each individual must then draw a conclusion from their understanding of the Bible, and we each become responsible before God for what we assert He taught us. (Matthew 12:33-37 ; Matthew 7:15-20) Since it is all so simple, really, why is there so much religious division and hatred?
Religion is a snare and a racket!

If you seek to be a follower of Christ Jesus, you must at some point recognize: Christianity is something very different from religion. Religion always renders hateful judgment of who is righteous, while those with faith in Christ love even their enemies. (Matthew 5:43-48) Religionists are segregated and arrogant, because of the special relationship they all believe they have with God. Because of that imagined superior status, they proudly view others as a lesser people, and even as unworthy of life. [Even faithful angels are not arrogant, nor do they imagine themselves special! (Revelation 22:8-9)] True Christians contrast religionists by recognizing there is nothing special about them, except their effort to serve God by showing love for others. They are able to love others because of their love for God; and that, because they recognize (from the Bible) God first loved them. (Luke 18:9-14 ; Luke 10:25-28) The main difference is true Christians recognize God grants them the chance to have eternal life even though they don't deserve it. (Genesis 6:5 ; 1 John 4:19 ; Acts 20:24) True Christians don't imagine an approved membership by some group of men is granting them life. Christianity is plainly and clearly different from religionists that openly make war on and kill other persons: People they judge wicked or unworthy of life. True Christianity is also different, however, from the Christianity professed by self righteous Doegs who only feign being followers of Christ. Such false Christians display no love, (John 13:35) and seek only to elevate themselves over others; so as to control their valuable things, and/or to act as lords and judges over the faith of others. Seeing the difference between true Christians and those who are wolves in sheep's clothing (Matthew 7:15) can be harder than spotting those who openly express hatred: Because Doegs will clutch Bible in hand and claim parts of it as their authority, even while they are putting forth what are actually their own teachings. (Mark 7:1-9) The only method by which you can protect yourself is by knowing for yourself what Jesus taught from the Bible. (Mark 12:24) True Christians must recognize their hope is based on their own personal faith in truth and good; and they must strive to strengthen that faith by Bible study. (Romans 5:1-5) The teachings of Jesus make clear we should not elevate ourselves as judges over others. (Matthew 7:1-5) It is really not difficult to protect yourself from being misled! The four small Bible Books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John summarize everything Jesus taught. You should read those four Bible Books many times. You should be familiar with the characters presented, and how those individuals interacted with Jesus. God had the account of Jesus's earthly life and activity recorded for us as witnessed and/or accounted by four different men. The simple effort by you to learn what is conveyed by those four men, by Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, will provide you more protection than you can imagine. (John 8:31-32 ; Mark 12:24) Don't allow yourself to be misguided so as to spend all your time using one or two scriptures to prove this point and that point. That is what this website does to some degree, of course. All such training can have value for, is to encourage you toward faith in the Bible, and to help clarify what you learn from it. It is only by actually reading the Bible that you can align your mind with it's teachings. Read the entire accounts of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, trying to grasp the whole of what is taught by each, as they recount Jesus's earthly life from beginning to end. Only by reading them over many times can you be certain you are really learning what Jesus taught! That, is the only way you can put on the mind of Christ. (1 Corinthians 2:16 ; Ephesians 4:20-24 ; Romans 13:14 ; Romans 12:2-3 ; 1 Corinthians 4:17) [The more you learn about the entire Bible, of course, the better you will be. Don't miss this point, however: The Hebrew scriptures and the Jewish nation existed in large part to produce the promised Messiah, and to lead people to him. (Galatians 3:23-25 ; Isaiah_9:6-7 ; Gen_22:15-18) The books that follow (the four gospel accounts of Jesus's teachings) are the accounts of/by those who came after Jesus died and was resurrected. Those books give the account of the men and women who were trying to apply what Jesus taught them. There is some prophecy as well, but the Books following Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John exist in large measure to give credence to the authenticity of Jesus's teachings. (Acts 2:29-36)] Learn for yourself what Jesus taught!

One very important thing Jesus taught was: "The good news of the kingdom will be preached throughout the inhabited earth and then the end will come." (Matthew 24:14 ; Mark 13:4-10) "The end" of all the suffering we see will only come after the good news Jesus taught is preached throughout the earth. That is what Jesus's followers all await: "the end" of this system as the kingdom of Christ brings relief. Jesus also said he existed to make that truth known. That very statement by Jesus that he came to "bring truth" (John_18:37 ; Luke_4:43) identifies the great failure of organized religion: They fail to teach the truth. They fail to preach the good news of the kingdom which Christ brought. Please know: The most dangerous and terrible forms of false religion promote their own doctrine while professing it is Bible truth. They claim to be preaching the gospel of Christ; but are really only trying to make disciples of their own organization and teachings. (Mark 7:5) Many have deceived themselves to imagine making disciples of their doctrine, and making disciples of Bible truth, are one and the same thing. The Bible does say Christians should make disciples of course: But only disciples of Christ; And, only for the purpose of those disciples in turn preaching (telling their family and friends) the Bible good news - the good news about the established kingdom of Christ. (Acts 26:28-29) [Christianity also exists to promote pure worship of the true God Jehovah. We must remember, however: Worship is a largely personal matter for each individual, as the acceptability of each persons worship is based on their personal faith in Christ Jesus. - (Proverbs 30:4 ; John 17:3 ; Romans 14:1-12)] Each person who becomes a Christian will in turn make disciples of Christ; by talking with others about what Jesus taught them. To remain a true Christian, we must be very cautious to teach only what Jesus taught. (John 12:48 ; Matthew 12:33-37 ; Matthew 7:22-23) All forms of worship and religion make disciples, but it is to no avail unless they are making disciples of Christ. That is only accomplished by teaching what Jesus taught. The Bible is the one and only reliable source of what Jesus taught. True disciples of Christ exist because of their faith in his teachings. Christians are very different from those with faith in organizational doctrine (developed and used to increase or control membership). You simply must grasp the difference! You can not put the cart before the horse: True Christians exist because of their individual love for God through their faith in Christ. (John 17:3) They can't first herd together in membership to worship God as a group. They can't start with establishing such a group, simply because they are not judges of who is faithful. All must realize it is Jehovah who leads each individual (who will allow themselves to be led) to his son. (John 6:44) The only thing any of us can do is share the truth about Christ with those who are also drawn by his Father. We should all appreciate, it is a wonderful gift that he allows us to do that! Those who form together to worship as a group by following their organization's rules, are behaving more like the Old Testament arrangement under the Jewish law code. That nation was joined with God as a group, under the law code. Then, they were responsible to God "as a group" under that law. When one sinned, they were all responsible. (Joshua 7:10-12) Christ came to set us free from that law. (Romans 8:1-4 ; Romans 3:19-26) Would any really want to abandon Christ, and go back to that old arrangement; or to one similar but of their own making? Christian membership is defined by each individual Christian having a personal relationship with Jehovah through their faith in Christ. (John 14:6 ; John 6:35-40 and 44 ; Proverbs 30:4 ; John 17:3) You are surely fooling yourself if you let any man or group pat you on the head and render judgment you are acceptable to our Father. Only Jehovah, and Christ, and you; are judges over your faith. (John 15:8-10) You must develop a conscience trained by the teachings of Jesus, and you then judge yourself by that conscience. (Romans 2:15-16 ; John 12:48) Jehovah is watching as you do so. (1_Cor_8:3 ; 2_Chron_16:9) People can join together in an attempt to study and learn what Jesus taught, of course [as do those using and supporting this website]. But, they must always remember: Joining to learn about God by studying the Bible is very different from joining to worship him by sitting in judgment who is righteous. You must realize, membership in some group of men is not what defines one to be Christian. They make themselves a cult when any group begins to imagine they are judges of who is faithful. (Matthew 23:2) Only the personal relationship each Christian has with God, through their faith in God's son, can define them as being in the group of Jesus's true followers. True Christians are identified to others only by the love they show. (John 13:35) Submit to no man's judgment of your faithfulness, but recognize for yourself if you are part of the body of Christ (a member of the kingdom he is establishing) by virtue of your faith! (Colossians 2:16-19 ; 1 Corinthians 4:3-5) The enemies of Christ are as clearly identified: They manifest no love for others. (Matthew 5:46-47) Any who devise membership laws which go beyond the writings of the Bible (1 Corinthians 4:6) make themselves part of Man Of Lawlessness. Any who refuse to accept the truth about Christ, or who promote their own teachings in addition to the Bible, are being collectively revealed as being among God's enemies. They exist as organizations of men, judging themselves under their own laws. Such persons, and the groups they form, are part of the exposed Man Of Lawlessness, and are a part of the sign we are in the last days. This revelation is not a bad thing, nor is it something to be feared. Along with saying the preaching work would be done, Jesus taught the end of this wicked system would not come until the "Man Of Lawlessness" (or "man of sin") is revealed. (2 Thessalonians 2:3) It is only reasonable (and is necessary) that false Christians be exposed, so individuals who are righteously inclined (Acts 13:48) can identify and express faith in truth. For the judgment (bringing the end of this system) to move forward, the wicked must first decide if they really are wicked, and then expose themselves by that decision; So they may be dealt with by our Father! If they remain ignorant, God does not hold them responsible for their sin. (John_15:22-24 ; John_9:41) Thus, we are each deciding and displaying if we are God's friends or his enemies. (James 2:23 ; Romans 8:14 ; Hebrews 4:12-13) Recognizing and revealing the man of lawlessness is just part of the preaching work, the same as teaching the other things Jesus taught. The truth is glorious! It is the perfect solution, and the process by which true hearts are revealed. (Luke 2:35) Those who are seeking glory among men will have just that, (Matthew 6:2) and those are sincerely seeking truth will find their reward through their faith in Christ; And then, in life eternal. (John 5:36-44)

Religion is a snare and a racket!

It is offensive to some people to say such a thing, but it is so obvious it bears mentioning twice [and probably more]. Many sincere persons are sick at heart about what they see done in the name of religion [sometimes in the name of self proclaimed Christian religion]. Bad things done by individuals with Bible in hand can undermine the faith others have in the Bible. What about your own form of worship? It is obvious most religious organizations exist to try and obtain something from those who would follow them, rather than trying to help such ones learn Bible "truth." That is not what Jesus did or taught! That is one reason it is important for each individual to know what the Bible says: So faith in the Bible and the teachings of Christ Jesus will not be undermined as we perceive the failures and abuses of apostate Christian organizations. Because some group waves the Bible about, does not mean they are sincere students of it's teaching. Very simply, if anyone adds to the Bible, takes away from the Bible, or substitutes other teachings for the Bible, they are apostate. (Rev_22:18-20) It is simple Bible knowledge which can provide your protection! (Proverbs 11:9 ; Daniel 11:32) Some may be carrying on apostasy even while they sincerely believe they are following Christ. (Matthew 7:22-23) Their sincerity does not alter the fact their actions are bad. If they were real students of the Bible, they would not be deceiving themselves. Apostasy is simply the act of teaching Jesus is not the Christ, or in any other way advising against the Bible theme or Jesus's teachings. (Isaiah 32:5-7) One way of undermining truth is by equating other literature, or equating the opinion of imperfect humans, with the inspired Bible. To restate this important matter: It is apostasy to substitute other material or teachings for the Bible, or to equate such with the Bible. As the Bible itself puts it at Deuteronomy 18:20-22: 'However, the prophet who presumes to speak in my name a word that I have not commanded him to speak or who speaks in the name of other gods, that prophet must die. 21 And in case you should say in your heart: "How shall we know the word that Jehovah has not spoken?" 22 when the prophet speaks in the name of Jehovah and the word does not occur or come true, that is the word that Jehovah did not speak. With presumptuousness the prophet spoke it. You must not get frightened at him.' When God's true prophets of old foretold something; it came to pass, in many cases, such that the people could see it happen. God is dealing with mankind differently today. Today we have the completed Bible. The activities of God's prophets are recorded for us in the Bible. (Hebrews 11:32-12:3; Please read all of Hebrews 11.) Did you note in the Bible in Basic English in Hebrews chapter 12 and verse 1, it states we should "keep running in the way it is marked out for us." It is not any (self proclaimed) prophets of our day, but what the now completed Bible teaches, that marks out the appropriate path for mankind. It is only those who teach what the Bible teaches, and only what the Bible teaches, who can be known as true Christians. As we gain and have familiarity with recorded Bible examples, it can build faith the true teachings of God come only from the Bible. The Bible offers a perfect solution to all problems. When individuals rise up to teach what the Bible does not, by asserting other books or publications are spiritual food alongside the Bible, we can know they are apostate: (Galatians 1:8-9) No matter what "works" they have done in the past, or are still doing alongside their assertions. (Matthew 7:22-23) If they go beyond the things written in the Bible; it is with presumptuousness they speak as false prophets. (Deuteronomy 18:22) (Revelation 22:18-19)

We (herein) briefly consider the specific failures of some organized religions; Such as we perceive them to be clearly at odds with Bible teaching. Even as we express faith in the Bible as truth, we do recognize the Bible came to us through, or was written down by, imperfect men. What is special about the Bible is that there were miracles performed by many of the men who wrote it (or by those they were writing about). Those miracles were proof the faithful men and women of the Bible were authentic spokesmen for God. Notably responsible for a large portion of the Bible were Christ Jesus and Moses. Both performed awe inspiring miracles as proof the message they brought came from God. (John 12:48-50) That is a standard all should meet if they want to present "new spiritual food," and imagine we should put faith in it. If they have new spiritual food, they should be raising the dead and healing the sick, just as those Bible recorded miracles of Jesus and Moses help us know we can place absolute faith in their Bible teachings; Can accept those teachings as spiritual food coming down from our Father in heaven. Remember: It is well documented in both secular history and the Bible; Many who expressed faith in Christ as eye witness to some of his miracles, would choose to die a horrible death rather than renounce their faith. Many who have placed faith in that cloud of witnesses recorded for us in the Bible have likewise died rather than renounce their faith. (Hebrews 12:1-3) There are solid reasons for faith in the Bible. Learn what it says!

To know which teachings are contrary to the bible is the responsibility of each individual. We don't want to be overly concerned with the failings of others; nor do we want to waste a lot of time talking about what the Bible does not teach. Experts in their field assert that if you want to recognize counterfeit money, you should study the real thing exhaustively. If you accurately know the true currency, they assert, you will recognize what is false. We certainly feel that way about the Bible. If you know what the Bible does say, you will also recognize what goes against it's teaching.

When the scriptural failures of religious organizations are out in the open, they are easier to recognize. Sometimes, though, organizations try to hide what they secretly are; ostensibly for the sake of organizational unity or to protect their group. Some no doubt imagine they help people have faith in that way. The truth is what helps people have faith! Trickery does not! We therefore believe some common abuses contrary to Bible teachings need to be mentioned, as a protection against being misled. We mention only what these organizations say in their own teachings and literature, or what is commonly known about them. As we mention these specific failures, we do not doubt there are upright men and women in these groups; nor do we assert there is not. That is one reason we do consider them, to help everyone recognize truth. We believe what is truth should bear scrutiny out in the open, and in the light of the scriptures. Those who hide what they are should be exposed! (Mark 4:22-23) It is a sobering undertaking. I pray that is our course and desire: To expose truth.
The Bible teaches against our being judges. Jesus said the word he had spoken would be judge of each of us in the last day. (John 12:47-48) We want to heed that warning and avoid elevating ourselves as judge over others. However, if we are to become "noble minded," we must compare what others teach with the word Jesus spoke; So we may know if there is, or if there is not, scriptural support for their teachings. We must thus balance making sure our own faith harmonizes with the Bible, with our trying not to assert judgment over others. (2 Corinthians 13:5 & 13:6 & 13:11) That is what we herein attempt to do. [If each of us remember that what we have is faith and not absolute knowledge, (Romans 8:24) it should help us to avoid being judgmental of others. (John 3:16)] As our attempt is to make the Bible's teachings our only authority for this consideration; we will not, for the most part, consider non Christendom religions. We believe the Bible presents itself with power and authority, providing sufficient reason for faith in it. (Hebrews 4:12-13) Since our primary consideration is to encourage faith in the Bible, we believe there is no reason to consider other claimed sources of truth, beyond exposing those who put faith in them. Below, then, are some brief examples of assertions by self proclaimed Christian religious organizations that we believe go against the teachings of the Bible.

Shared sins of most religious organizations: Most religions establish some sort of elevated group: A priesthood, elder class, clergy, anointed ones, or what ever else they choose to call it. That elevated group will then assert lower members need them [in addition to Christ] to interpret scripture for them. Apparently, all such groups (cults) believe common people are too simple of mind to understand the Bible, apart from their approved understanding. What these elevated ones are actually doing is asserting themselves as secondary mediators. [Jesus uses men and women to help him teach others, and he uses spirit creatures to aid him in heaven, but Jesus Christ is the only mediator between us and Jehovah.] (1 Timothy 2:5-6) Jesus assigned people responsibilities, but never elevated titles. (Matthew 23:8-11) Establishing prominent men to "interpret" the Bible follows the pattern of the Holy Roman Church (the apostate church) of the dark ages. Asserting the need for an elevated class of men to interpret the Bible might be the simplest way to hide the Bible in plain sight. If we can be convinced we need some imperfect man to interpret the Bible, and that we are not capable of studying it for ourselves, the Bible is effectively hidden from us. Such self proclaimed glorious ones can then "interpret" it any way they see fit. Our faith would then be in those interpretations, rather than in Jesus through his teachings. Christ left his teachings for us all. You, and I, and everyone who has interest, can understand the Bible. While we can all use help in learning such things as when the different books of the Bible were written, and to whom, the Bible needs no "interpretation." In Bible history, when God caused men to dream dreams to convey his message, someone had to be inspired by God to interpret those dreams. Not so of the completed Bible. The Bible is the interpretation. (Mark 12:24) Of course, all these organizations assert they study the Bible; and maintain they encourage others to study the Bible as well. But... Do they really? Do they teach you to believe the Bible and only the Bible; Or do they study just a subset of the scriptures and then discourage anyone from going beyond their organizational doctrine? If they encourage abject faith in their doctrine, they are going against the teachings of the Bible! The Bible asserts "all scripture is beneficial for teaching and setting things straight." (2 Timothy 3:16) The Bible itself teaches every person should be "noble minded" by verifying everything he or she accepts to be spiritual food, actually finds support in the Bible.

Catholic Church: The Catholics have more "religious history" than most modern day asserted "Christian" organizations. They can trace their history back to the early church after Jesus was resurrected; thus even before the dark ages. The problem is, they also trace back to the group who were responsible for the dark ages, and the terrible crimes of the Church during those centuries. After Jesus was resurrected to heaven, the early church joined with the Roman government and became apostate by that union: A union sought by the church. That marriage of church and state brought about the dark ages: As the church actually hid the Bible and it's knowledge from mankind. The latter day Catholic church has wisely tried to distance itself from the sins of the church during that dark period.
       However, Catholic literature still asserts the Pope has some special connection to Christ Jesus, and that the Pope is infallible in his spiritual decisions. To assert the pope is infallible is to equate his teachings with, or put them above, the Bible. If it were true, there would be no reason for a person to prove to be "noble minded" by comparing what the Pope teaches, with what the Bible teaches. Does that seem reasonable?

Protestant Religions: All modern day "Christian" religions or organizations that are not Catholic might be considered protestant. That includes Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, Baptists, Protestants, and others; They all came to birth by trying to break away from the apostate church of the dark ages. The men responsible for the start of most protestant (named for being protesters against the Roman Church) organizations were sincere men who simply recognized the failure of the Church they were part of. They sought to find truth in the Bible! That is the one thing all early reformers seemed to share: They all wanted to base their new organizations strictly on Bible teaching. If the Bible taught it they would believe it, and if the Bible didn't teach it, neither did their organization. That simple and clear revelation was no doubt the reason for the success many protestant groups had in their own right. Sadly, as most of them broke away and then created their new organizations, they soon forgot where they came from and what their mission was: Seeking Bible truth. As they became distracted by trying to protect their new organizations, they started making their own organizational rules, and then supplanted the teaching of Christ Jesus with their rules. They first became true Christians as they sought to escape the apostasy of the false church of the dark ages [by a simple return to Bible truth]; And then they returned to the apostasy they had left as they put their new organization and it's rules above Bible truth. In this way, most of them abandoned Christian teachings, just as the early Roman Church had done. They returned to the darkness they had recently escaped, by turning from the Bible to their own rules and teachings. (As an example please see: John Calvin.) In all cases, their return to darkness is consistent with abandoning Bible teachings. There are several ways to leave Bible teachings while trying to appear [and even believe] that is not what is being done. Here are some specific ways apostates have abandoned the Bible:
        The first way of leaving the Bible is the very thing that first dropped mankind into the dark ages: By literally hiding the Bible from people. The Roman Church kept the Bible in a dead language, and all but their elevated priesthood ignorant of even being able to read it. Most persons did not have access to a Bible, even if they could read Latin.
       Most false religious organizations today are not so bold as to attempt to literally keep the Bible away from people. The second very common way to hide the Bible however, is by simply writing their own doctrinal materials: Their own additions or extensions to the Bible. If they can keep people immersed in their organizational writings, while convincing their members that studying those writings is Bible study, the Bible is effectively hidden from them. If you are involved with a group who spends most of their time studying their own writings, they are most assuredly hiding the Bible from you! Otherwise; you would be studying the Bible.
       Since mankind has been witness to the damage caused by the dark ages; and witness to the damage brought upon mankind by that hiding of the Bible, many false Christian religions are craftier than to try to take the Bible away from people; or even to create their own Bible extensions. They have however, come up with other methods:
       They may pick out a few scriptures supporting what they like, and then found their organization on that small subset of the Bible. By picking only a few scriptures, one can make the Bible say anything they want it to say. (Matthew 4:5-7) When such false teachers do not follow the Bible completely, however, there will always be scriptures that contradict their lies. Such corrupt teachers then hide the Bible from their followers by saying: "See what it says here? Just have [blind] faith in that teaching, and don't worry about the scriptures that seem to contradict." To know the "truth," you must be familiar with the Bible theme which runs through the Bible from beginning to end. If you associate with a group because you seek their help to learn what the Bible teaches, simply ask these questions: Does this organization keep secret writings which I can't study and evaluate? Is this organization studying the Bible in it's entirety, and is Bible study their primary goal? [True worship is of course the final goal, but true worship must be based in truth. Worship based on truth can only be carried out by one who has knowledge of what the Bible teaches.] Does the organization you associate with assert other teachings or writings are above question, thus making them equal with the Bible? If they don't "know the truth" well enough to stick with the Bible, [and only the Bible,] they certainly can not help you learn what it teaches. Does the group you associate with recognize the Bible, and only the Bible, as their source of spiritual food? (John 17:17) Do they quote or cite scripture to directly and clearly support every single thing they teach? Does all their teaching harmonize with the Bible theme, or is it geared toward building and supporting the organization? Christian unity is born out of faith in Bible truth; True faith can not be based on unity with some organization of imperfect men. Faith out of unity [rather than faith in Bible truth] is responsible for organizations that foment so much hatred and cause so much harm in the earth.

Everyone should recognize it is necessary to be cautious of items which organizations refer to as Bible study aids. [This website should be scrutinized in the same way, of course. You should be noble minded by proving what you learn everything you learn comes from the Bible.] If written materials point to the Bible in support of everything they say; they can, in that way, be helpful in learning what the Bible teaches. (Acts 8:35) Anyone who equates other publications with the Bible, however; or calls such writings additional spiritual food, or suggests you should take unquestioning direction from those publications; is hiding the Bible from you. They are apostate. Learn what your Bible says, and take spiritual direction only from the Bible.

Jehovah's Witnesses: Some of Jehovah's Witnesses are very pleasant. Many, or even most of them, are also quite sincere. The problem is, those sincere individuals don't realize they have been deceived by their group: They have been led to worship their organization. (Matthew 4:8-10) The organization recently had a change of policy that everyone, including members, need to be warned about. On June 15, 2009, Jehovah's Witnesses published a magazine in which they for the first time announced publicly their organization is "producing" new "spiritual food." That magazine asserts all literature published by them is to be considered spiritual food. Potential or current members should take special note: With that statement they equate all their organization's teachings with the Bible. Any member who expresses disagreement with anything they put in print will be disfellowshipped. This change is not a small matter! Though they try to obscure it, and many will even deny it, by this declaration all their literature essentially becomes an extension of the Bible. All who become or remain members must share and express that faith. All members must accept those teachings without question, or it is grounds for being judged wicked by them. There have been many errors in their organizational writings over the years. The "true spiritual food" of the Bible, in contrast, is inspired by God and is without error. [Some translated versions of the Bible have had minor translation errors. All mainstream translations still retain the inspired message of God, however. Remember too: Slight translation errors resulting from the personal faith of the translators, shouldn't undermine faith in the Bible. Any translation errors which exist, were not in the original inspired Bible text! Consult several translations where there is any doubt or discrepancy.] In addition, JW's also elevate their elder and anointed classes to be above question; teaching in their writings such elevated men are necessary to "interpret" scripture for the lower class. Those interpretations of scripture are what show up in their organizational literature. To make matters even worse: Some of those writings are kept secret, and are only available to the governing class. The sad truth is: No laity member can even know what the organization actually teaches, because they have no access to those secret writings. Whether their members wish to admit, or choose to remain ignorant, this is a turn back toward the dark ages; where only the clergy had access to "spiritual food." The imagined "enlightened clergy" then relayed to the lower class what they thought they should know. In an effort to strengthen "control over their sheep," it seems Jehovah's Witnesses had one of two options: They could, on the one hand, update all their literature to "spiritual food" status, and their governing class [including local elders] to be above question. Their other choice was to educate their "sheep" as to what the Bible teaches, and encourage members to realize Jehovah is watching and is judging the actions of all who choose to be disobedient to his word. They should have expressed faith in Jehovah to gather and control his sheep! Sadly, they chose to subjugate their members to their governors and their "organizational doctrine."
      As with most protestant groups, this one got it's start seeking to become sincere students of the Bible. Also, as with many of the others, they seem to have returned to darkness. (As an example please see: John Calvin.) It now appears that during the period of time since the men who are leaders of the group secretly left off being Bible students, and started viewing their own creation [their own writings] as spiritual food, they have been routinely disfellowshipping any sincere Bible students found trapped in their nets of deception: Doing so because sincere Bible students won't bow before the image they have created. It is un-telling how long it has been going on. We can't know how long, because their decisions leading them down this path have been kept in secret writings only available to elevated members.
What follows is a personal note:
This section is written by one who was disfellowshipped by Jehovah's Witnesses for refusing to accept their new doctrine: "That all their organizational literature is spiritual food," [and thus above question]. It might be referred to as their doctrine of infallibility. Please consider how most of their members remain deceived. After thirty years in their midst, and being shocked to learn they are not the Bible students they claimed to be, I still believe many in their group are sincere. Because of that hope, I also hope JW's are responsible for much of the traffic on this website. There are many in their group I consider to be upright men and women. If they are, they will want to know what is revealed here. Because most in their group have a good knowledge of a subset of scripture, which subset their governors stress over and over, that basic Bible knowledge is used to trick them to place blind faith in all the teachings of the imperfect men who lead them. Nearly all their energies are directed toward pouring over and over their literature. They feign to encourage Bible study, but only with the understanding, all such study must be "confirmed" through their literature. Everyone should take note: Having knowledge of organizational teachings was not enough for the hypocritical Jews of Jesus day. (Matthew 23:1-12) The Jews had been God's chosen people, and Jesus was a Jew. He recognized and kept the scriptural religious festivals of the Jews, and he obeyed the Jewish law [the Bible]. Jesus staunchly refused, however, to be any part of their organizational hypocrisy. He very carefully refused to honor their extensions of the Bible. (Mark 7:1-9) Putting their own teachings above the Bible was their downfall. (Mark_12:24) For Jehovah's Witnesses to imagine they are creating new spiritual food is beyond hypocrisy, and is moving into apostasy. (Deuteronomy 18:20-22) All should take a stand in support of truth as defined by the Bible! Doing my best to remain faithful to the Bible drives me to extend the caution herein contained, to all potential members of the group representing themselves as Jehovah's Witnesses. Neither can I recommend any other commercially organized group of imperfect men to place your faith in. What I do recommend, however, is for all to become students of the Bible and followers of Christ. You must learn and build faith in the Bible as the only source of "spiritual food." The Bible is the only safe tool to guide and spiritually nourish you! A simple turning to the Bible for guidance sets you apart from all hypocrites and apostates. It is a good and proper thing; And is consistent with Jesus's teachings regarding these last days. Jesus taught all such hypocritical religions will be exposed for what they are: Parts of the composite "Man Of Lawlessness." As this "man of lawlessness" is both active and being exposed by the revelation of Christ, faith in the Bible presents as the only safe basis for unity among those loving our Creator. It is enough! It is faith in God's word, as displayed in love for our fellowman, (Mat_22:37-40) that defines who we are. (Rev_7:3 ; Eze_9:3-6) By being loyal to the Bible, you demonstrate you love and follow God rather than imperfect men. Again - you must recognize the Bible as the one and only source of reliable truth.

Being disfellowshipped by Jehovah's Witnesses was very traumatic. The told me I remain an enemy of God until I subjugate myself to them, begging their forgiveness. Linked below are some letters written to different individuals who have extended loving-kindness after my being disfellowshipped. Some were written to persons I had previously encouraged toward membership in the group, and some to persons who are [were from their perspective] my friends among the group. The letters are relevant for any who wish to understand what this group really is. The warning really provided here is this: No one can know what this group teaches, unless he or she is a member of the Governing Body with full access to all their secret teachings. It serves as a warning about the danger of other secretive and judgmental groups as well; and/or other groups who create their own Bible. Before considering membership in this or any group, you should clearly understand their process of disfellowshipping or other disciplinary actions they take.

A letter to Brad: [As one I was able to talk with during the process of being disfellowshipped.]
A second letter to Brad:
An open letter to individuals disfellowshipped by Jehovah's Witnesses:
A letter to Joe, as one I encouraged toward faith in Jehovah's Witnesses:
             This is a letter of correction and apology to all those many
              persons I encouraged toward membership in this group.
End personal note:
Mormons: The Mormons have a book they refer to as the Book of Mormon. They equate the Book of Mormon with the bible; asserting it as an extension of the Bible. Some of them assert openly they do not consider the Book of Mormon equal with the Bible, but many of them place it above or at least equal with the Bible. In any case, they express belief in the Book of Mormon which contradicts the Bible in such matters as God's name and where he resides. At least they expose that stand in writings available to everyone, so anyone who wishes to avoid following after what many believe are the teachings of men, are free to do so. [In fairness, many believe the accepted Bible canon amounts only the teachings of men as well. That is the issue each and every person is picking a side on. Asserting the Bible is not the only inspired spiritual food from God is just another teaching from men. Learn what your Bible says, and you will understand why you can trust it. Knowledge of Bible truth demystifies  all  every bit of the foolishness put forth by men.]

In summation we SHOUT: Learn and develop faith in the Bible as YOUR one and only source of spiritual food. (Psalms 119:105)

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